Wanting to get an adrenaline high is something everyone can relate to. Different moments have different reactions that can’t be traded in for anything else. Being on a waterslide is an experience of a lifetime. Your heart seems to stop beating altogether before going into a frenzied overdrive.

Amusement parks are open to the general public which make waterparks a great way for the family to have fun collectively and get the blood flowing. The risks involved in using a waterslide are what give people a rush. These scary water slides will have your teeth knocking in your mouth.

From Brazil to Dubai, here is a list of 10 of the scariest water slides made by man.



The Summit Plummet is located in Florida’s Disney World, putting it right in the middle of all the action. The exact location of the water slide can be pinpointed to Disney World’s Blizzard Beach which is one of the most heavily visited water parks in the entire US. Home to the Summit Plummet, the Blizzard Beach is visited by millions of families every year, most of which frequent the Summit Plummet when they visit. The Summit Plummet is an astounding 120 feet tall water slide that is also the flagship ride of the entire water park. At roughly 12 stories high, the descent from the water slide is almost a free fall of around 62 mph.



Beach Park is one of Brazil’s top tourist attractions. Not only does it house the mind blowing Insano, but Beach Park is the name given to the entire settlement which offers fun aquatic activities for anyone who is staying there. However, the Insano is the top attraction that this beautiful place has to offer. This phenomenal slide holds the place for being the third tallest waterslide in the entire world. Another shocking thing about the slide is how steep it is, making the descent unbelievably fast. As high as a 14 story building, it takes less than a mere 5 seconds to maneuver your way down the Insano fully. Because it is so steep, the rider speed can reach up to a massive 62 mph during the fall. This certainly is not a ride for the faint-hearted.



Sitting on the leap of faith requires a genuine leap of faith! Situated in the Paradise Island in the Bahamas, the Leap of Faith is one hell of a ride. This ride comes with a surprise feature. Not only does it start at a great height, making the height a rush, but it also has a surprise in the middle. The Leap of Faith passes through a shark tank! The slide passes through a tank that is filled with sharks, meaning that for a few moments you feel like you are swimming through sharks. Don’t worry about your safety because the shark enclosure is protected by a transparent shield.



The L2 water slide is truly one of a kind. It is so unique and popular amongst not only tourists, but also locals, that it is what the Wave water park in Austria is famous for. What makes this water slide so different is the fact that like other slides in this category, the unique aspect of this ride is not the towering height. In fact, what makes this water slide so popular is the fact that it features a double loop. This means that a moment comes when you feel like you are suspended in the air, while also simultaneously shrouded in water. How’s that for a thrilling ride?



The Kilimanjaro is very aptly named after the huge mountain itself. This sprawling ride can be seen from not only afar, but the aerial views of the water slide are nothing short of spectacular. Situated in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Kilimanjaro is the most visited ride of the Water Safari. The Kilimanjaro has officially been crowned the second largest water slide in the entire world and rightly so! At the staggering height of a monumental 160 feet, the Kilimanjaro is as high as a full-fledged 17 story building! The park itself features several water slides, each of varying heights to cater to a large segment of the tourists who visit there but the most popular and central tourist attraction remains the Kilimanjaro. While not everyone who visits the park may be gutsy enough to sit on the Kilimanjaro, people from all sorts of places will definitely want to check it out, especially if they are in the vicinity.



Located in Indiana, the Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari is where not one but two of the world’s most famous water slides are situated. This makes it a must visit spot for anyone and everyone who considers themselves a water slide enthusiast. The Wildebeest, just like it’s name, is a ride that is just rearing to go. Opened up in 2010, when the Wildebeest initially opened up, it was actually the longest water slide in the world. While it has lost that status to other water slides, it still remains one of the best water slides out there. At roughly a third of the mile, the Wildebeest takes a massive 2 and a half minutes to get through the entire ride. Not that we’re complaining. The 2 and a half minutes are time spend in pure exhilaration.



The second water slide on the fun filled Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Mammoth was the ride that broke the Wildebeest’s world record of being the tallest water slide in the world. At a massive 1761 feet in length, this staggering water slide takes a monumental 3 minutes to complete. While it is not the longest water slide in the world anymore, it is till pretty cool. Moreover, the water slide is completely kid friendly which means that it is something the entire family can enjoy together. So if you are a fan of water slides, the Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari is a must visit destination so that you can visit two of the longest water slides in the entire world!



Situated in the beautiful land of Australia at the world famous Wet n’ Wild water park, the Aqua loop is a phenomenal water slide that people all over the world flock over to ride. The slide is unique in the essence that it features multiple twists and turns that are loved by adrenaline junkies, making this a must visit water slide for anyone who likes them. The four massive transparent slides coupled with the sudden trapdoor entrance at staggering speeds of up to 60 km/h make the 40 km drop an insanely fun experience.



Scorpion’s Tail water slide, a part of Noah’s Ark Water Park in Wisconsin is as crazy as its name suggests. From a massive height of 10 stories and massive length of around 400 feet, this ride is the perfect way to overcome your fears of height. The almost transparent tubes offer a surreal experience not only to the people who are taking part in the ride but also the onlookers who get to enjoy the ride without getting wet themselves.



This water slide is named literally after the German word insane, which truly is an accurate representation of the ride. Hailing as the tallest water slide in the world, the Verruckt is as high as a 17 story building. It can reach massive speeds of 65 mph and at the staggering height of 168 ft, it is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest water slide in the whole world.

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