20 Times Our Relationships were Funnier Than we Thought

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to be serious at all times. There can be time taken out for fun and a little laughter. Sometimes, moments like these happen every other day!

Tapoos has gathered 20 moments that prove to us that living together can be really fun and entertaining at times.

Where to find your boyfriend when flight gets delayed


Probably the cutest this I’ve seen today. When your flight is delayed, it’s not so common to find your boyfriend in the kid’s room watching cartoons. And that’s the last place you’d expect him to be. And in this picture, you can see the level of interest of the guy who’s watching TV along with the other children. He’s just sitting there on the bean bag, with his backpack and enjoying cartoons.

Where exactly should you hide your candy


Women crave for sweets/ candy more than men. But if a woman brings candy home, it finishes immediately without her even having a little of it. Sometimes the ‘real owner’ of them doesn’t even know and the sweets are gone. So it’s really intelligent of this woman to hide her candies in a tampon’s pack. Hide your things ladies, and you now know the perfect place to hide it. A place where your husband and children can’t reach.

Yup, he showered


Men are very careless and lazy at the same time. This picture is the perfect example to explain the level of carelessness. At least your boyfriend/husband leaves behind marks which guarantees that he has done something you wanted him to do. This pictures shows us that the boyfriend had showered and he left his beer bottle where the shampoos are kept. This means that her boyfriend had showered for sure.

Every girl faces this


Every girl knows the feeling of this. No matter how many clothes a girl owns, she will always want more and will never have anything to wear even if her whole wardrobe is full. It’s just a mutual feeling every woman goes through. It’s common. In this picture, the boyfriend might’ve been worried why his girlfriend might be crying but when he asks, the reason is her not having something to wear where as her wardrobe is full of clothes.

So romantic


This is literally so romantic. When your husband/boyfriend does such things, you start to feel like a queen. Love isn’t expressed by doing big things or buying expensive gifts. It can also be shown by doing the tiniest things and they actually turn out to be more romantic. Doing such things can make the girlfriend/wife feel really special and it’s the perfect way to show her that you love her and she means a lot to you.

True love


This picture can be taken in a funny way too rather than taking it in a serious way. Well, it’s true that when a couple fights, they sometimes change each other’s name on their phones, change their contact image or something of this sort. This picture is the perfect example of such a situation. By doing something like this doesn’t at all mean that there’s some grudge between the two. It’s just for fun.

I need this dress


Sexy dress doesn’t only mean a tight fitted, revealing or short dress. It can also mean a dress with shirtless male figures. And we all know who this dress belongs to; someone in the group who’s into hot muscular guys (kinda a lot). Well, not always necessarily for such girls though, and sometimes for nerdy girls. Confused? If you see in this picture, a nerdy girl is wearing a dress with shirtless male figures on it… And she’s definitely not feeling it. She’s rather feeling uncomfortable wearing this dress.

Right way to do it


Internet is full of such funny pictures showing father’s lazy and irresponsible attitude towards their kids. Like in this picture, the father is on his iPad while his baby daughter is on the wooden floor, lying and without any support. The baby is literally lying still without any toy in her hand or beside her. All her toys are away from her and well, more closer to the father. She’s just enjoying the view aka the ceiling.

Correct place to secure your things


Ladies, if you want to secure your candies/ chocolates, learn from this woman and find a drawer which no one in your home ever opens. Probably the most secure place you’ll find in your house is a drawer which no one opens. I mean girls can want their sweets anytime and anywhere. They should be secure from the husband and kids.

This is genius


This doormat is probably every husband’s dream mat. Probably after watching this, many would even order such a mat. This picture is weird but really funny to look at. Pets and wife may be crazy but the husband is for sure one hella cool husband.

So relatable lol


This picture is literally so relatable to those who are afraid of heights. You try to be confident and like to show yourself as the same but when you actually do it, you happen to look like the woman in the picture; on the floor and not trying to look outside the window. By looking at her face, we can see how scared the woman really is. She’s afraid af to be honest.



This picture shows that you can give your office work some break and become spider man for a while and of course play video games. Tell me something that’s better than that? Well, surely nothing. Probably this job is this guy’s dream job where you can become spider man and play video games. And what a funny view would it be for the wife to see if she randomly comes to her husband’s office and sees him like this.

I’d have the same reaction tbh


Ice cream is life. There’s no lie in that. This woman is definitely us when we miss the ice cream truck for some reason. The regret and loss is real. And when you see your partner’s such reaction for this reason, it’s definitely the cutest thing you’ll see as it brings their inner childish behavior out and it surely is something you can’t miss.

All the girls can relate


What do women do if they need to wear a specific bra later tonight and it’s dirty plus the dryer’s broke? Obviously they’ll wash it and put it in front of the vent. There are many occasions on which women face such problems. It’s a common thing for the ladies. When it’s a girl’s night out or you have to go to a formal dinner, there’s this one bra that is perfect for a specific dress. And if it’s dirty, women will do anything to get it washed and then dried up.

When sleep is life


When sleep means everything to you, you don’t let anything come between the two of you. If there’s light in your room and it’s disturbing you in your sleep, what do you do? Get up and get your wife/ girlfriend’s padded bra and cover up your eyes with it. No, it’s not weird, it actually helps. You men should definitely try it because it’ll make you sleep without any light disturbing you. But we have to accept that the guy in this picture looks hilarious with a bra covering his eyes.

Well, look for yourself


Girls never accept that they’re behind the hair on the bathroom tile. Well not to forget, the whole fricking house floor is full of their hair. They just don’t seem to accept this truth. And when they’re cleaning the carpets with a vacuum cleaner and it automatically stops working, they innocently ask why it’s broke again? Well ladies, it’s hard to say but your hair, which is all over the carpet, are the reason behind the vacuum cleaner being broke (again). We know it’s hard to believe but you have to accept the truth.

He still tried


It’s okay if you don’t have your girlfriend’s picture to put in your locket. All you need to do is take a perfect sized paper and draw your girlfriend. Easy peazy. I mean this is what you can think of when you’re in this situation and you want to be romantic. Your girlfriend might have a laugh and there are chances that she finds this gesture of yours cute and romantic. It’s definitely worth a try and it’s also a little different than typical romantic things which can be done.

Couple goals


Wouldn’t you love it if your girlfriend dresses herself up to be exactly like you on your birthday by drawing a mustache and a beard on her face? If you see this picture, you can’t seem to differentiate the both. You can’t easily tell who the girlfriend is and who the boyfriend is. She sure did a good job on transforming her look exactly like her boyfriend.

That’s what you get if you don’t think about the consequences


This is what you have to Google for when you don’t think about the consequences of arguing with your girlfriend on something. Girls always win, directly or indirectly. This is something that boyfriends have to keep in their minds. If you argue with her, she’ll fight back and accidently if you win, she won’t talk to you for a long time which will make you regret. That moment is when you realize that you’ve eventually lost and you have to make it up to her.

How it should be


Girls get jealous so easily that they’ll make you feel guilty even if it’s not your fault. For example, this picture shows that a wife found a hair tie in her home and left a special note for her husband. It just says “??” but it’s put on a knife. That’s a deadly reaction which probably means “open up your mouth or else you’re dead”. This is just a normal way of asking shown by a jealous or somewhat a woman who’s in doubt. You don’t want to mess with a woman who’s jealous.

Which picture did you find the most hilarious? Let us know in the comment section below because we would definitely love to know.

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20 Times Our Relationships were Funnier Than we Thought

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