Secret Illuminati Symbols Hidden Intelligently on the Dollar Bills

The dollar bill is probably the most powerful currency in the word, especially these days, with the amount of economic worth it has! But this little piece of paper that has the value to transform economies… Little does the world know the secret of the dollar bill and the conspiracy theories behind it dated all the way back from the era of the Founding Fathers to all the way to the New World Order. The dollar bill has hidden secrets, letters, and symbols that would go unnoticed with the naked eye, but a closer look can do wonders to those who choose to look more carefully.

Now some symbols can be observed without a closer look, but they are nonetheless still controversial, if not more!

So, take out your hard earned dollar bill and let’s get to it!

1.Symbolism of Satan


Now according to many, the dollar bills have hidden figures and secrets, which were placed there by a highly secretive society that practically controls the world. This special group is called the Illuminati, they control the ‘New World Order’, for many conspiracy theorists, they believe that they have become so powerful, the Illuminati have started to market themselves in the US of A currency.

For Robert Howard, who is the author of the conspiracy website by the name of ‘THEFORBBIDENKNOWLEDGE.COM’, believes that the stars on the grey seal of the bill are actually a formation of a hexagram that notes ‘Greater Seal of Solomon’. The whole relation to the Freemasons, the Illuminati and the Temple of Solomon, make the connection with the devil, as they say, that the symbol denotes the Antichrist- all because the hexagram has six points six angles and six planes, resulting in 666- the number of the Beast.

2. The Lesser Seal and the Eye of Satan



Alright, so this might be obvious on the $1 bill, but the Pyramid has 13 states on it and it is a representation of the 13 founding colonies of the United States of America, though it isn’t incomplete to represent the expansion. Now the pyramid has an eye surrounded by rays of light, which is a direct indicator of Freemasonry, which is if you believe in conspiracy theories. This furthers the hypothesis that the founding fathers of the great nation of US of A were Freemasons themselves! *Gasp*

Now for those who aren’t familiar with who Freemasons are, they are a cult that has a top-tier membership who seek to dominate the world, with the help of Satan of course, now this is a conception of the people and not a fact.

Regardless of the above mentioned, many non- believers of these conspiracy theories just claim that it is the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ which is the symbol for Divinity as it has the text ‘God has favoured our undertaking’ above (Latin) and below reads, ‘A New Order Has Begun’.


3. The 13 Illuminati Blood Lines.



The $1 bill has so many 13’s- 13 leaves into eh olive branch, 13 bars and 13 stripes on the shield, and 13 arrows in the talon of the eagle yet but they have nothing to do with the 13 colonies that rebelled from the British rule and formed the USA, their presence is far deeper. Now according to Fritz Springmeier in his book, the ‘Bloodlines of the Illuminati’, he states that the number 13 in the bill is actually a true representation of the 13 bloodlines of the original illuminate families. They carry the name of the richest and wealthiest families of the modern world, from Kennedy, DuPont, Astor, Collins, Bundy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell and Van Duyn. And on the dollar bill, right below the eye is the pyramid with 13 steps each family contributes a hefty chunk to the Illuminati’s satanic world domination plans! Plus, he also mentions that the 13th family, the Merovingian bloodline contains the blood of Satan.

4. The Numerological Rabbit Hole


While numerology may seem like a harmless way to find meaning of numbers, but in terms of the dollar bill conspiracies, just below the pyramid, where the roman numerals are, we can observe ‘MDCC LX XVI’ which represents the founding year of the US of A which as Americas we should is in 1776- Now if you’re anything close to conspiracy theorist, you ‘d observe that it’s the founding year of the illuminati Adam Weishaupt picked 1776 because when they’re added together they add to a number of 21, and when added together with May 1st, 1776- or 5+1+1+7+7+6=27, which is 3*9= 27, This is crucial information because for the Freemasons and the Iluminati, various numbers are sacred.

5. The 3300 Pictographer



Michael Faizo has found 3300 symbols on the $1 bill, especially when the bill is folded; it brings together the two sides and creates various!

6. The Bohemian Grove.


Did you know that there is a teeny-tiny own on the front side of the $1 bill! Some conspiracy theorists have their own theory about the little own; it was used as an image for wisdom and eventually added to the Freemasonry Mission, it obtained a symbol of the biblical Lilith, the Queen of the Demons, she represented the Bohemian Grove which was restricted members only organization for the elites of the world as high profile celebrities and personnel were allowed to join, from Teddy Roosevelt, to Richard Nixon to George Bush. According to the theorist, it’s observed that members perform satanic rituals beneath a 40 foot concrete statue of the Queen of the Demons (Moloch). It is known to be the major congregation of the Illuminati.

7. Feather and the Freemasonry.


C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Ahsan\articles\2161\7.jpg Wikimedia

8. The $1 Bill and FDR.


Originally in the bottom of important discs there were small disc seals that were attached. When the Secretary of Agriculture Henry A Wallace showed FDR that both the side of the seal could be utilized, they incorporated the motto ‘novous ordo seclorum’ also known as the New Order of the Age, soon enough FDR’s sign was on an approved statement switching the all ‘Seeing Eye’ on the left side and the ‘Eagle’ on the right.

9. $100 Bill Nuke and Tidal Wave.



According to Jonathan Kleck, evangelist, the government is portending disasters and catastrophes on the newest versions of the $100 bill. The new 100 dollar bill when folded shows that there is an exploding intercontinental ballistic missile on New York City, and with a little saturation, there is a gradual effect in the dollar and shows that there is a wave that will destroy the city. It looks like the tidal wave that was in the movie 2012 which destroyed the set or CGI version of New York!

10. The Foreshadowing Folds.


By 2002, soon after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centres, conspiracy theorists began to undercover the damning and prophetic pictures that were present on the $5, $10, $20, $50 bills. Now according to many internet users and consistory theories, when folded a certain way the $5 bill shows the Twin Towers and the Pentagon before the attacks of 9/11. Next, the folding of the $10 bill showed the first tower burning as well as the Pentagon and the $20 bill showing the second tower show after they were hit by the plane. Now for some this maybe origami but for some, this is a tragic and life-changing, mindboggling moment of Eureka and pure sadness. And the $50 shows both the towers in flames. For many, this shows the pure involvement of the government in this purely tragic event.

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Secret Illuminati Symbols Hidden Intelligently on the Dollar Bills

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