The Coast Starlight Is the Most Beautiful Train Ride in America

Traveling is the most beautiful thing about life, and that is everyone’s right to do it! Well, when it comes to moving the destination and what will be better than America. The most famous and most talked about train experience is the Coast Starlight. It links the greatest cities on the West Coast which otherwise would be very expensive to travel.

What is better than experiencing nature from a naked eye, stopping at every station to experiencing the fresh breeze of forests and valleys, the star lights makes all that possible? The scenery along the journey route is breathtaking and is beyond a traveler’s expectations. The cinematic snow-covered peaks of the Cascade Range and Mount Shasta, green forests, fertile valleys and long stretches of Pacific Ocean shoreline provide an experience for a lifetime.

One of a traveler who experienced the coast starlight explains about his journey at a viral and authentic travel site. His report states, “We went business class and had an incredibly relaxing trip. Seats were spacious, plant of overhead storage, the car was not crowded, quiet, and the internet worked. The scenery was great, and lunch was tasty enough. The best thing is that upon arrival I feel completely relaxed – very much the opposite of flying or driving. “

There have been thousands of such remarks by the passengers of the train. It reflects that the views and sceneries alone are not the attraction point but the comfortable experience, including seats, food, onboard facilities, and staff contribute to a traveler’s journey. Well in today’s world, thanks to technology people can share their authentic personal experiences which help others making a decision; so if you are planning to visit then definitely check out the internet to see what people think about the leading train experience of America.

From Portland to Los Angeles the distance is 1000 miles, and through Coast Starlight, you can easily travel in only 199$. The train service offers something for everyone, and that has been its unique selling point. Compare to air ticket or buses trip, the Coast Starlight is way cheaper and provides a plethora of other benefits like sightseeing, etc. There are some options that people can avail when choosing their destination and comfort class. For the majority, especially families, passionate travels, and students the key that the rates start from a mere hundred dollars is a win-win situation.

Well if you have been working the entire year and are really at your saturation point would you like to give yourself a relaxing 35 hours journey? I am sure no one can reject this offer. Well, for you the business ticket/Coast Class car would do at Coast Starlight. It provides many excellent services which are appreciated by the majority of the business class travelers. What are you waiting for? Start saving!

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The Coast Starlight Is the Most Beautiful Train Ride in America

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