Stages of Relationship Between An Empath and A Narcissist

When an empath and narcissist fall in love with each other it is a strange and unhealthy relationship. Empaths offer love which is unconditional and deep, the narcissist however does not pull their weight in any relationship.

Thus when the empath wants the narcissist to pull their weight they do not and the relationship falls apart.

The empath is entrapped by the Narcissist who entraps them with a web of lies on how they love them and this illusion creates such a strong connection for an empath that breaking free becomes almost impossible.


At times the narcissist might look like there are in love when in reality they just want to control someone. A narcissist is not a normal person with normal human emotions. They love to control people and are inherently selfish they do not want others to be happy and care about just their own selves.

The empath will not realize this thing straight away and will continue to believe that the narcissist loves them unconditionally. When in reality love is just a one way street with narcissists they love getting it but do not reciprocate just give the illusion of doing so.

The narcissist begins to take over the life of their victim and eats away at their confidence. They begin to take over their lives bit by bit and destroy their self-confidence. This continues until the empath is totally dependent on them.

Empaths want to heal the world while narcissists like to be pampered and showered with attention and affection. This the empath readily and willingly gives them.


An empath wants to fix the narcissist emotionally but their scars are of a different nature. They do not in reality want to be fixed they just want the undivided attention of their hapless victim as they ensnare them in the relationship which have built upon lies.

The relationship is all about the narcissist and the empath does not get anything out of it and naturally it makes them deeply unhappy even though they might not voice it openly.

The relationship is smooth sailing as long as the narcissist gets what they wants but when the empath has had enough then the relationship goes south.

The empath eventually gets fed up and wants their needs met. The narcissist does not take this very lightly and considers it to be selfish on the part of the empath.


The narcissist cannot be satisfied no matter what. They thrive on constant attention. When the empath talks about their feelings the narcissists are quick to shoot them down and ridicule them.

Getting hurt is normal but an empath needs to learn from their mistakes and change themselves because otherwise this pattern of getting hurt will go on and on endlessly. They need to learn not everyone has a heart as good as their own.

The empath must understand that not everybody deserves their unfiltered affection, joy and care and some are simply not deserving. They will become more selective with time.

The empath can and will learn from this experience and grow as a human being while on the other hand a narcissist will not learn anything will continue to repeat the same pattern of behavior over and over again. They are simply unable to form deep and lasting bonds with people.

The narcissist will just move on to another such abusive relationship with someone new. There is no real limit as to how many such abusive relationships they will go in and out of it is just an endless cycle.

The empath on the hand will learn not to be taken for a fool ever again and will be more careful in who they open up their heart too in the future.

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Stages of Relationship Between An Empath and A Narcissist

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