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This Is What Happens When You Are Dehydrated

View the video below to find out why your body – and mind – needs plenty of water.

It is often recommended to have eight glasses of water per day – and a lot more if we are exercising. But exactly how much is the exact quantity needed? And how harmful could dehydration prove to be?

In the following clip, Dallas Campbell experiences a tiresome workout without taking a sip to drink. When he’s done, he has lost sufficient liquid for his blood to become more thick – bringing about his heart to pump more and more in order to compensate for it. However, that is the minimum of his worries as compared to the striking effects with his mental response times – outcomes you might need to consider when you return home from the gym.

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Ancient Soup Remedy Revealed That Can Change Your Life

We all desire to look like celebrities, but we often overlook their efforts that go into achieving beauty, and fitness. In the era of new age medicine, scientists have found an incredible ancient remedy that can help us achieve those beauty and fitness milestones. So what is this supernatural tincture? (Trust me you will be awestruck) Bone broth! Yes bone broth; it has been considered an amazing healer. A good broth can wake up the dead even (Seriously).

I will tell you why I vote for this supernatural tonic: initially I read about Bone Broth as a very effective healer of gut problems. Then, I researched more and more about bone broth, and found it to be the secret of many reputed diet teams. The list of benefits has just started. The Asian butchery shops, are where, I found out-top ways to make bone broth from beef knuckles, chicken necks, oxtails, soup bones, and feet.

After my research and experience here is why you must try bone broth soup:

1. Effective for your gut.

Only one cup a day is a big relief for your leaky gut syndrome, and it is also very good for non-leaky guts as it protects. The gelatin in the bone broth helps seal up Colonic Diverticulum or Diverticulitis.

2. Safeguard for your joints.

It is confirmed that bone broth has glucosamine too, which is a basic element for curing pain in joints. The broth also contains a mass of perks that helps keeping your joints jubilant, fit, and pain free (my mother is now a big fan of bone broth as she suffered a lot from joint pains)

3. Look young and appealing.

Bone broth is rich of collagen; we see in all kinds of “plumping” products. But, see, bone broth is safe because it is natural and inexpensive; makes your skin, hair, and nails look just as glowing (try it for yourself).

4. Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.

It is a cluster of secrets. One of such amazing secrets is the glycine, and I found that it relieves people helping them sleep well, and in improving their memory.

5. Strengthen your Immune system.

Bone broth is a supernatural food; it has unlimited benefits. This ancient soup remedy has a high concentration of reserves. It strengthens your immune system. Even people with immune-disorders experienced relief, by drinking bone broth regularly.

6. Solid bones.

A deficiency of Phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium is an abnormality in the bones; makes one feel intensely uncomfortable. The broth helps you with the vital structuring blocks, for strong bones.

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7 Super Simple Smoothies That Help Lose Weight

Are you looking for secrets to losing weight? You’re worried that your body stores more calories and burns less when you’re trying to slim down? The secret is right there in your kitchen. Nutrient-rich, green smoothies loaded with fruits and veggies are ideal fat-burning foods. All you need to know is the art to making a weight-loss smoothie. Smoothies help you burn extra calories and stay physically fit by augmenting your metabolic rate. Get your blender out, start your morning by sipping one of these nutrients loaded smoothies and be your healthy self once again!

1. Proteins smoothie

Blend a banana, leaves from kale, pears, lemon, cucumber and hemp powder together in a blender. You can also add silverbeet, water and incorporate any other fruit you like. Refrigerate it before jump-starting your morning with this high-fibre drink. The drink helps with the elimination of toxins from body.

Servings: 1
¼ very ripe banana
½ c fat-free milk
½ Tsp lemon
¼ c pears
1 medium sized cucumber
½ Tbsp Hemp powder
2 kale leaves

Combine ingredients in a blender. Process until smooth.

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2. Ginger smoothie

A non-green delicious drink that will help you revitalize your energy level. Blend ginger with oats and yogurt, mix it with berries and gulp it down. This delicious blend will help you with vital nutrients you need in the body.

Servings: 1
1 Tsp ginger, grated
¼ cup oats
2 tablespoons chia seeds, soaked for about 10 minutes
1 cup blueberries

Add liquid to the blender. Blend on high for 30 seconds or until the smoothie is creamy.

3. Papaya smoothie

If you feel like you’re not getting your essential nutrients from your diet, this nutrients packed, eye catchy cocktail will help you with absorbing nutrients from your diet. Blend papaya and cucumber in a blender and debloat your digestive system. This delicious combo will help you with indigestion.

Serving: 1
½ cup papaya
¼ cucumber (with skin)
1 cup chilled coconut water (or 4 coconut water ice cubes and 1/2 cup chilled coconut water)
4 ice cubes

Puree everything in a blender until smooth.

4. Mango smoothie

Iron packed drink loaded with mango, water and spirulina is a good pick if you want to kick start your day with a big boost of energy. This super fruit smoothie leaves you with a serene feeling. Add water for better blending.

Serving: 1
2 cups of chopped mango (Frozen)
1 c. coconut milk
1-1.5 Tsp of spirulina powder

Puree until fully blend.

