7 Photos to Test Your Intelligence


Have you ever tried to test your own intelligence but could never come up with a way to do it? Well here are 11 pictures that can help you achieve just that. Don’t be fooled though, these pictures although may look similar at first glance, but the whole idea behind them, is to find out how they differ. Let’s take a look and see what we have here.


Have you carefully taken a look? If you are smart, you will be able to tell instantly what the difference in this picture is. However, if you pay too much attention to detail, like most people would, you will definitely miss it. Most people try to dwell too much into what she is wearing and the difference in the scenery outside the window, but the answer is so simple you will probably knock yourself in the head for missing it.

The answer lies in the bottom right of the picture. The one on the right has a small mouse hole at the bottom right corner.


Alright we will admit we are being a little unfair. In terms of difficulty this picture would definitely be categorized under legendary. It will for sure take you a while before you notice the difference in this one, so take it as a challenge for yourself and stop reading right now. In any case, we are going to continue telling you the difference, but under the assumption you did ponder over it a while. The difference, lies beside the right arm of Mona Lisa, as you will notice in the picture on the left has a background that is much lighter than the background of the picture on the right. Subtle, is it not? Well done if you were able to figure this one out on your own! Proceeding.


This particular picture has more than one difference, so might as well start pinching to zoom in if you’re on a phone. There might even be differences that we have personally missed, so if you have found one that we have not do point it out! Take your time viewing it? Are you done? Good. Well, of the differences that we found, one was on the top left corners. There is an airplane visible in the picture on the right, where as it is missing from the picture on the left. If you’re able to tell time, and because you are able to read this, we will assume you can, you will notice that the times on both the pictures are different. Then there is a lamp post missing in the picture on the right. This other difference which is highly illusive and you might only have caught it if you were looking for it, the number on the busses is different!


We’re once again faced with another hard one on the list. This particular picture can also take a while as it can render you in complete and utter dismay as you fail to notice what exactly could be different in this picture! What is it? You can tell it is so simple, and when it finally clicks you will realize how right you were. No, it was not the meter, though you definitely wished it was! No, it was not the orange knob that completely sticks out right in your face! And no there wasn’t one but two differences! At the bottom right of the screen there is a shade in the left picture. There isn’t one in the picture on the right. Also, the picture on the right has lesser bolts than the picture on the left.


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We are sure you are doing well so far so let’s keep going! This picture known as the Space Photo, features art work of aliens and starships and if this doesn’t just click for you instantly, you could definitely be stuck looking at this for hours and possibly not get it. Starships generally do not have faces and we subconsciously register it as a cartoonish move, which might have gotten in the way of you not realizing, the difference was in the face the starship after all!


This is one the easiest ones on the list so far, so if you miss this, then we doubt you had any luck

with any of the other ones. If you looked anywhere other than the top of the frame in both pictures, then you definitely couldn’t see it. It is the branch!

All you Disney fans out there, we know you are excited to see this one on the list! Now this picture has an intrinsic amount of detail. Everything is so well placed that it could be anything. You might even skip on finding a difference in the characters because that would be so obvious wouldn’t it? So, you start looking for clues in the castle in the background, scouring your eyes over its many curves and arches, but when you realize where the difference really, you will probably want to kick yourself for jumping to conclusions.

If you loved Mikey mouse as a child, then like us you would have instantly admired him first and in that moment of admiration you would have instantly caught on the difference. For the average reader though, if you notice the ear, the picture in the left, Mickey Mouse seems to have a giant piercing.


It only gets harder from here. This is a picture of bridesmaid’s flower bracelets, and on first glance, they will definitely look as if there is absolutely no difference, but there actually is. Go ahead, take a closer look and you will see what we’re talking about. Have you noticed the differences yet? Come on, don’t make us do all the work! No? Oh well, maybe you might have more luck in the next one, or maybe you don’t need us to. In any case, the difference is the missing ribbon in the right picture that is dangling down the arm on the very right of the pictures. Took you a while didn’t it?


Another easy one! We’re sure you’ll get this one instantly but if you have not, we again have to suggest you take your time with this picture! The difference in this one is definitely subtle and if you don’t pay attention you will probably never be able to get it right. But if you are one the lucky ones who got it with in the first 5 minutes one can take the opportunity to feel smug about themselves. The difference here is near the middle right of the pictures. You will notice that in the picture on the right, there is a hut missing. Very subtle was this not? It took us a while too.


And finally! The closer. This picture can definitely take you a while as there is absolutely nothing in this picture that you might define as different. Looks like a plain old hut in the woods in both cases. But don’t be too quick to judge as this can be pretty tricky to spot, but it’s there. Have you found it yet? No? I guess we’ll just have to tell you again! Notice there’s a piece of wood missing in the foundation of the house right where the first pillar below the shed ends.

We hope you enjoyed reading this, and were able to judge just how intelligent you might or might not be.

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7 Photos to Test Your Intelligence

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