These Exercises Will Help You Get Rid of Those Glasses Forever



Exercising on a daily basis is crucial and extremely important for someone who wants to spend his or her day productively. Apart from bodily exercise, it is necessary that one should also pursue eye exercise on a daily basis so that he or she may be able to maintain, or even improve their eye sight and benefit from it regularly. Your eyes help you in working properly and are a significant part of your body, so take care of it effectively!

When an individual pursues various eye exercises, he or she benefits in the form of an excellent performance at home and office consistently, it makes your eye muscles stringer than before, it ameliorates focus and maintains vision center of an individual’s brain and amends eye movements. Those who engage in eye exercises may find themselves benefitting from a good eyesight level and they may be able to remove their glasses forever! Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is!

How to Prepare for Eye Exercises


In order to get instant yet effective results, one needs to consult his or her optometrist so that they may be aware of their eyesight well enough before pursuing eye related exercises of any sort. Additionally, discuss with your optometrist all the exercises in detail that you are considering for yourself so that every step you take ensures your safety in terms of health by all means.

On the hand, it must be kept in mind that people who are currently experiencing issues related to eyes which may include nearsightedness, dyslexia, continuous squinting and immoderate blinking of the eyes may not find these exercises advantageous. Moreover, if any person wants to pursue these exercises may be mindful of the fact that these exercises will neither be helpful for paralysis of an eye muscle, nor for the eye muscle spasms.

These exercises may prove to be very beneficial and healthy for you and your health, for it will make you work effectively with a good eyesight. However, one must be careful if he or she is suffering from any critical eye condition which may include recovering cornea injury or cataracts. It is better to stay away from these exercises in such cases.

Eye Exercises – General Instructions


Before you begin with your eye exercises make sure that are you choose to sit somewhere quiet and peaceful. Make sure no one disturbs you in between your exercise over there and you are in your completely private space with excellent lighting. This will help you successfully achieve your aims in this regard.

Stay Happy Always…

There are certain things which you may need to do before beginning exercises. Let go of all your worries and anxieties and pursue a good mood. This will diminish any worries that you may have been containing in your eyes. In order to achieve successful results, you have to take this exercise with happiness so keep yourself happy and satisfied and stay in a pleasant mood all the time while you are practicing these exercises in your life.

Keep breathing…


It is crucial that you keep breathing thoroughly in order to increase the level of oxygen in you so that all the strain or tension on your eyes may reduce excessively and you may have a clearer vision. It will enable you to take out most from your exercises on a daily basis. Breathe, breathe, and keep breathing pal…

Get fully enthusiastic!

You must not take these exercises as a hectic task which you have to do for the sake of it. Instead, of that must fully enjoy it with enthusiasm and cheerfulness so that your eyes are free form any stress, tension or anxiety. Get in that ‘You only live once’ mood ASAP!

Stay focused, committed and vigilant towards your goals.


You have to stay vigilant and focused all the time and remind yourself continuously that you have to improve your vision effectively. So, do make a commitment like a pro!

Your eyes, NOT YOUR HEAD…

Move your eyes properly and make sure you follow the directions effectively. Do remember that you have to move your eyes, not your head!

Remove your glasses and let the magic happen!


Method you should use for exercising your eyes effectively


Directional Eye Exercises
  1. Up and Down –

You have to do a certain task for three times continuously. Turn your eyes upwards and concentrate on what you see there. Afterwards, you may look downwards and concentrate on what you see there. Focus by looking up and down five times. Make sure you do these three times as mentioned before.

  1. Left and right –

You have to look at your left and your right and keep your eyes in one direction while focusing on what you see over there. Then keep your eyes moving from side to side five times and continue to repeat this task for three times.

  1. Diagonal vision exercise –

Keep looking straight ahead and then look downwards and the to the left. Then progress your eyes diagonally and look upwards and later towards the right. Concentrate on what you see over there. Continue to do this exercise for five times. Afterwards, look in the direction of your nose and repeat the similar exercise by looking downwards and to your right and then looking upwards and to your left. Do this exercise for three times.
  1. Up and Down Zig Zag –

You have to look in a straight direction and progress your eyes in upwards and downwards in zigzag movement as it is shown in the picture above.

The Figure 8 for Relaxed Eye Movement and Clear Vision

This is a very effective exercise if you wish to properly control the physical movement of your eyes so practice this thoroughly for better results.

You have to imagine that there is a giant figure of number eight right on the floor where you are sitting and ten feet in front of you. You have to trace the number eight with your eyes in a slow manner. You have to trace it one way for a while and then progress your eyes the other way in order to trace it for a while. Make use of both the numbers, the number eight which is in a standing position and the other one which is lying as a figure.

Rolling Your Eyes for Improved Vision
  1. Roll your eyes in a circle –

Sit in a straight position and relax yourself completely. Mover your eyes in your left direction and gently roll your eyes in a circle clockwise. Make sure you do this exercise clockwise for 5 times and counterclockwise for another five times in a go. Continue to do this exercise for three times.

  1. Roll your Eyes in expanding circles –

Now, you have to sit straight and breathe so that you may relax and soothe yourself completely. Then progress your eyes in a circular motion like the way it is shown in the picture above on the right side.

Keep smiling and breathing and keep yourself relaxed. You have to roll your eyes like the way it is illustrated above in the picture.

Near and Far Focus

You have to follow these five steps now for further improving your near and far vision.

    1. Get yourself seated on a chair or make sure you stand in front of a blank wall. Concentrate with your eyes on any item or object that is near you. For instance, a pencil or a book. It must about ten inches which is twenty to thirty centimeters away from your eyes.
    2. Keep your concentration and focus on that object properly.
    3. Glance at something that is a little away from you. Concentrate on that distant object and which is five to ten feet away and try to watch it in detail with full focus.
    4. You have to glance towards the object that was near you, again.
    5. You have to change this concentration five times and continue to repeat this process of exercise for three times.

End your Vision Exercises with Palming

Now, you have to make your palms warm and you can do so by rubbing them against each other. Place your palms upon your eyes and inhale and exhale thoroughly in order to relax your muscles fully. Do this for a couple of minutes to get into the right positive mood. You may also finish your eye exercise by keeping your eyes closed in a quiet and dark room for a while so that you may give them some rest and let them cool down completely.

Ways of massaging your eyes for better vision

A good massage will maintain your blood circulation around the eyes and inside them as well.

1. Massage your pressure points

Make a habit of massaging your pressure points like it is shown in the picture above. The temples, the back corners of the eyes and the center of the eyebrows are some of the areas where your pressure points are placed. Make your routine to massage your pressure points thoroughly about two times a day. Do a massage once in the morning and make sure you do it during bedtime as well.

2. Apply a warm and cold compress:

Make a towel thoroughly wet in hot water and the other one in cold water. Put the warm towel over your face and do note that it must adjust over your eyebrows, closed eyelids and cheeks properly for better results. After a couple of minutes or so, let go of the warm towel and locate the cold towel over your face in the same way.

3. A full-face massage:

Make a towel thoroughly wet in warm water and rub it against your neck, forehead and cheeks properly. Make use of your finger tips to slowly and carefully massage your closed eyes and forehead completely.

4. Eyelid massage:

Wash your hands properly. Afterwards, you have to close your eyes and massage them thoroughly with circular motion of your fingers gently for a couple of minutes or so. Be gentle while massaging your eyes and use your fingertips with care over them. As you will do it gently and slowly, so you will enable them to improve and get better effectively!

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These Exercises Will Help You Get Rid of Those Glasses Forever

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