Faced with extreme situations, we humans almost always subject ourselves to extreme measures. However, most of us do not know a thing about the dangers that lie beyond the comfort of our homes.

In an extreme situation, calmness and crucial thinking are vital for survival. If both of these characteristics fail you, you are unlikely to come out of a sticky situation. If you have the right amount of brains to effectively tackle the scenario you are placed in, survival becomes easier. Playing it smart will help you get out of almost any situation.

This quiz is here to conclude just that: are you mentally fit enough to work your way out of a dangerous situation? In order to answer that question, we are going to place a few scenarios in front of you. Your job would be to consider and choose your options wisely. Think critically and use your head, literally! Let’s begin with the first situation.

15. A Cave!

This is Colossal

Let’s say you get lost in a cave. Being a photographer, you have to take pictures of caves and their insides for a famous publication.

During your quest, you get lost since it is your first time inside a cave. You are unaware of the dangers that lurk inside and are unable to make your way out.

The tunnel you entered from is now blocked with boulders. Looking around, you see five tunnels leading outside. Unfortunately for you, each of the tunnels has its own dangers. You have to go through them since there is no other way. Which tunnel would you take?

Here are the dangers that await you.


Unreal Facts

The first tunnel is plagued by vampire bats. If one of these vicious creatures bites you, you are now stricken with a deadly disease. Not a very wise option. Or is it?

13. Landsliding.

National Public Radio

The second tunnel is filled up with stones due to an enormous landslide. It would literally crush all your dreams and hopes. Would you go for it?

12. Lava.

Adventure Caves

Lava awaits you in the third tunnel. This red, scathing terror will burn you alive. That does not make it a wise move. It is all on you, however.

11. Toxic Gases!


These toxic gases in the fourth tunnel instantly kill animals that inhale them. Would you be brave enough?

10. Radioactive plants.


Radioactive plants present in the last tunnel will kill you due to their radiation. Any chance you might want to step it?

Which one of these paths would you take for a safe exit? Choose carefully and check your fate below. Have you made the right decision?

9. The Verdict …

Into The Jungle

The safest option from the five would be to follow the tunnel with the gases as they only affect animals. They don’t influence humans as much. Moreover, the other options would have surely gotten you killed! So if you’ve chosen the fourth tunnel, good for you!

Onto the second situation!

8. Execution!

Smithsonian Magazine

Suppose you’re caught by an Aboriginal tribe and they don’t know better than to execute you. You can’t really disagree with them as they are way more than you in number. Instead, you’re faced with two options. Lie, and be shot. Tell the truth, and they’ll burn you in a fire. Is there even a way out?

It would seem not. However, think a little, and you’ve got a case on your hands. In this scenario, what would you do?

7. The Verdict …

Days of the Year

Confuse them!

Say that they should kill you with a gun. That would have you executed, right?

Not really, because if you’re telling the truth, then you should be burned. But are you telling the truth? That is the question. This would confuse the tribal people and they would just let you walk free instead of putting their mind to use.

That was easy! The next scenario waits.

6. Elevators.

Kings III

You’re stuck in an elevator on the highest floor of a building that is about to be demolished. No help is available to you, as are windows or stairs. The only two ways you have are three other elevators.

Here’s the twist, however. In one of the elevators resides an enormous spider ready to inject its poison into you. The second elevator has boiling water and the third has some mosquitoes that carry terribly dangerous diseases. Which one of you the three would you choose?

Let’s take a look at your fate.

5. The Verdict …


In such a situation, the elevator with the mosquitoes would be the smartest choice. You could use your shoes as a defense against them or rely on your tiny chance of finding a vaccine.

It is the better option as the other two would definitely kill you. Let’s take a look at the next situation, shall we?

4. A cell.


You are locked inside a cell with no light. Suddenly, you hear a voice asking you to play a game. The cell door opens and you see three more doors before your eyes. All three of them lead to escape albeit with their own horrible dangers.

The first door has a serial killer behind it. He has killed more than three hundred people in 1890 and is extremely difficult to get away from.

The second door has motion sensors behind it. These sensors activate the release of liquid nitrogen which has the ability to instantly freeze you.

The last door has acid showers behind it. It won’t take a minute to melt you flesh off.

The question is which door would you take? You only have a few seconds to make a choice. Will your decision lead you to an improbable survival?

3. The Verdict …


The door with the serial killer, of course! If you read carefully, you’d know that he has probably turned into bones now, since his career peaked in 1890. It is the easiest escape, ever!

Only a fool would not be able to figure that one out. What does the next situation hold?

2. Pills!


Imagine you’re stuck in an apartment with no one else. That isn’t the worst part. The worst thing is that you’re blind and sick. You have to take two tablets in order to maintain health. These need to be taken every day and are blue and red in color.

You have two of each and more will kill you. If you take two of the same, that will make death probable, too. The pills are in different jars but you’re blind! What would you do in this situation? Their shape and texture do not vary either.

How would you tackle this situation? Do you live? Let’s find out!

1. The Verdict …


It would be best to think logically and break each of the tablets in half. After that you can put the pieces aside making sure that nothing mixes. Eventually, you’ll get four halves in one hand and four in the other. You can now choose any handful and take the pills since now they form exactly one blue and one red pill.

Smart, isn’t it? Were you clever enough to figure this out? Or did you face death?

This quiz was designed to prove your smartness and efficiency in extreme times. Were you able to get most of them right? If you were, then that means you are a fit warrior. These situations are nothing but mere obstacles for you to cross.

If you couldn’t, however, it means you have still some ground to cover. With a little calmness and thinking, you can easily achieve the status of a brave warrior. Therefore, keep making efforts in order to survive!

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