She may come of as America’s bubbly sweetheart on The Big Bang Theory show, however Kaley Cuoco’s real life is full off turmoil and shady choices. From rocky relationships to fallacious publicity stunts, this skilled leading lady has a talent for creating much of the trouble.

Kaley Cuoco erased her ex-husband instantaneously

If you take a look at Kaley Cuoco’s account at Instagram, you won’t be able to find any photos of her ex-husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting on there. Alright, we get it. Who wants to remember his/her former love over the internet. Furthermore, the cruel part of this move was its range and efficiency. Kaley Cuoco erased any hints of Sweeting the day before they declared their divorce in September 2015, according to Us Weekly. She started unfollowing him as well as removed any detail of him from her Instagram bio.

For his part, Sweeting in the end took action accordingly. As their almost 21-month-marriage broke. Thus, the former tennis player deactivated his Facebook profile and erased all the photos on his Instagram account. Ghosting from the web itself? Regardless of whose group you’re on, that’s a little extreme.

Kaley Cuoco has since continued social media PDA, covering her platforms with lovey dovey photosof a new lover, proficient equestrian Karl Cook.

The destruction of Kaley Cuoco’s marriage was sketchy

As news of their separation hit the newspapers, word go out that it supposedly activated by Sweeting’s alleged dependence on painkillers. According to the Daily Mail, Sweeting—who has a history with medications, including a 2006 arrest on charges of DUI and possession of a drug with the intent to sell—became dependent on painkillers after back surgery. “She supported him but she said he couldn’t make the commitment to get sober,” a source told Us Weekly. “He’d tell her he was working on it and instead go get wasted.”

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Um, explain “support,” because In Touch claimed it was actually Kaley Cuoco’s celebration that undermined their marriage. “Kaley would go out with her friends, without her wedding ring, and get wasted,” the tab reported. “She’d drink two bottles of wine by herself.”

It’s no big surprise for People magazine claimed the couple “seemed miserable” just before their separation. Hypothesis aside, the fact is: Kaley Cuoco married a man she’d been dating for just six months, then cast that union away after just 21 months. That is her right, however those hasty choices certainly counter her sweet and sunny public image.