Three Important Precautions to Survive a Nuclear Attack


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Nuclear power North Korea is intimidating USA with a nuclear attack and though it is still not too certain but the possibility of such attacks is always there.

This weapon of epic destructive proportions is always a looming threat for the general populace of any country. As they say fortune favors the one who is prepared, hence there are certain steps you could take in order to ensure that you survive the blast.

The nuclear blast initially produces blinding flash of light and heat due to the fission of nuclear material.

The area within mile wide radius is instantly pulverized and scorched to the earth. Next comes the pressure waves from the blast and the radioactive fallout. However this all doom and gloom is survived in the past and with appropriate preparations you could always survive them.

The people who survived in Nagasaki and Hiroshima were more in numbers than the ones perished and this is evidence enough that nuclear blast can be survived.

Steps to take before the impact of the blast


It does not matter that you learned of the impending attack only hours before or you were preparing for months.

Even a little preparation goes a long way and may mean life and death for you. The essential check list must include non-perishable food items, sealed water, flashlight and first aid kit. These supplies must be able to last for two whole weeks.

Another essential is having a battery powered radio or better still a hand cranked radio unit.

As all forms of communications may be down except a few random radio waves which would be your source of information about the outside world.

Even have access to fresh pair of clothes since the clothes may be already contaminated with the radioactive fallout. Also devise a way to communicate with your family in such times of national emergency.

Where to Hide from the Blast


One thing is a given: the more distance you have between you and the blast the more chances you will survive the initial impact because that is the hardest to bear.

Call us paranoid but it is recommended to be always on the lookout for office buildings or homes with basement or official blast shelters specially designed for this eventuality.

Even building with concrete and bricks will do enough to shield you from the impact.

Once you are comfortable with your shelter give it at least two weeks before you head out into the open again since radioactive fallout takes almost two weeks to drop in intensity.


What to do during an event of an attack

If you are unfortunately caught unaware during an attack just find the nearest shelter and duck for cover.

What is more is to try to lie down flat on the ground and cover your eyes immediately. Even looking at the fireball could blind your eyes because that is how intense the flash actually is.

If you were already aware of the attack just stay inside your shelter and stay there unless you get explicit orders of authority to evacuate. In any case give it two weeks because the radioactivity is an actual killer for those who survived the initial impact.

Things to do after the blast


Many people might evacuate their shelters earlier than two weeks if the authorities deem it safe owing to the fact that they are far away from the actual fallout. However areas near to the impact may remain quarantined for up to months.

If you were fortunately in the all clear area listen to the authorities designated shelters and head towards them and avoid the areas clearly labeled as unsafe. Always be on the lookout for professional help if available.

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Three Important Precautions to Survive a Nuclear Attack

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