8 Dental Health Facts that Everyone Should Know About

If Your Gums Are Bleeding There Is Something Wrong


Many people ignore bleeding gums, and that is a big mistake. Research shows that gum problems are the leading cause of tooth loss throughout USA.

Gum bleeding problems if overlooked can turn into serious and painful problems such as Gingivitis and gum decay. So one thing you should never overlook when it comes to your dental health is Bleeding Gums.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive When You Brush


Contrary to popular belief, aggressive brushing doesn’t make your teeth whiter it actually kills the enamel and makes them appear yellow. Aggressive brushing will also directly affect your gum health and may even cause bleeding.

So you should brush gently and uniformly if you want real pearly whites.

Some People Don’t Realize That They Have Toothpaste Allergies


Toothpaste allergies are rare but they do exist and a large percentage of the affected people allergies don’t even know about it. The most common symptoms that indicate a toothpaste allergy would be minor burns in the mouth and peeling skin and these might not be painful. So everyone should be vigilant about such symptoms and use organic toothpastes.

Hormonal Imbalances May Affect Your Gums


Women face more hormonal imbalances as compared to men. And just as hormones control many factors in your body they also have an effect on your oral health. A large percentage of women face bleeding and sore gums during their menstrual cycle. The problems are not persistent most of the times but they seem to be getting prolonged, visit your dentist.

Fruit Juices May Be Good for Your Health but Not for Your Teeth


Juices are no doubt good for health as they help you stack up many vital nutrients….but what most people don’t now is that Fruit juices are mostly acidic and they can wear away your tooth enamel very quickly. For those who cannot quit their juice drinking habits, it would be ideal that they brush more often…ideally after every meal.

Medication Can Affect Your Dental Health


All of us have had to take some sort of prescription medication at one point or another. You can’t escape it .. in fact no one can. Prescription medication usually has some bad effects on your oral health. The biggest problem they can cause is dehydration of the oral cavity which may lead to cavities. So if you are currently taking any prescription medications, remember to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Your Oral Health Is a Reflection of Your Physical Health


Your oral health is a very good indicator of your overall physical health. So people that are facing chronic or persistent illnesses should keep a close eye on their oral health. It is a great way to look for indicators of deteriorating physical health.

Small Changes Go a Long Long Way


A majority of people are hesitant of visiting a dentist because they fear painful procedures or they are just embarrassed of their teeth. What people need to understand that dentists are professional and they respect your problems and they responsibly help you in solving your dental problems. So don’t let your fears get in the way of your oral health because that might make minor problems turn into bigger ones.