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The Difference Between Leaders and Politicians

With the heavy impact that leaders and politicians have on our everyday life, one is forced to ask the question; what makes a politician a good leader, as well? We analyzed numerous factors that leaders and politicians have. We generated traits that differentiate leaders and politicians from each other.

1. Leaders actually care about the welfare of the people.

Leaders take decisions to further the prosperity of their followers. They take steps to ensure that the masses are taken care of and well-provided for. Their own agenda always a secondary priority and is aligned with the wellbeing of the people.

Politicians just work to achieve the goals of their own political party.

Politicians indulge into tactics to move the agenda of their political parties further. Furthermore, they would not hesitate to damage the wellbeing of the people if that’s what it takes. Seems like history is rife with examples where whole civilization were ruined owing to the agendas of the ruling parties.

2. Leaders allocate budgets on long-term projects that would make society better.

Leaders don’t care about whether the projects that they implement will add to their personal growth or not. They care more about sustainable development, even if they’re not in office when the projects matures.

Politicians spend money on projects that would cater to their personal goals.

For politicians, the projects that they initiate are always ways to boost their popularity or provide business to industrial and commercial bodies that they hold stakes in. Whether the project is actually useful for the community is the last thing on their agendas.

3. Leaders curb bureaucracies and keep a strict watch over them.

Bureaucrats can make or ruin a society. Leaders are very well aware of this fact and they put into place mechanisms that keep a constant and stringent watch over the bureaucrats to prevent them from exploiting the system and the masses. They ensure that the bureaucracy helps the community grow and prosper.

Politicians nurture bureaucracies and use them to further their own goals.

Politicians are more concerned with the fact that the bureaucracy can help them exploit the masses and they use this factor to its utmost potential. Giving the bureaucracy unjust benefits and protection, they garner support amongst the immoral and the corrupt.

4. Leaders will take responsibility for own mistakes.

When you have so much responsibility, you’re allowed a few mistakes. The important thing is that you take responsibility for them and try your best to rectify them. That is exactly what leaders do. When they realize that they’ve made an error in judgement, they don’t shy away from admitting it and taking steps to remedy the situation.

Politicians always play the blame game.

Everybody who follows current affairs will know how prevalent this practice is. Politicians will never take responsibility for their errors. They will always blame other factors or the previous government. They always create fabrications that would pin the blame on something else.

5. Leaders always take past mistakes into perspective

They say history is the greatest teacher. Leaders analyze past events and the failed policies and practices of others and make sure that the mistakes and not repeated. They communicate to their followers how the steps that they’re taking are different from the past and how they would be beneficial for the entire community.

Politicians remain stubborn and repeat mistakes.

Politicians rarely spend time researching the best possible route to take for the prosperity of society. They rely on weathered, underhanded ways to keep doing things that would benefit their party, repeating the same mistakes that have damaged the community for so long. Hence, they shun innovation and stick to the old, decrepit ways of doing things.

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Here is Why Olympians Bite Medals When They Win

Have you noticed Olympians bite medals? Biting gold to check its authenticity can be dated back to the gold rush. People were more likely to fool each other using ‘Pyrite’, and they realized the only way to counter it with an immediate test was biting it.

The Olympic gold medals are not chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, they are metal. In an interview with CNN, David Wallechinsky the president of the International Society of Olympic Historians said, “It’s become an obsession with the photographers. I think they look at it as an iconic shot, as something that you can probably sell. I don’t think it’s something the athletes would probably do on their own.” He explained why Olympians bite medals after they win it.

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Reason Explored for Why Olympians Bite Medals

So there you have it folks, biting down on Olympic gold medals is a pose. It’s a pose that Olympians like to strike and photographers love to shoot. The practice was once for differentiating between gold and pyrite coins. With that in mind, it is quite possible that a cowboy or pirate once competed and won an Olympic event and bit down his medal out of sheer habit. May be the photographers saw this as something cute and decided to take a picture. So, Olympians bite medals for looking cute after they win.

Anyone biting an Olympic medal in order to see if it’s real gold or not is actually in for a big surprise. Olympic gold medals are actually just 1.34 percent gold. The rest is sterling silver.The worth of one gold medal is estimated at $564. Olympian would be better off cashing their $25000 prize money cheques.

