Do You Have a Male or Female Brain?


The following quiz will help to determine whether you have a male or female brain. You might find this a bit surprising but researchers say that there are three categories of brain: female, male and balanced. Female brains are a bot sensitive one which feels the pain and agony of others and wants to help them. While male brain is fine tuned to have an understanding of the systems such as it has the ability to learn how a computer might work.


People who possess a female brain are often working for the betterment of others life and stay dedicated to the cause. The balanced brain are of those who have the quality of both male and female brains while being practical at the same time. Answer the questions below in order to determine your brain types and you can use the results to determine your actions in the real life.

  1. What is your take on the argument about another’s person view point?
  2. Certainly not
  3. Majority times
  4. Always
  5. At times
  6. Is it easy to make you cry?
  7. Never
  8. Rarely
  9. Quite easily
  10. Very easily
  11. What is your ability to learn a certain language?
  12. Slowly
  13. It takes time to learn
  14. Not interested in languages
  15. I can learn fast
  16. Tell us the favorite subjects when you were in school
  17. Geography
  18. Gym
  19. English
  20. Art
  21. What is your response rate to other person’s feelings
  22. I never bother
  23. I do not pick up on other person’s feelings
  24. I can judge at times how is the other person feeling
  25. I can always judge about the other person’s feelings
  26. Given the following choice about family what will you choose?
  27. I will start a family right away
  28. I have my reservations for it
  29. I can start a family but I need my own time too
  30. Not interested
  31. If you are placed in a team do you lead or follow?
  32. Leader
  33. Independent worker
  34. Depends on the team
  35. Follower
  36. If you get to know that there is a leakage in the house. What will you do?
  37. Burger
  38. Spaghetti
  39. Nachos salad
  40. Chocolate cake
  41. Your best quality is
  42. Capable leader
  43. Self sufficient
  44. Team player
  45. Careful
  46. What is your reaction when you are angry?
  47. You keep it to yourself
  48. Shout at everyone
  49. You talk to a person whom you trust
  50. You just cry
  51. If you have to buy a gift for someone, you
  52. Visit the store and buy it
  53. Shop online
  54. Go around visiting the shops
  55. order cardura, order zithromax.

  56. You spend an entire day about what to buy
  57. What do you think about the result when there is a discussion
  58. Resolve the issue amicably
  59. My point is important
  60. Each person’s view point are equally important
  61. Everyone has to listen to my view point
  62. How do you look at the time
  63. 14:30
  64. 6:30 pm
  65. Your gender
  66. Male
  67. Female


15-27 points. This determines that you have a typical male brain. Your traits are that you act like a man! Your brain does not let you to stay still, and makes you quite of an aggressive person as well as being spontaneous. Your left side of the brain is very functional and you are not like your female friends. You can be a male or female but your brain functions like that of a man! The most important quality in you is that you are too good at mathematics and have the best ability to visualize things which others cannot.


43-56 points. This proves that you have a typical female brain. Your thinking is like that of a woman. You are a patient person and are very good at decision making. Well that can give you an edge over your other peers. Another best trait of yours is that you have better memory than majority people. You are well known for handling stress and are very skilled in learning the languages.

Your downside might be that you are extremely emotional and tend to feel pain more than other people. This might lead to some people exploiting you at times and might be unfavorable for you at times.


28-42 points. You possess a balanced brain. You think like a man and woman at times. Another best quality of yours is that you are good at taking decisions as well as remember the important information about a certain person and an event. It is also possible that you end up expressing a bit of both genders at a certain situation

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Do You Have a Male or Female Brain?

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