Have you ever looked up at various fancy job titles with envy? No because you’re pretty content with your own. You’ve got a better description of your own job title. They say the root of comedy is truth. Imagine you had a hectic day at office and you’re asked to describe your job in one sentence. How would you respond? An ass-kicking reply maybe? Or a sarcastic description? When people are really tired of their jobs, that’s when they cook up hilarious job descriptions. This article rounds up some of the most hilarious job descriptions. You’d love to party with all these dudes after reading their job descriptions as told by themselves. Have a good laugh!

1. Pilot

My job is to spend most of the day looking out the window. Poor guy! He can’t even holla at random chicks. Because their ain’t no chicks outside the window of a plane.

2. Consultant

Show up uninvited, get paid for an answer they knew already but never asked in the first place. Okay, this sounds better. At Least the guy gets paid. Life is good. Better than an unpaid intern.

3. Divorce Lawyer

Help people hate each other. Okay can we please nominate this lady to receive nobel peace prize? She’s making this world a better place.

4. Fast Food Employee

Make food that is as healthy before it goes in your body as when it comes back out. You go guy! We can lay bets, you’ll never look at the junk food the same way again after reading this.

5. IT Director

Repeatedly fix the things you keep breaking repeatedly. Our gut tells us this guy is creative, pretty creative. He has some real life goals.

6. Flight Attendant

Be so fly. Alright, she’s sky high, the girl’s so fly. Hotter than jalapeno!

7. Helpdesk at an all boys high school

Provide therapy for laptops abused by their human owners. Okay we get it. This guy is really important. If you can’t handle your laptop at it’s worst, you sure don’t deserve it at its best. Just give it to this guy.

8. Photographer

Shoot couples on their wedding day! Like not literally shoot, just wedding shoot. A wedding is a ceremony when two people are united in a marriage but this guy goes there and shoot them. Don’t laugh, just don’t.

9. College Professor:

Talk in other people’s sleep. Remember the days when your least favourite lecturer bored you to tears? Every Time his sleep inducing lectures made you feel sleepy, well he admits it. He just admitted it.

10. Student

Copy and paste things on the internet. Job done right because it’s the easiest way to get the job done in minutes. Life is too short to surf the internet.

11. Lifeguard

Ensure that stupid people stay in gene pool. If you’re feeling useless, remember this is the easiest job you’ll ever find. Go grab yourself a whistle. Your inner lifeguard must be screaming.