The Gods Blessed Each Zodiac Sign With a Unique Divine Gift

Zeus, the god of gods, leader of mount Olympus loved his creation so much that he blessed each of the lesser mortals with special abilities to lead their life. Each of the star sign received their own distinct ability which made them stand out than other zodiac. These legends have certain qualities which are reflected in the traits represented by each individual born under those specific months. It may have a certain ring of truth in them despite the heavily mythical undertone. How the gods and goddesses passed down those special capabilities in a bid to make the mortals face their everyday struggles of life.

In short we learn to appreciate the fact that everyone is special in their own little way.

According to legends of time immemorial, there was a prized Golden Ram’s fleece which was to be retrieved entailing a dangerous journey. According to the ancient myth, Jason and Argonauts stepped up to the task of bringing back the fleece and agreed to this huge responsibility. Their quest was fraught with obstacles after obstacles but they persevered through all the hardships. Never losing their ambition or morale despite setbacks. In the end Jason had to choose between his life and success of the mission and determined as he was, sacrificed himself without hesitation so they could achieve their objective. Being so committed and heroic, Zeus honored Jason’s selflessness by making the Golden Ram’s fleece into a constellation to remind that faith and sacrifice never go unanswered.

The gift of Gods to Aries is honor in recognition of their blind faith and selfless devotion to a cause. They will never bow down to the difficulties and will always take their challenges head on. It is not in their nature to surrender in the face of adversity and rather die on their feet than to live on their knees.

The legend is inspired by the myth involving the practice of sacrificing a young boy to gods to keep the gods placated. The sacrifice was ordained by the corrupt king who housed a terrible mythical beast called Minotaur with the head of a bull and body of a man. The chosen boy would be left in the lair of the Minotaur which was a maze like dungeon where he would meet his unfortunate end being gored by the horns of Minotaur and eaten by it. Theseus was one of the boys who never grew afraid of the rumors that none survived the trip to lair. When chosen for sacrifice he faced the Minotaur and defeated him.

The god’s gifted Taurus with power. Like the legend above, no matter how strong is the opposition Taurus will always be resourceful and find a way to emerge victorious. They have this ability to dig deep within their souls and find reserves of energy that may enable them to outlast even the toughest of situations.

The zodiac sign is inspired by the legend of a never ending love of two brothers for each other. Pollux and Castor were twin brothers who shared a very deep connection with each other and agreed to help Jason and Argonauts to retrieve the Golden Ram’s fleece. However during their quest Castor died leaving Pollux crestfallen. To console the grieving brother Zeus offered him to live with the gods on mount Olympus which Pollux refused. To make the love immortal and make them live together Zeus made them into two shining stars.

Gemini people are blessed with the proverbial ‘gift of the gab’. They have the knack of manipulating their audience very easily as they have charming skills when it comes to talking. They will convince you of their point of view without you even realizing it. Subtle and calculated they know how to make their opinion prevail.

The legend involves the famous Hercules who was asked to stop the eight headed sea monster, Hydra from terrorizing people. Hera, the Queen of goddesses was cheated by Zeus out of which Hercules was born. This naturally made Hera arch enemy of Hercules. She ordered the king of crabs to aid Hydra in facing Hercules. The legend has it Hercules stepped on the crab and killed it. In recognition of its services Hera immortalized the King of Crabs by making a constellation in its honor.

The gift bestowed upon this fourth sign of zodiac is loyalty. They will take their time to grow comfortable with the other person but once they know someone and hold them in high regard they will be the most loyal individual one could ask for. They are known to be too simple in their love and support that others may take disadvantage of their loyalty.

One of Hercules adversaries, the Nemean Lion was terrorizing the populace. Hercules faced the beast and slayed him in unarmed combat. Hercules later skinned the Lion and wore its coat as a cape, which is believed to be impenetrable by any arrows or sword attacks.

As the sign implies, gods gifted this star sign pride. You may wrong them in any other way but woe betide if you hurt their pride because you will unleash their true fury. As the skin of the lion was impenetrable to the outside arrows similarly Leo people do not consider other people’s input as important and have their own personal opinion. It is very hard and unwise to make them see otherwise unless their ego lets down the guard to let reason through.

According to Greek mythology, Persephone was kidnapped by god of the underworld, Hades in a bid to marry her. When Demeter, mother of Persephone and the powerful goddess of earth learned about this she asked Zeus for assistance. The final agreement was that for six months Persephone would be allowed on earth (from Spring equinox to Autumn equinox) and other six months she will stay in the underworld.

Their gift from divine mount Olympus is their ability to adapt. Just like Persephone who was the queen of underworld adapted to her reality. You can subject Virgo to the harshest possible situation and they will be able to survive. Their will to never give up and always remain optimistic make them so good at adapting to their surroundings.

Libra is a star sign inspired by the goddess of justice Themis. The scales represent the graces and sins of humans. In some other greek legends these scales are a way of representing karma as your every action has consequence which you will have to face sooner or later.

The divine gift for Libra is their affinity for justice. They will be very fair in their everyday dealing with other people. They hold their own selves to strict moral standards and stand by certain principles. This makes them blunt and straight forward and not the one who will try to conceal the truth.

The legend has it that a great hunter Orion fell in love with beautiful nymph daughters of Atlas and Pleione, the Pleiades. As Orion began chasing after them Pleiades asked Gaia the ancient goddess of Earth to help them. Gaia was so already furious of Orion who kept killing her living beings that she sent a great scorpion who stung and killed Orion. All three Orion, Pleiades and Scorpio became great constellations.

The mortals under this star sign are granted passion. They will do anything in their capacity to express their love and will be ready to pursue if need be. However there is lesson to be learned from the myth that overindulgence may poison you and make you oblivious of the consequences.

The legend revolves around the magnificent centaur Chiron who was the son of the god of seas Poseidon. He was the mentor of great students like Hercules and Jason. However he accidentally got struck by a poisonous arrow by Hercules and being a demi-god unable to die. Zeus put Chiron out of misery by taking away the immortality of the great beast.

The gift of gods to Archers is luck. As they have a spontaneous nature they do not plan things and hence are the most deserving of luck in the zodiac since they leave most things to chance.

The star sign is inspired by the great goddess of sea the Goat Nymph Amaltheia. She was given the guardianship of Zeus as a baby as Rhea the mother of Zeus was fearful her husband Kronos might harm him. For her loyalty and service Zeus immortalized Amaltheia by making her into a constellation.

The gift of gods for Capricorn is success and abundance. However Capricorn people appreciate the fact that success does not come to the unprepared or undeserving. So they are always striving for perfection and giving their best to make themselves worthy of their reward. They have this incurable urge to earn their reward by their own hard work. Anything less will not make them deserving of their successes and laurels.

The legend tells of a handsome young prince, Ganymede who was so beautiful that Zeus made him live with the gods on Mount ‘Olympus. He was required to the divine task of pouring the god’s cups with the nectar of everlasting youth.

They are gifted uniqueness. They have unconventional views about their surrounding and like to look at things from a very unique perspective. They will not follow the trend or bothered about it.

According to greek mythology, a giant monster Typhoon attacked Olympus and was more than a match for the gods. As the gods scattered in different directions by turning into animals Aphrodite and her son Eros turned into fishes and swam in different directions.

The gift of fantasy entails that Pisces are great thinkers and they will not rest until they make their dreams into a reality. They can convince themselves of achieving seemingly impossible tasks by believing in themselves. However they need to make a distinction between realistic and unachievable tasks as sometimes they may bite more than they can chew.

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The Gods Blessed Each Zodiac Sign With a Unique Divine Gift

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