What Color Is Your Energy According to Zodiac?

When we talk about energy we mean many different things, and when we get to see it – it always has a color. For example light – it is a kind of energy and it always has a color.

When light travels, it is not on its own. It travels with other kinds of energies as well. When we share a room with people, the sort of people they are or the sort of energies they have affects us. People who have anxiety or are sensitive to energies instantly feel it. Have you ever felt uncomfortable or uneasy around some people and not understood why that is so? Yes! It’s because you are not liking their energy.

Colors have a very interesting away of affecting our state of mind and moods. What color we see as we wake up has a lot to do with what sort of day we are going to have. So it is suggested that we look at green if we want our mind to be relaxed and easy.

Every zodiac sign also has its own energy and color assigned to it.

Take this quiz and find out what your energy is.

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You are in good health, a vibrant character and living life to its fullest. You don’t believe life to be to a routine that is monotonous. If things are going stagnant, you like to stir things up and pick up new activities. You’re enthusiastic, sporty and you generally try to keep positive about life. Bungee jumping, scuba diving, racing, hiking, water sports or even doing things that you have never done before. People appreciate you because you brighten any conversation or situation. You are the center of attention where ever you go and people want you to be around because they feel positive and light around you. Watch out though, because an overabundance of this energy could mean that you have difficulty with obsession, addiction and desire. So you have to make sure that you don’t overdo anything or over burden anyone. Some times when a person doesn’t control his emotions and where he is spending his energy, it can start to drain you and the people around you.

This color is also associated with people who are more out there and socially oriented. The energy translates into fire and earth both. The mix of these two energies shows the expansive force of life. These people are all about social gatherings and having an active social life. They are happy, enthusiastic and energetic people. When we talk about chakras, orange is also the vibrational color for the second chakra and the energy that regulates out carnal urges. The sexuality is such that it shows our skills to play.

Orange is known to be careful a few things like attracting people towards you sexually when you are married. It can be a test on its own. It can cause people to easily cheat on their partners if not controlled properly.


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You are a visionary and you’re someone who can daydream and change the world with spiritual love. You’re truthful and you excel in all fields of communication. Beware of getting too lost in the clouds and remember to come back to reality once in a while! This color is also associated with a person’s vision. They hold the energy of water and tree. Purple stands for trust, idealism and a strong vision. These people are good at looking at things far out instead of having a tunnel vision. It somewhat shoes the independent factor that these people have – they are born with a thinking that is idealistic. Their energy is such that its movement is upwards and can be put to good use if their partner falls lazy. They don’t give up on things that they start doing, till they end it with perfection.

But this energy needs to be similar to the color green. One has to control their independent steak in order to co-exist with someone and have a healthy romantic relationship. This way they can relax and rest enough to nurture their relationship.


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You’re a natural communicator so you may be an actor, writer or musician. You’re motivated by compassion, empathy and generosity, and you are drawn towards helping people in everyday life. These traits mean you make an excellent partner for the person who is lucky enough to be dating you. This color is known to have the most healing elements in it. They are associated with a person’s physical and mental health. If you wake up and look at this color, your mind will automatically calm down and move towards a peaceful state. Some people paint their walls green and even have a lot of plants in their surrounding that give the same effect. Green is linked to growth in terms of how a person thinks and eats. Basically how its living habits are and it keeps growing.

But one should be careful with this color as it might be warm and giving it is also translated into causing problems when they are in your bedroom. If blue energy mixes with green, things can go wrong as they are both extremely independent and won’t match well.


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Is a deeply spiritual color energy to have; you dream vividly, and have an extraordinary imagination which sometimes feels as though it is a glimpse into another world. Your heightened sensitivity to the spirit world means you are exceptionally intuitive, to the level that people have described you as “psychic”. However, despite and perhaps maybe because of these abilities, the future is something that frightens you. Their relationship is more on the spiritual level rather than physical. They do not click with people unless they form a mental bond with them. They are very cautious when they are around people whose energy is negative. If they find such people in their surrounding they get uncomfortable and they might even experience anxiety. They might feel what you are feeling without you having to express yourself. They are very sensitive people and find it very easy to understand what you are going through and can think from your perspective. They find it really easy to stand in your shoes and look at things from your point of view. You will find these people to be very selective when it comes to making friends and tend to be introverted.


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You are a visionary and you’re someone who can daydream and change the world with spiritual love. You’re truthful and you excel in all fields of communication. Beware of getting too lost in the clouds and remember to come back to reality once in a while! This color is associated with how the life goes in a flow, how the career ladder goes up and up and how the journey of life takes place. This is knows to be a water energy and with this energy a person’s emotions are connected with their spiritual personality. As these people are like water, their danger zone is to go into things too deeply. These people go so further down the downward spiral that they find themselves in a difficult place to get out. They lose themselves and lose their focus also. This way they lose track of all the things in life and get drained in it. They have to realign their life goals and make sure they have not lost the sense of reality.

Their danger zone lies where they start working in places like the kitchen and bedroom. Over sleeping, over-eating, going too deeply into their emotions and not focusing on the daily work that needs to be done.


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Red is the color of vitality, so your energy connects you to all living creatures, making you extremely empathetic. You are very passionate, often sexual, and full of energy. You’re centered and grounded to the earth and totally self-sufficient. However beware of being too competitive as this could be your downfall. This energy is associated with a form of purity, harvest, travel and voice. They are extremely particular when it comes to being responsible and accountable for their work. They gravitate towards things that are creative and fall into it with an intense passion. Especially in things that are linked to home. This color translates differently when it comes to different cultures as this color is linked to the crown chakra. Physically and spiritually their interest lies in things that make them feel liberated and free. They like to be involved with the community and feel connected.

Their danger zone lies where their intentions walk in. Everything seems intense to them and that is where things start to overwhelm them. These feelings consume them and drain their energy. Your room should have a lot of sunlight, as darkness is not something that brings positive effects for this person. For some people darkness brings peace and relaxation of the mind, but not for people with this energy. As these people are out there and well- connected, they are involved in activities that fulfil their social need. They crave for interaction and how they feed off it.

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What Color Is Your Energy According to Zodiac?

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