9 Reasons Shea��s Going To Leave You For Another Man

a�?Ita��s choice a�� not chance a�� that determines your destiny.a�?

– Jean Nidetch

Being dumped for another person is a twofold punch: do you feel deserted as well as supplanted? Being left for another person can likewise bring sentiments of extraordinary disgrace: you may feel lacking or unfit to “keep” your accomplice. You may feel superfluous. Also, whatever the qualities of the new man in your ex’s life, you feel less extraordinary, less intriguing, less appealing. The experience can feel like it has sincerely leveled you.
While ita��s demanding to discern why females withdraw, listed here are 9 possessions that are commonplace to a lot of the cases:

Are you completely honest with her?


Ask yourself! Are you totally honest with your significant other or are there things not yet disclosed? Lying is human nature but speaking the truth is a necessity. You are probably lying to her a lot and women being women, she has been catching you off-guard. Honesty is actually a keystone in sustaining a relationship. If you aren’t conscientious, be ready to face the music.

She is NOT problem-free!


Most of the times when we develop an emotional bonding with our queens, we take it as a one-way thing. We highly expect our lovers to listen to us, and us only. But if we give it a deep thought, isna��t it too selfish of us? Ita��s a truth well acknowledged that women know every problem that their men are facing, but are we aware of what they are going through every single day?

She is definitely not problem-free and feels the need to be looked after as well. Listen to her and become her support system before ita��s too late.

Too possessive?

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Do you give space to your sweetheart when she needs it? Possessiveness is a game known by many, learned by a few. It can make your relationship the best one in the world and even ruin it for a lifetime. Over possessiveness creates a claustrophobic effect in the relationship, which is not healthy at all. She probably have been feeling suffocated and anchored in the relationship, and might choose to set herself free very soon. Stop that.

Repeated Change in Moods


Mood swings are a part of everyonea��s personality but if it becomes excessive, it can cause a lot of trouble in a persona��s personal life and affect different relationships; same goes for onea��s romantic relationship. If it continues, she might lose her patience with you and choose someone who would give her more smiles than frowns. Whining and complaining is understandable the first few times, not all the time and so having frequent mood swings should be treated by an expert immediately.

Are you the serious types?


This particular personality is called a�?The Robotic Personality.a�? And as the name suggests, your girl would want to date a real, talkative human being than a robot, isna��t it? Sometime, the men in the society act too serious with their lovers; ita��s good sometimes but would be a nightmare if it happens all the time. Take a break from your hectic schedule, take her out on a trip or a romantic candle light dinner. Be jolly, be fun-loving and make her laugh often a�� she deserves it and so do you!

Critical enough?


Positive criticism is good but ita��s not fun if done every time. It can make her feel insecure about herself which may lead her to go through severe depression and lowered self-esteem. There sure is a thin line between being positively critical or judgmental about something or someone. By the end of the day, if shea��s not happy and confident around you, she would not have a good reason to stay.

Giving her time


We all have some tasks in our daily lives; we rush to our jobs and work, work, work. Thata��s everyonea��s story now a days. It definitely doesna��t mean you take zero time for people you love and care about; thata��s impossible. If your excuse is you dona��t have enough time, she will make sure she finds someone who has time for her and puts her in his priority list.

Is she bored?


Relationship is constantly about including sparks, isna��t it? Indeed, even you don’t care for exhausting individuals or things. All in all, in the event that you yourself end up plainly unsurprising, what’s the delight for her to remain with you?

Emotional Bond


A relationship is a blend of intimacy and emotional attachment. If you are not open about yourself or your problems to her, she might feel you dona��t want her to interfere in your life or that you are not permitting her to be a part of your world.

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9 Reasons Shea��s Going To Leave You For Another Man

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