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The Shady Side of Kaley Cuoco’s Life

She may come of as America’s bubbly sweetheart on The Big Bang Theory show, however Kaley Cuoco’s real life is full off turmoil and shady choices. From rocky relationships to fallacious publicity stunts, this skilled leading lady has a talent for creating much of the trouble.

Kaley Cuoco erased her ex-husband instantaneously

If you take a look at Kaley Cuoco’s account at Instagram, you won’t be able to find any photos of her ex-husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting on there. Alright, we get it. Who wants to remember his/her former love over the internet. Furthermore, the cruel part of this move was its range and efficiency. Kaley Cuoco erased any hints of Sweeting the day before they declared their divorce in September 2015, according to Us Weekly. She started unfollowing him as well as removed any detail of him from her Instagram bio.

For his part, Sweeting in the end took action accordingly. As their almost 21-month-marriage broke. Thus, the former tennis player deactivated his Facebook profile and erased all the photos on his Instagram account. Ghosting from the web itself? Regardless of whose group you’re on, that’s a little extreme.

Kaley Cuoco has since continued social media PDA, covering her platforms with lovey dovey photosof a new lover, proficient equestrian Karl Cook.

The destruction of Kaley Cuoco’s marriage was sketchy

As news of their separation hit the newspapers, word go out that it supposedly activated by Sweeting’s alleged dependence on painkillers. According to the Daily Mail, Sweeting—who has a history with medications, including a 2006 arrest on charges of DUI and possession of a drug with the intent to sell—became dependent on painkillers after back surgery. “She supported him but she said he couldn’t make the commitment to get sober,” a source told Us Weekly. “He’d tell her he was working on it and instead go get wasted.”

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Um, explain “support,” because In Touch claimed it was actually Kaley Cuoco’s celebration that undermined their marriage. “Kaley would go out with her friends, without her wedding ring, and get wasted,” the tab reported. “She’d drink two bottles of wine by herself.”

It’s no big surprise for People magazine claimed the couple “seemed miserable” just before their separation. Hypothesis aside, the fact is: Kaley Cuoco married a man she’d been dating for just six months, then cast that union away after just 21 months. That is her right, however those hasty choices certainly counter her sweet and sunny public image.

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Man Shaves After Years and Leaves His Wife Shocked When He Comes on Stage

I love makeovers. Girls are generally more inclined towards makeovers towards taking care of themselves than guys, it’s a gender thing. However, in this time and age, guys tend to take good care of themselves, as well.

Then, there are guys out there who make it a point to keep personal grooming to a minimum. For whatever reasons, the idea of being presentable and actually making an effort for it doesn’t make any sense to them. All this leaves their partners dissatisfied.

Jeff is the perfect example of this sort of man. He has spent almost all of his life donning an untidy beard. His wife’s wishes came true after years. He finally cut off his beard and emerged a new man, after years complaining from his wife. He did get some help, however.

The help was in the form of a show called Rachel Ray Show. The show promised Jeff a complimentary makeover. The only condition was that he had to appear on the show and pleasantly surprise his wife. On the show, Jeff said:

“I’m going through basically a midlife crisis. It’s time to clean it up.”

Jeff received help from the Rachael Ray Show who promised Jeff that he would receive a complimentary and complete professional makeover as long as he appeared on the show and surprised his wife with his new look.

The person who made this possible was Elena Linares from RazzleDazzle Barbershop, Miami. She gave Jeff a complete professional makeover and made him look like an entirely different man. When he appeared on stage, everybody, especially his wife, was downright shocked. His wife was moved to tears.

On being questioned on how he felt, Jeff said that he felt absolutely amazing and emotional after seeing his new self. Imagine how amazing his wife must’ve felt. Share this story with your friends!

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Things Girls and Cats Have in Common

Many a times has science try to explain the behaviour of two living beings and failed miserably at it. Women and Cats. We will tell you the reasons we think women evolved from cats and not from apes. We also believe that men evolved from dogs but we will deal with that bit later on.

The Egyptians realised thousands of years ago that in order to understand women, they needed to understand cats. They ended up worshipping cats because that was the only way to please them. They even had a God called ‘Bastet’ who was half cat half woman.

