What are the effects of war on society?

War has multiple effects in societies, positive and negative both. There are a lot of factors that determine the faith of a country. There are many different questions that we should ask ourselves before reaching a conclusion. What is the society like before the war took place? What did the war end up happening in the first place? Was this war popular? Did the country win this war or lose it? But the magnitude of war and its effects are extensive and prevalent. The effects can be long-term and in some cases short term also. And it depends on who is being affected, and what role they are playing in the society and the war. If you are a civilian, a soldier, a woman, a child or an elderly. The consequences of war are in many forms, shapes, and sizes.

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In the last twenty years, approximately 2 million children have been killed in such conflicts. The trauma continues for years until the end. The civilian population goes through so much pain, be it physical or mental that is difficult to get over. It is easy to heal a wound that is physical, but it is hard to deal with things that cannot be seen. Emotional and psychological stress is not easy to deal with and in the majority of the cases is not even detected easily.

In this day and age, the new strategies of war have mostly been attacking civilians instead of armies, utterly ruthless ways of winning. The United Nations is consistently working peacekeeping projects and how to maintain prosperity in the world. Another effect of war is destruction on mass levels that damage the economy for a very extended period of time. There are direct consequences, and then there are indirect consequences, and the indirect one is usually overlooked and disregarded.

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In some examples like WWII, United States of America ended up making its economy better and helped jump out of the great depression.

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An individual’s rights exist on domains like health, shelter, security, and education. Besides all these rights, a human being has his dignity and respect. During the time of war, people are killed and injured. The major trend to physical damage is done to men in comparison to women. But armed conflict ends up having long term effects on a person’s health and existence. Augmented morbidity and mortality are very well known costs of war.

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What are the effects of war on society?

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