Society has always held two views about homosexuality. One, the traditional view, says that it is an aberration, a mental disorder and unnatural. The other, a more modern view, says that homosexuality is a normal variant of human behavior and sexual orientation.

The Gay community has been gaining traction with their arguments based on scientific evidence. It is also being accepted and getting a softer look from the masses. But just like any other phenomenon of the modern age getting attention, the scientific evidence presented by gay advocacy organizations or individuals are often flawed or falsified.

This gives the traditional view holders a leverage with their claim of ‘normal’ behavior. But ‘normal’ behavior is based on the norms and customs of the age and time. What was considered normative behavior 100 years ago might get frowned upon today?

Homosexuality is actually normal and has existed throughout history. Or is it actually a disease? We will shed some light on this. But before we continue any further, we would like to tell you that we do not support or belong to any gay rights advocacy groups and neither do we belong to any anti-gay movement. We are just going to be logical about this issue of homosexuality.

1. Only humans engage in Homosexuality

Over 1000 species have been shown to engage in homosexuality and pair-bonding. These species include elephants, giraffes, pigeons, penguins, dolphins and many more.

2. Reproduction is the main purpose of sex.

Reproduction is not the only purpose of sex. Sexual intercourse may result in reproduction. Humans constantly engage in non-reproductive sexual intercourse with their spouse or partners. Sexual intercourse has a numerous other benefits. Studies have shown that it improves one’s ability to deal with stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts antibody production, burns calories, improves tissue repair and reduces cholesterol amongst other things.

People may engage in sexual intercourse and not have babies due to impotence or old age. Those couples are being sinful when they marry and have sex.

3. There is no proof of a gay gene.

This intentionally ignores that very few inherited conditions are the result of a single gene. Autism is also not associated with a single gene, but nobody claims that people choose to autistic. Sexual orientation cannot be tied down to a single gene.

4. Homosexuality is caused by childhood abuse or bad parenting

This is false. No scientific link has been established between childhood abuse or trauma and homosexuality. Also, upbringing cannot be blamed for homosexuality. Nothing can be blamed for homosexuality. There is nothing to blame.

5. Sexual orientation can be cured with therapy

People have been trying for a long time to ‘cure’ homosexuality with behavioral therapy. Furthermore, it usually does not result in anything. There have been very few cases where a change of behavior was reported, but none of them resulted in a change in sexual orientation. The president of Exodus International once said that close to 99.99% people reported no change to orientation when subjected to ex-gay therapy.

6. If everyone were gay, the human species would die out.

That is kind of true. But there are various other reasons, which if all of mankind was subjected to would result in complete annihilation of mankind. Hence, there is no harm in some people not being interested in the opposite gender for reproduction. We also cannot ignore the fact that artificial insemination is scientifically possible.