The purpose of this article is not for you to practice living with your girlfriend by adopting a cat. We are not saying it’s a bad idea, we are just saying that is not the purpose of this article.

Let us study this in detail.

Obsession with hair

Rarely will you see a cat not licking itself. We understand that they do this out of habit and not just for hygiene. Women also spend hours fixing their hair. If there is a mirror, there is bound to be a woman walking towards it or walking away from it. Both of these creatures can’t stop fiddling with their hair in their spare time.

Attention Seeking

They seek attention. The age old myth to attract a woman’s attention is to ignore her. They say she will start craving your attention. Cats live by the same rule as well. If you see a cat and try to approach it, it will run away. If you start minding your own business, the cat will crave your attention and start rubbing itself over you or try and sit in your lap. Women also feel this craving for attention and pampering, and it comes to them naturally.

Mood Swings

Ever heard the phrase, mood swings like a heroine addict? Well the human linguistic culture doesn’t always work perfectly. They could have gone with mood swings like a cat or a woman. Our personal favourite is mood swings like Bastet on heroine. It’s true, women and cats, both, experience mood swings like a heroine addict. They will be happy and cuddly one minute and suddenly then suddenly turn into a bloodthirsty vampire in the next.

Love for the camera

Women love the camera. The lights, the make up, dressing up in fancy clothes and striking a different pose. They love it. Cats ,on the other hand, have also evolved over time. They now understand that the camera can extend their lives far beyond the nine they are naturally blessed with.

Ponder about life

Ever seen a cat sitting next to its favorite rope toy and staring into space? Thats a  woman with a coffee thinking about life while sitting on a window sil. Both cats and women have been known to try and unlock the secrets of life and wonder about what could have been done better.

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11 Funniest Job Descriptions Ever

Have you ever looked up at various fancy job titles with envy? No because you’re pretty content with your own. You’ve got a better description of your own job title. They say the root of comedy is truth. Imagine you had a hectic day at office and you’re asked to describe your job in one sentence. How would you respond? An ass-kicking reply maybe? Or a sarcastic description? When people are really tired of their jobs, that’s when they cook up hilarious job descriptions. This article rounds up some of the most hilarious job descriptions. You’d love to party with all these dudes after reading their job descriptions as told by themselves. Have a good laugh!

1. Pilot

My job is to spend most of the day looking out the window. Poor guy! He can’t even holla at random chicks. Because their ain’t no chicks outside the window of a plane.

2. Consultant

Show up uninvited, get paid for an answer they knew already but never asked in the first place. Okay, this sounds better. At Least the guy gets paid. Life is good. Better than an unpaid intern.

3. Divorce Lawyer

Help people hate each other. Okay can we please nominate this lady to receive nobel peace prize? She’s making this world a better place.

4. Fast Food Employee

Make food that is as healthy before it goes in your body as when it comes back out. You go guy! We can lay bets, you’ll never look at the junk food the same way again after reading this.

5. IT Director

Repeatedly fix the things you keep breaking repeatedly. Our gut tells us this guy is creative, pretty creative. He has some real life goals.

6. Flight Attendant

Be so fly. Alright, she’s sky high, the girl’s so fly. Hotter than jalapeno!

7. Helpdesk at an all boys high school

Provide therapy for laptops abused by their human owners. Okay we get it. This guy is really important. If you can’t handle your laptop at it’s worst, you sure don’t deserve it at its best. Just give it to this guy.

8. Photographer

Shoot couples on their wedding day! Like not literally shoot, just wedding shoot. A wedding is a ceremony when two people are united in a marriage but this guy goes there and shoot them. Don’t laugh, just don’t.

9. College Professor:

Talk in other people’s sleep. Remember the days when your least favourite lecturer bored you to tears? Every Time his sleep inducing lectures made you feel sleepy, well he admits it. He just admitted it.

10. Student

Copy and paste things on the internet. Job done right because it’s the easiest way to get the job done in minutes. Life is too short to surf the internet.

11. Lifeguard

Ensure that stupid people stay in gene pool. If you’re feeling useless, remember this is the easiest job you’ll ever find. Go grab yourself a whistle. Your inner lifeguard must be screaming.