I love makeovers. Girls are generally more inclined towards makeovers towards taking care of themselves than guys, it’s a gender thing. However, in this time and age, guys tend to take good care of themselves, as well.

Then, there are guys out there who make it a point to keep personal grooming to a minimum. For whatever reasons, the idea of being presentable and actually making an effort for it doesn’t make any sense to them. All this leaves their partners dissatisfied.

Jeff is the perfect example of this sort of man. He has spent almost all of his life donning an untidy beard. His wife’s wishes came true after years. He finally cut off his beard and emerged a new man, after years complaining from his wife. He did get some help, however.

The help was in the form of a show called Rachel Ray Show. The show promised Jeff a complimentary makeover. The only condition was that he had to appear on the show and pleasantly surprise his wife. On the show, Jeff said:

“I’m going through basically a midlife crisis. It’s time to clean it up.”

Jeff received help from the Rachael Ray Show who promised Jeff that he would receive a complimentary and complete professional makeover as long as he appeared on the show and surprised his wife with his new look.

The person who made this possible was Elena Linares from RazzleDazzle Barbershop, Miami. She gave Jeff a complete professional makeover and made him look like an entirely different man. When he appeared on stage, everybody, especially his wife, was downright shocked. His wife was moved to tears.

On being questioned on how he felt, Jeff said that he felt absolutely amazing and emotional after seeing his new self. Imagine how amazing his wife must’ve felt. Share this story with your friends!