7 Clingy things that she does which make her the perfect girlfriend

Getting showered with constant attention by your significant other is a dream come true. Whether they admit it or not guys love when their girlfriends fuss over them. However, her constant checking up on you and being with you 24/7 can be borderline clingy. But is clingy bad? We asked our readers about the clingy habits their girlfriendsa�� exhibit which actually makes them the perfect girlfriend!

a�?She gets upset when she feels I am not treating her right or when I am not all there.a�?

Murad, 25

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When she is the kind of girl who will go to the moon and then back for you then she will definitely be upset when the sentiment isna��t reciprocated. She feels that since she gives you her all then she deserves the same, if not less, in return. While she wona��t be vocal about it necessarily, deep down this is what she wants from you because thata��s what she is extending to you as well. It is only natural for her to feel a little less than herself when she sees you not putting in the same effort as her or not being there when she needs you the most.

a�?She would rather spend time with me than her girlfriends or her best friend. And that is extremely flattering.a�?

Nathan, 23

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She wants to include you in her life and that makes her want to have you around all the time. She wants you to be an active part of her daily life and although it may come off as clinginess, she has only the best intentions at heart. She also doesna��t want to stay on sidelines of your life and wants to be as much a part of it as she wants you to be of hers. This is the kind of girl who will always keep you by her side, as an equal.

a�?Shea��s not afraid of discussing the future and I find that kinda hot.a�?

Roop, 27


When the relationship is one worth investing in, you can be sure that she will have the future all mapped out. Once she knows that you are one, she isna��t sitting by idle taking things and life as they come. She has an ideal a�?tomorrowa�� in mind for both her and you and will carefully map out each step of the way.

a�?I admire the fact that isna��t afraid of asking where things are headed. I love how confident she is about our relationship.a�?

Cameron, 25

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When she really likes you and sees the relationship having a potential future, she will not waste any time in wanting to know your intentions. If you are the right guy for her, she will not treat the relationship nonchalantly. She also knows that the relationship will only be able to thrive when you are committed and able to put a label on it. It may seem to you that she is coming off strong but all she wants is to save both of you from heart break in the future.

a�?I thought her constant texts would drive me nuts but it drives me nuts now when she doesna��t text.a�?

Steven, 24

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Most women are worrier by nature. So, if she is constantly texting you up throughout the day she is probably not being clingy; shea��s genuinely worried about you. Women are great believers of communication and being in touch with you helps her maximize communication between the two of you.

a�?I used to mistake her interest in my life for nagging.a�?

Sam, 27

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If she is asking you too many questions about your life, day, routine, family, friends and even health do not mistake it for her being nosy. She wants you to open up about her life so it can bring the both of you closer in the relationship.

a�?My girlfriend is extremely possessive when it comes to me and it is a huge turn on!a�?

Rafi, 26

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When shea��s invested her life, time, emotions and energies to build a relationship with you she will also protect it with everything that she has got. So if she gives territorial vibes from time to time it is only because she wants to make it clear to everybody else to not mess around with her man.

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7 Clingy things that she does which make her the perfect girlfriend

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