12 best iPhone tips & tricks, in iOS 11.2 and earlier


Imagine your phone having a lot more fun secret functions that you did not know of? How cool would that be to know all those secrets that nobody knows but you? You will not only have the chance to utilize those functions but boast around among your friends have to know more than them.

While there is a variety of free apps and tools that iPhone users reckon, a lot of paid apps still have a whole world inside of them that you could be missing. With money comes ease, right? What if we tell you about some hidden free features of iPhones you were missing all this time? Let’s have a look below.

12. An Automated Fixed Bedtime Alarm


Do you find it annoying to set the bedtime alarm every day for the same time? Well, you have nothing to worry about anymore since this secret iPhone feature is going to give a hand to you.

With the new versions of iOS, you have a ‘Bedtime’ options in your Clock app. All you have to do is to select the time you want to get up and sleep every night. You can also select the days you don’t want to follow the schedule. Oh wait, the fun part is, the app will keep a track on your sleep routine for you.

11. Tired Of Your Phone Taking Too Much Time to Charge?


This is the case all of the iPhone users are sick of. Be it an emergency to go out for or time to attend a class, you have to wait until your phone gets enough charge. What if we told you we have a solution for this annoying thing?

Just turn the Flight Safe Mode on and your phone’s Wi-Fi-searching, data-draining communication skills, will lay low and eventually give a break to the battery. It’s not going to save you like 50% of the battery but even 4% will get you a stress-free 30 minutes. Interesting, right?

10. Apple Health App Can Get You Your Lost Phone Back


Sounds crazy, right? Guess what? It’s actually real. Use it or not, your Apple Health app can get you your lost phone back. When you make an ID on the Apple Health, it requires some general information about your health along with your contact information.

So when you drop your phone in the middle of nowhere, and someone picks it up to dial Emergency link, all information including the contact information provided to the Apple Health will pop-up on the screen. This can give the taker a chance to return your phone right to you.

9. Shortcut to Save Time While Searching


Getting annoyed on typing lengthy, full texts on the internet is totally relatable to us. This is why we have featured this point on the list. While writing the address of any website on Safari, little pauses in the flow to write suffixes like .co.au and .co.uk are not necessary to take anymore. Now you can just tap the full-stop button right beside the Space and select from a variety of suffixes possible.

8. Your Phone Is Spying On You!!


Not funny, it’s quite serious. Your phone really is spying on you on its own and does not even let you know about it. It’s keeping an eye in the background on wherever you go and where do you often head towards.

To confirm this, go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services and then Frequent Locations. Yeah, you see it right. IPhone is keeping a track of you!

7. Your Camera’s Focal Point Can Be Locked


How cool is it for Apple to introduce a focal point in your camera to take professional style pictures, right? But it’s still sad because it does not last forever rather just for a few seconds, after which you have to manually do it every time you need.

This secret allows you to lock your camera’s focal point until you want to stop. Instead of tapping once on the screen, you have to tap is for a little longer, say 3-sec. This trick will get your camera’s focal point locked no matter how many times you twist or shake your phone.

6. A Customized Vibration to Identify the Caller


It could be really annoying and complete wastage of time to check your phone on every ring or vibration just to see if you want to attend this call or not.

There could be customized rings tones to identify the caller but what if your phone is on silent?

Guess what? You can still know who your caller is, whilst in silent mode, without having to take a glimpse of the screen. Just go to Contacts>Edit>Vibration and explore all the options to customize. You’re welcome!

5. Correct Siri’s Pronunciation


Siri can pronounce things wrong too and this could end you up with false information. To correct Siri just tell her straight. Just tell her ‘That’s not how you pronounce XYZ’ and you will see Siri correcting her mistake and never committing it again.

4. Now You Can Close Multi-Apps from Menu in Just a Sec


Everyone can relate to the need of hiding a few pages and apps you have been lurking in secretly. How scary is it when you don’t have enough time to delete all those pages and the fear of getting caught is overwhelming you? With this trick you can delete your history from the multitasking menu in just seconds.

Open the multitasking menu, start deleting the pages by dragging them with your three fingers. There you have them all wipe away like it never existed.

3. Set Your Music Off With Timer


Understandably, a lot of us have this habit of sleeping with your music on in your headphones. Some people just can’t go to bed without having an everyday dose of their favorite music. But do they want to wake up to music? Of course, no.

What you can to do save yourself from waking up to music in your ears is set a time on your Music app. In your Clock app under the Timer section, you will see a When Time Ends tag. Explore this tag and select Stop Playing at the end of the tag. Now turn the timer on and your music will stop automatically right when the timer goes off.

By the way, this can save you a lot of battery as your music will not be playing all night along.

2. Take a Photo without Touching Your Phone


We all know that olden golden trick of capturing a photo with the volume buttons of your phone. What you are about to read is even cooler than that.

If you have earphones connected to your iPhone, you don’t have to even touch your phone rather just use the volume keys of headphones to capture the picture. Remember, the headphones should be compatible with iPhone.

1. Do This to Improve Your Signals


If you are an iPhone user stuck in the middle of nowhere because your signals won’t show up, this might save your day. Type *3001#12345#* on your iPhone’s dial and hit call. This will launch the Field Mode tool to turn your chart-based signal indicator into a numerical-based signal signifier.

If you get the score of -50, you have nothing to worry about. However the -120 and around will mean you need to struggle to even send a text message.

We hope you enjoy and take benefit of these amazing features you never knew existed!

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12 best iPhone tips & tricks, in iOS 11.2 and earlier

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