You come into this world with the best kind of friends you could ever get. A caring dad who goes out to work to provide you with everything you wish for. A loving mom who puts you before anything to shape your future and groom you to be the best ever. An adorable granny who does every silly thing just to make you smile. A wise and humorous grandpa who teaches you a lot with his wise lessons. Cousins, aunts and uncles who could literally take a bullet for you.

These days family reunions are almost non-existent. As everybody seems to be busy with their own lives. However, everybody still wants to belong. There are members in every family who are famous for their traits. Some are up for goofy fun all the time, some will strike you as a gossip every time, then there are some who brag about their success every time you meet them at a family gathering.

This article rounds up some of our most favorite typical family members you will spot at every family gathering. We bet you can’t get enough of them every time you see them at a family get together.

1. The Rescuer Cousin

That one cousin who you look up to, every time you find yourself in trouble. And no! He’s simply not just a relative, he’s more than just that. When all your aunts are teaming up on you asking you to get married. He’s the one who will rescue you. You both do nothing but laugh.

2. The Funny Uncle

He’s the guy who’s older than all of you but looks younger than his age and a confirmed bachelor. He constantly cracks jokes. The most favorite uncle of the entire nephew-niece squad. It’s really hard not to laugh at his jokes. He’s funny, he’s cool, he’s caring all at the same time. He gives you free rides, takes you out for movies every weekend and manages to tempt you with free hamburgers every fucking time you’re on a diet.

3. The Caretaker Aunt

The super cheesey lady in the whole family who doesn’t mind you flirting with her. You can tell her all your secrets and expect her to keep them to herself without a shadow of doubt. She’s the one who’ll understand your situation when everybody else fails to do so. She’ll blow you pecks for every little favour you do for her. You can crack dirty jokes in front of her without any fear of getting scolded. Even if you sneeze, you know she’ll end up taking you to a doctor because she cares!

4. The Spoiled Baby

The youngest spoiled brat in the entire family whose only job is to complain about every little thing. They act like they are always treated unfairly when in reality, they aren’t. They are just little attention seeking morons who want nothing but attention. They’ll hurt themselves and later blame it on you because oh they are the youngest. If you hit them with a tissue paper they’ll cry hell as if you’ve popped their eyes with an arrow.

5. The Forever Young Granny

The youngest lady in the house. Drinks the most at any gathering. She dances with you, sings with you. There’s no way on earth you can convince her she’s growing older because age is just a number. You’ll often spot her making a dirty joke on your grandpa. At every gathering, she’s the celebrity and she’s the boss. She cares for every member in the family, tries her best to keep peace at home.