How your brain Influences You to Eat Unreasonably

Appetizing foods on the table, in the ads and at the restaurants pull everyone to have a bite. But have you thought that some people have a stronger pull towards the food than others? It is due to human brain chemistry, which plays a key role in convincing someone to eat a delicious food. Even the amount of food consumed depends on the dopamine – a neurotransmitter in the brain governing our wishes and cravings.

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To understand brain’s role in your food cravings, you need to understand what dopamine is. It is a chemical in the brain that passes signals from one neuron to the next. This area is called synapse. It looks simple, but it is a complex action. The most important thing you know about dopamine is that it is an outstanding chemical. All human cravings and secret wishes are a result of dopamine activity – our sins, lust, motivation, addiction, love, hatred, etc. all owe to dopamine.

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Well, the function of dopamine depends on its originating point and to what direction the neurons are moving. Then, the type of neurons under the influence, what receptors are falling in the way of dopamine and what the role of releasing and receiving neuron is. That is why not always your response to a certain craving or lust is same. Sometimes it is very intriguing that you want to get your wish no matter what. Other times the dopamine action can be of mild nature, and you can overcome the desire resulting from it quickly.

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How your brain Influences You to Eat Unreasonably

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