Man Buys Stillborn Baby’s Crib From Mom, Returns With Heart-Wrenching Surprise 1 Week Later.

Valerie Watts, of Cokato, Minnesota, was no different from other parents-to-be when it came to planning out stuff. In the excitement of her new baby, she had decorated an entire room. Watts had designed a nursery on her own consisting of a crib, toys, and clothes. She, like other mothers, wanted to welcome her baby home in a grand manner.

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However, Valerie’s whole world came crashing down a few weeks before she was due to give birth. Doctors told her that she was carrying a stillborn baby. Watts, however, said that she had started feeling nervous before the news broke out to her when she stopped feeling him kick. “All week I knew,” she said.

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Doctors later told her that Noah, had died because the umbilical cord, the organ that supplies food and oxygen to the baby, had become pinched in the womb. By the time labor came around, it was too late. Cesarean section delivered Noah, but without any life in him.

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Valerie was completely devastated in the aftermath of this unfortunate event. It had broken her to no bounds. So much that she had stopped touching the nursery she had prepared for her late son. After one year, she decided that it was time to move on.

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She opened up a garage sale, listing all the items for sale, including the crib.

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Gerald and Lorene Kumpula got interested in the crib that she had put for sale.

Gerald, 75, was a craftsman who collected old headboards and footboards and made benches out of them. The carpenter, on the lookout for his new project, was scouring for second-hand furniture and it seemed as if he had finally found something special. Gerald sensed Valerie’s reluctance to sell it. The crib was not originally part of the sale. But when Valerie heard of Gerald’s plans, she got a little convinced.

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Man Buys Stillborn Baby’s Crib From Mom, Returns With Heart-Wrenching Surprise 1 Week Later.

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