Do You Know How Long It Takes for Our Skin Cells to Regenerate Completely? Read on to Find Out!

Our body is miracle of evolution. Each day it performs so many tasks without our slight knowledge. It is capable of doing amazing things without any external help. Scientists are discovering new facts and processes taking place in our body. Here are few of them:

Some taste receptors are situated in the heart!


Ever feel this amazing rush down your spine when you’ve bitten down something very spicy and the tip of your tongue catches on fire? Or have you ever experienced the heavenly rub in the center of your tongue when you lick that soft serve chocolate ice cream? Well, that is all because of the differently located taste buds situated all over your tongue. However, chances are, you already know that. We told you this article would throw you back, didn’t we? Well here is the truth straight from the horse’s mouth (pun intended).

Some taste receptors aren’t just on your tongue, they’re in your heart too! Namely, those of sourness, these help the body’s inner environment detect any infections and are responsible for your good health. The average human is said to have 10,000 receptors in total – a number that’s cut to almost half by the age of 60. So dial that pizza place while you still can!

Stomach acid can eat up iron!


Talk about being able to stomach hard news! The human stomach is a bag that churns up and chemically digests food that has traveled to it down the pipe after being bitten, chewed and ground by your teeth in a process known as physical or mechanical digestion. However, if it churns up your food, shouldn’t that cramp you up? Well, it turns out the stomach doesn’t physically move but has one of the most potent acids known to man present inside it at an otherwise deadly pH. Known as hydrochloric acid or HCL, this acid can very well dissolve bits of anything, even iron!

To prove this, scientists placed HCL at 37 degrees in a container to stimulate inner-body situations. They then added an alkaline battery and iron bits to it and observed that every 24 hours, the iron would lose up to 64% of its mass! Remember when your teacher told you if you swallowed gum, it would stay inside your belly forever. You might want to run a fact check!

The contents of mothers’ milk adjust for the baby


Variety is the spice of life they say, but who knew even newborns needed a little difference in their menu? Breast milk has been proven repeatedly to be packed with goodies for the baby such as necessary minerals and vitamins that it can’t otherwise eat. These help in growth, development of an immune system, recovery and muscle repair after all that running around the house. What most people don’t know, however, is that not all breast milk is the same as the baby’s saliva is constantly analyzed by receptors on the mother as she feeds her baby. These receptors signal changes in the contents of the milk and the body then varies the proportion of minerals in the milk respectively.

Glow and grow when you rise and shine


Does that even make sense? Well, it will when you’re done reading this and have tried to come to terms with these amazing facts. Well according to some studies done, we are taller and slimmer early in the morning! What actually happens is that while we’re sleeping, the disks in our vertebrates aren’t as closely packed anymore and it when we wake up, it’s still an ongoing process. That gives us an added 2 to 3 cms in the height! As for being slimmer, while we sleep, the body constantly is trying to rid itself of excess liquids and air through breathing and sweating, and this rids us of almost 2 kilos per night. Sleep tight!

Everyone has Ultra-violet vision naturally


You read that correctly. However, why can’t you see the germs on your hands right now or why don’t you see cool rays shooting out of the sun when you head out? Well according to science, the removal of the lens in some patients who have had experiences of U.V vision was the reason. Perhaps the best example is Claude Monet who experienced the very cool sights following a cataract removal procedure. We guess it would have been cool if this feature could somehow permanently be turned on, but the fact of the matter is, we don’t even need it. Actually, U.V. rays could actually be harmful to us, and it’s the very lens that protects us from them.

You need oxygen to live – no seriously, mainly just oxygen only


Have you ever come across someone who perhaps under the influence of something like love has said you are all they needed to live? Alternatively, have you ever been told by someone that certain moments feed the fire of their lives? Well they’re all speaking contextually because what you basically need for your body is oxygen, right? But what if we told you that you can still live if some of your organs are removed? According to biologists, the human body can still survive even if it lacks the spleen, one kidney, the whole stomach, 80% of the intestines and 75% of the liver. Yeah, that’s true. However, don’t go selling your kidney for the new iPhone now because to function optimally, you still need 2. Remember – everyone is born with these parts for a reason!

Drowning in drool


Yeah, we kind of know that caption is a bit off-putting but it’s all in the name of science! What do babies and a Bulldog have in common? Well apart from both being adorable and playful, they both drool a lot. Well, old habits die hard for us humans and we drool more than you think. To be more specific, the average human creates roughly enough saliva in their lifetime to top up 2 swimming pools! Therefore, the next time you’re drooling over that new handbag on sale, which still can’t have or have started to drool at the thought of a pay raise, you’re adding to that pool

Goodbye, hair!


Have you ever seen someone’s luscious locks and wanted your hair to be that dead straight, curly, or wavy on yourself? Well here’s something that might make you feel a bit better. The average person loses a minimum of at least 60 to 100 strands of hair a day! One day! We’re sure the men reading this aren’t too bothered but the ladies may as well be. Dryness, rubbing off, harsh chemicals in the shampoo, and an unhealthy diet are the main culprits for your hair loss but don’t fear – because for you to have visible hair loss, you need to have at least 50% of your hair off your head. Don’t worry, just fine-comb the situation (pun intended).

The lungs of the average adult are many, many times the product of their bodies


Ever walk into a room and suddenly, you feel very small? Perhaps that room is more of a hall and you feel like you’ve shrunk down a few sizes, but everything is normal and you’re just in a room? Well, what if we told you a whole apartment, complete with a den and walk-in closet is inside you as you read this? We know what we’re saying, and there’s a research to back it up. The average perimeter of the human lungs at full unfolding and the alveoli at a good full stretch is about 750 square feet. That is bigger than the room you might be in right now. A tip? Don’t destroy this place by smoking. Do good to your body and it will return the favor!

That’s not the biggest part of your body though


If you were in a shock, prepare again! The lungs are not the biggest part of the human body. Well actually, that apartment looks mini compared with what we’ve got for you next. The thing is, your small intestine has a rather deceiving name because it can span anywhere from 20 to 23 feet long. For size, that’s a little higher than a two-story building!

It doesn’t end there


We know what you must be thinking. What on Earth could be bigger than our small intestine to be as compact enough to fit inside our very body? Well, the answer will get you. It’s the intricate network of your blood vessels. Spanning a whopping 600,000 miles, your blood vessels don’t even need a comparison in size. Just consider this though – your heart pumps blood through 600,000 miles of vessels more than 60 times a minute every day of your life without fail. Doesn’t that make you feel super grateful?

Your feet have how many bones?


Your hands and feet are two parts of the body with the least fat content. However, did you know how many bones are in your feet? Well, take a guess. 10, 30 or 50? Ready? The answer is 50! 52 to be exact, your feet have more than a quarter of your whole body’s bones! Might want to take special care of them, people!

The human body is an amazingly crafted machine, which no one except the Almighty can craft. We hope you found these points as amazing and mind-blowing as we did! Which fact did you find the most incredible? Let us know!

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Do You Know How Long It Takes for Our Skin Cells to Regenerate Completely? Read on to Find Out!

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