Man Molests Woman and Gets a Lesson He’ll Never Forget


The stereotypical mindset


Many social issues are prevalent in today’s society which appears to be disturbing, disrespectful and troubling towards a gender, and this negatively bothering behavior may be assumed harassment by people who undergo such experiences. In today’s society, we tend to see a lot of women being harassed and bothered by men who assume such heinous actions funny or a way of taking pleasure in other person’s discomfort.

Harassment towards women


Disrespectful and troublesome behavior towards any women, no matter from which class or race she belongs to, is a considerable offense and defilement of moral standards and respectable behavior is a punishable act. It must not be ignored or considered something which is insignificant. How come people belonging from various family backgrounds perceive such an act as normal or a source of comfort? How can anyone be so selfish, and immoral when it comes considering a woman’s security and safety.

Self-serving statements and misconceptions

People do rant on how women should dress appropriately, and protect themselves from harassment and disrespectful behavior. I wonder, how such self-serving statements and misconceptions can even suffice in this 21st century, where we are taught in schools, well reputed institutions, and workplaces about the significance of dignity and self-esteem of every individual, and the reason why it must be protected.

Like, what even, and why? There is just one thing that all the men out there need to know in very clear words, that coming close to someone, and entering someone’s personal space is not okay. It is not okay to touch someone without their permission or agreement. It does not matter how the women dresses, and every argument which is supported by the stereotypical rant that ‘the way she dresses is the reason she gets harassed every day’ is refutable by all means. Is that clear to everyone, or is anyone still left out there who would want to coverup the sole reason of harassment by blaming the victim?

Be careful next time!


However, it isn’t that easy to harass a woman and run-away successfully every single time because, you know, there are some ninjas out there who would react, and teach the other person a lesson which he or she may remember for the rest of their lives. An incident quite likewise is narrated below as a woman was harassed and groped by a man in an elevator, and she did something which you all need to know!

What did he do?


A man and a woman were caught standing in an elevator on this surveillance tape. It is being observed quite clearly how the man standing behind the woman in the elevator initially looks at the woman intently, and prepares himself to approach her in a confident manner so that she may get scared and may not refuse him if he touches her inappropriately, since they were alone in the elevator.

He decides to move towards her, and come close to her from behind her back in a weird way. The woman instantly realizes that the man was trying to harass her, and she abruptly moves away from him in order to let go of him, and let him know that she is not approving of his actions at all.

However, the man did not go away, and instead, moved even closer to her from behind her back, again, and later touched her inappropriately by placing his hand on her shoulder which showed what he was trying to do and what he really wanted at that moment.

Her instant reaction


His heinous behavior was quite disappointing for the woman, but she wasn’t a turtle who would hide under her cover when frightened. She was a fighter, and she reacted in a way, which even surprised the man to a great extent. The woman gave a tight slap to that man within a moment, and pushed him away ruthlessly. Instead of running away, she stood there calmly, and kicked him in-between his legs. He had fallen right in front of her, and suffered from pain and misery as his face was hurt, and that kick was indeed a lesson well learned.

When, and Where?

This incident took place in Chine, and the surveillance tape is of 2016. This news is reported by the Daily Mail.

The audience’s reaction and claims

People viewed this tape, and many were amazed and astonished when they saw the reaction of the woman. On the other hand, some people think that all that happened in the video was quite fake, and they acted all this just for the sake of it.

People, and the media received this surveillance tape with great pleasure as it became quite famous and much talked about, however, they recognized the woman as an actress and a well-known TV personality called DU Qiao. The female actress confirmed her identity, and responded to the media channels in the affirmative.

She refused all the claims of staging such an act, and told everyone that this incident happened for real, and it wasn’t a lie. She told the media how the heinous actions of that man made her teach him a lesson for a lifetime. She was really satisfied with what she did, and who wouldn’t be after experiencing such harassment and disrespectfulness from someone?

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Man Molests Woman and Gets a Lesson He’ll Never Forget

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