How Trumps Presidential Win has put the Nation in a Psychological Trauma

It was the longest day of my life she said as she recalled the presidential election. Only a month after Donald Trump was elected.

She said her first patient on the day after the election was a prominent female who hailed from a minority group (one that was highly denounced by Mr. Trump). The said patient was devastated by the fact that such a competent and deserving woman had lost the presidential election to a misogynist.

The next patient to walk in that day was suffering from OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) and couldn’t help but be terrified of what might happen when the ignorant likes of Donald Trump get their hands on America’s nuclear arsenal.


The post-election week had me counseling people with Trump problems only, it was repetitive.

Dr. Wittersgreen is a specialist dealing with grief, trauma, and sexual assault issues. She has been practicing for more than 20 years but the post-election month was the hardest time of her career, according to her. The amount of fear and trauma that was left behind by Trump’s election as the President can only be matched to traumatizing events like Hurricane Katrina or 9/11.

Wittersgreen says that this situation will worsen once Trump takes charge of his Presidential seat.

America’s psyche has been affected collectively due to the election of a misogynistic and islamophobic autocrat. The post-election month has brought up new of Trump-related psychological trauma concerns from psychologists around America.


The news of Trumps election hit people like a freight train and people who had never needed counseling before were lining up to make an appointment with psychologists.

During summer, a ‘Citizen Therapists’ movement was signed against Trump by more than 3000 psychologists throughout America. The Movement claimed Trumps political perspectives as an outright threat to the hardworking multiethnic community and democracy of America.

Withersgreen says she was never one to speak of her political views with her clients that worked for Washington. But this time she said she felt the need to voice her opinion against Trump’s raw hateful oratory, which was the cause of so much distress for the people of America.

America saw a break out of hate-related crimes just after Mr. Trump was elected the president of the United States of America. Around 877 cases of intimidation and harassment were reported in a short span of ten days after the election. Richard Cohen, president of the SPLC said in an interview that white supremacist groups in America see Trumps victory as their own.


Hilary Clinton received around 2 million votes from New York City while Trump was booed by the crowds as he went to cast his vote. And when Trump won, the residents of New York City felt like their rights and security had been taken away. Betty Teng a Psychologist from New York City said in an interview that people are already starting to feel unsafe and prejudiced because of Trump’s hateful speeches basically granting a license for hate crimes against the minority groups in America.