Many a times has science try to explain the behaviour of two living beings and failed miserably at it. Women and Cats. We will tell you the reasons we think women evolved from cats and not from apes. We also believe that men evolved from dogs but we will deal with that bit later on.

The Egyptians realised thousands of years ago that in order to understand women, they needed to understand cats. They ended up worshipping cats because that was the only way to please them. They even had a God called ‘Bastet’ who was half cat half woman.

The purpose of this article is not for you to practice living with your girlfriend by adopting a cat. We are not saying it’s a bad idea, we are just saying that is not the purpose of this article.

Let us study this in detail.

Obsession with hair

Rarely will you see a cat not licking itself. We understand that they do this out of habit and not just for hygiene. Women also spend hours fixing their hair. If there is a mirror, there is bound to be a woman walking towards it or walking away from it. Both of these creatures can’t stop fiddling with their hair in their spare time.

Attention Seeking

They seek attention. The age old myth to attract a woman’s attention is to ignore her. They say she will start craving your attention. Cats live by the same rule as well. If you see a cat and try to approach it, it will run away. If you start minding your own business, the cat will crave your attention and start rubbing itself over you or try and sit in your lap. Women also feel this craving for attention and pampering, and it comes to them naturally.

Mood Swings

Ever heard the phrase, mood swings like a heroine addict? Well the human linguistic culture doesn’t always work perfectly. They could have gone with mood swings like a cat or a woman. Our personal favourite is mood swings like Bastet on heroine. It’s true, women and cats, both, experience mood swings like a heroine addict. They will be happy and cuddly one minute and suddenly then suddenly turn into a bloodthirsty vampire in the next.

Love for the camera

Women love the camera. The lights, the make up, dressing up in fancy clothes and striking a different pose. They love it. Cats ,on the other hand, have also evolved over time. They now understand that the camera can extend their lives far beyond the nine they are naturally blessed with.

Ponder about life

Ever seen a cat sitting next to its favorite rope toy and staring into space? Thats a  woman with a coffee thinking about life while sitting on a window sil. Both cats and women have been known to try and unlock the secrets of life and wonder about what could have been done better.