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5. Blueberry smoothie

By adding nutrient rich blueberries into your blender, you can ensure that this cocktail nourishes your body inside out. The addition of ice to this smoothie can clamp your blood vessels, so, refrain from adding it. Rest your body with this gentle yet delicious smoothie.

Servings: 1
1 c skim milk
1 c frozen unsweetened blueberries
1 Tbsp cold-pressed organic flaxseed oil

Combine milk and blueberries in blender, and blend for 1 minute. Transfer to glass, and stir in flaxseed oil.

6. Citrus smoothie

Re-energize yourself with the perfect blend of fresh oranges and the grapes. The spinach loaded with antioxidants boosts your energy level. It helps you with essential calcium you might be missing in your daily diet. Begin your day with increased energy levels to reclaim your health.

Serving: 1
1 1/2 cups grapes — frozen
1 — 2 oranges
2 cups spinach
1/4 — 1/2 cup filtered water

Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth

7. Spinach smoothie

The fiber rich combination of spinach and avocado will leave you feel healthier. Indulge in this lip-smacking, delightful drink and you will never want it to end. This perfect blend will help reduce the intake of meals in your routine and by making you feel full.

2 cups chopped spinach
1 apple unpeeled, chopped
½ c Avocado, chopped

Combine ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.

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Spend Relaxing Weekend… A Possibility or Not?

You leave office at 9pm on a Friday – however your last email is logged at 3am. You accept conference calls on weekend, wake up in frosty sweats over approaching due dates – even during sleep you talk in business language. By Monday morning, you seem as though you’ve spent the entire weekend slouched over their laptop, wired on espresso. It’s hard to believe you ever left the office or simply had time to spend relaxing weekend.

Why is it that people just simply can’t spend relaxing weekend?

Over the globe, the innovation to make work accessible 24 hours a day is adding towards anxiety. The American Institute of Stress assessments work stress costs the US economy about $300 billion in lost productivity consistently. As per exploration by Expedia, just 53% of workers come back feeling rested after they’ve spend relaxing weekend.

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In the UK there’s Saturday syndrome, the puzzling inclination of employees to fall sick in their free time – thought to be the outcome of anxiety withdrawal. In the US there’s the 60-hour working week – a practice known to double the risk of a heart attack. In Japan they’ve even created a word for the issue; karoshi, or death by burnout.

For standard office employees like Samantha King, a project manager in the financial services industry in London, even the demonstration of kicking back has ended up unpleasant. “If you don’t have a Facebook status or Instagram post – hashtag doing this, hashtag doing that – if you stay away from social media for half a day, people are like ‘are you OK?’”

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Yet, for each groaning partner struggling through Monday. There’s the high-powered superstar who breezes in looking absurdly fresh – even with a much greater workload. Why is it that, while a few people excel, others can’t spend relaxing weekend?

When you bring work-related stress home with you, you’re keeping that physiological response activated. If that continues – well, it’s not good for you,” says Jennifer Ragsdale, a psychologist at University of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For a considerable length of time, research has analyzed the relative behaviour of weekends. These are spent getting up to speed with work to those lying in an obscured room or going sailing. But this may overlook the main issue, says Ragsdale. “Two people experiencing the same thing, they are going to react to it in different ways.”

Bouncing back

The subject of bouncing back from stress initially aroused Ragsdale’s enthusiasm back in 2011. When she saw recuperation gap among her companions, she’s been endeavoring to reach to it’s bottom from that point onward.

For her study, 183 employees from different businesses reacted to online surveys on a Sunday evening. In which they specify how they’d spend relaxing weekend – and how they felt accordingly. Exercises were arranged into either low exertion (taking a shower) or business related (personal paperwork, replying to emails).

Next, the same employees were tested to decide their enthusiastic nature. They were given a rundown of positive (enthusiastic, interested) and negative (distressed, upset) sentiments, and asked to report how they’d generally feel.

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The World’s First Head Transplant by Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein famous for plotting human head transplant made a monster. His exclamation of success, “It’s alive”, has gone down in history as one of the most famous dialogues. Imagine if it was actually achievable. Moreover, there are many feats science considers possible but discourages due to ethical and moral dilemmas. The possibility of limb transplant alone can change so many lives. Imagine if whole body transplants were possible.

Furthermore, Sergio Canavero is an Italian neurosurgeon who claims to be able to successfully perform a human head transplant by the year 2017. Mr. Canavero says that the process will take less than a day. The chances for success for this project are 90% according to the doctor. While, he mentioned a minimal risk involved in this process.

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Most noteworthy, The volunteer for head transplant experiment is, 30 year old Russian. Valery Spiridinov. Mr. Spiridinov, suffers from Werdnig Hoffman disease. A muscle wasting condition that has seriously diminished his physical capabilities and left him wheelchair bound.

Valery Spirindov believes in Mr. Canavero’s capabilities and said that it was important to gather international support from the medical community. Moreover, he said in an interview in 2005 that if he has a chance of fully replacement he will get rid of the limits and be more independent.