NASA’s Sensational Reply to 9-year-old Jack Davis’ job application shakes the World!

When NASA announced last week that they had vacancies for the post of ‘Planetary Protection Officer’, they had a storm of responses and inquiries. One such applicant was Jack Davis, from New Jersey. He too wanted to pursue his passion and do what he was most interested in. But what set Jack apart from the rest?


It can be quite intimidating when you receive tens of thousands of applications for a vacancy on a daily basis. But when one of them is sent in by a NINE year old – that’s right, 9, it can grab your attention. This little fourth grader sent in a handwritten application letter to NASA describing as to why he was perfect for the job.

A Planetary Protection Officer is someone who makes sure that astronauts travelling to outer space do not contaminate the earth with microbes and other organisms on their return, and vice versa.

It is a position that aims to maintain a healthy atmosphere and make sure the earth does not have any unneeded entries from the outer world. It could also have to do with the extraterrestrial. In order to make sure they had the right man for the job, little Jack made sure he’d make everything clear to NASA about his qualifications and abilities. He chose his best pencil, and sat down to write what would be arguably one of the world’s most famous job applications, if there ever was one.


When a family friend posted his handwritten application on, it went viral in no time. Beginning his letter with the date on the top, the top right corner of the paper read in big letters, ‘August 3, 2017,’ followed by a very adorable ‘Dear NASA,’ thus beginning the letter.

Jack recognizes the first blip that anyone would see in this situation and instantly shoots it down by saying ‘I may be nine but I think I would be fit for the job.’ He goes on to describe the reasons why he thought so. ‘One of the reasons is my sister says I am an alien also, I have seen almost all the space movies and alien movies I can see,’ hence reassuring NASA that he’d be ready to counteract any threat that may be presented by the outside world.

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NASA’s Sensational Reply to 9-year-old Jack Davis’ job application shakes the World!

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