16 of The Most Disturbing Security Prisons in The World


The very thought of being in a prison leaves a shudder down our spine. It makes us feel that being jailed can be really daunting and making one feel scared. All around the world many weird jails exist and their conditions make it stranger. The inadequate security and severe living conditions these jails present a very eerie picture. When someone violates the law or experiment with it they could end up in jail. Today we will explore the most disturbing jails one has seen around the world.

16. Alcatraz


This place is the most brutal place to be. With small cells and its imposing construction, it was built for the military purpose. Now that it has become a tourist resort you can actually have a look at the misery of the prisoners who ended up serving the long sentences.

15. Camp 1391


The fact that if a prison is referred to as a number or is run by special military guards then it can be safely assumed that these would be extremely horrible prisons. Since it is run by the military there are no pictures of the prison from the inside. This belongs to the Israel and they even took measures to remove its location from the world map and the satellite images as well. Many of the former prisoners say that the cell are six feet by six feet and are deprived of light. This all makes it an extremely unpleasant place to spend the night!

14. Black dolphin


It is named black dolphin because its doors carry the statue of a dolphin and is Russiaa��s number six federal penitentiary. Being one of the toughest prisons of the country it is located along the borders of Kazakhstan. The fact that the prisoners are blind-folded when moved around the area or are if a prisoner tries to run away they are moved in the hunched-back position with eyes on the ground. Also the locks of the steel bars are equally horrible with every prisoner being locked behind three locks and are monitored 24/7.

13. Venezuelaa��s la sabaneta


The walls of this prison is quite secure and there is one guard for every 150 prisoners, with the prisoners having liberty to roam around a place where there are no laws. Moreover, the affluent and powerful prisoners get the cell which have the facility of bed while the less fortunate ones are supposed to sleep in hammocks in the corridors. Every prisoner is quite armed and also try to maintain law and order as well.

12. ADX Florence Supermax


The ADX Florence Supermax is located in the Colorado and is one place where no one will want to go. There is no contact between the prisoners or the guard and the cells are measured at seven by twelve feet. The prisoners become more demoralized as there is nothing to look forward to in the prison as they cannot even look in to the sky while being jailed.

11. Pyatak Island


Located in Russia this prison gives quite an abandoned look but it is not. The number of prisoners in this facility is 200 and there are two prisoners present in each cell. Prisoners are allowed to move outside for one and a half hour every day. Having no rest rooms or any possible way to escape this facility is guarded by German shepherd who will not spare your flesh if you try escaping this prison and if you are lucky enough to dodge them you will have to swim you way across the lake. But the prisoners have the liberty to exercise and stretch those muscles for a while.

10. San Quentin


This prison is for the worst kind of prisoners who are always trying to run away and they are unable to. It is always kept locked away and there is no time when it is not locked. The only time they are able to move out of the prison is when they have to go out for exercise. Also they are allowed to make phone calls only when they are staying in the prison through the use of special phones.

9. Black Beach prison


As the name suggests this prison does not have any beach to it in order to let prisoners have some fun. Rather there is a fact that the serious prisoners are locked for the whole day with their ankles being shackled. They are also not allowed to go out or soak in the sunlight, but are allowed a few minutes of independence when they have to prepare their own food.

8. Camp 22


Located in the northeastern area of North Korea this prison was supposedly closed in the year 2012. The prisoners who are located in the prison have to go through extreme weather conditions and malnutrition as well as work hard as manual labor. Some of them tried to escape the prison but others who tried to escape were deprived from doing so through electric and barbed wire fences.

7. Stanley Prison


This prison is located in Hong Kong and was built in 1937. It was the place where 600 prisoners were killed at this place.

6. San Pedro Prison


The biggest prison located in Bolivia this prison has 1500 prisoners. After going through the huge walls and the security gates there is a different world inside this prison. You will be seeing children playing, some market stalls, restaurants, along with hair dressers and hotel as well. It has a more street like look to it rather than a prison. The place has no security in the form of guards, no uniforms or metal bars on the windows of the cell. An interesting fact is that all this comes at a price, the prisoners have to pay in order to retain their place in the cells. They have to earn through working inside and outside the jail by selling groceries or work in the food stalls. The cost comes to around $1000 to $1500 whereas the poorer prisoners have to share their cells since they do not have a skill and are unable to make money.

5. Cebu Prison


Located in Philippines these are the dancing prisoners. They consist of drug dealers, sex offenders and others and continue to dance in unison to music. A video from the prison was viral and ended up being the top fifth most viewed and liked video in the Time magazinea��s Top 10 viral videos. The inmates also perform at various charitable and cultural events for which they get paid. There are also live shows for the prisoners after which there is a photo session of the prisoners with the spectators and they can also buy souvenir T-shirts.

4. Justizzentrum Leoben


Yes the look of this hotel might give you a shock as it seems like an office building but no this is a five-star prison. It contains the prisoners accused of burglary since the rate of burglaries is higher in Austria by more than 40%.

3. Kresty Prison

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Located in Russia this prison is the most over-crowded one as it is a home to 10,000 prisoners whereas the capacity can only accommodate 3,000. There is weekly shower time for the prisoners which is around fifteen minutes and the prisoners can only occupy and space of four square meters.

2. Sark prison


This is the smallest prison in the world accommodating two prisoners at a time and once you continue to be notorious you will be shifted to a much larger facility after being locked up in this one.

1. Aranjuez Prison


It is the only cell which is house to families. The purpose of this facility is to have a bonding with the parents as they grow up to be unaware of the surroundings. The inmates are seeking rehabilitation while also mastering the parenting skills.

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16 of The Most Disturbing Security Prisons in The World

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