18 Photos about the strength of Human Spirit


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People often find it hard to imagine what life is like in other countries. To some extent, we all live separately from the outside world. But there are some things which unite humanity. We all experience a standard range of emotions — joy, hatred, love, sadness, excitement, inspiration, desire. We’re all motivated to make our way through life and struggle against obstacles to reach our goals and destination.

The human spirit is stronger than we could ever imagine! We’re designed to endure, persist, and overcome life’s greatest challenges. We’re built to bounce back! However, sometimes, even the strongest of spirits need a small reminder of their full power. For this time, see some compelling images to help yourself push through. Let’s see these 20 photos to remind you how incredibly hard and durable human you are and can be. According to us, this collection of photographs reflects something like feelings and emotions that you experience every day. Have a look at these, and you’ll find the true spirit of yourself!

1. A Blind Painter

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Yes, you read it right, a blind artist! Visual impairment or blindness is something that horrifies us by a thought whereas it’s even harder to see someone suffering from it. It completely ends a visual craftsman’s profession. However, in John Bramblitt’s case, the scenario is reversed. He became an artist as a result of his eye deficiency.

Bramblitt started to paint in 2001 when he lost his sight as a result of epilepsy. Bramblitt is “practically visually defected person,” which implies that his eyes can function only to differ between day and night. Apart from that, he has set up a novel approach to paint – by making use of textured paints to sense and observe his way around the canvas. He quoted on his website that he has replaced the sense of sight with the sense of touch—this is how he did it!

2. A Man Camping with Honey Bees

Human life can be a struggle. Maule Dhan returned to his camp with a heap of beeswax after searching for the honey process. Maule unquestionably appreciates the regard he procures as the first nectar seeker. He ordinarily earns around $100 for three days of collecting honey. This sum is a wage when one considers the monstrous peril and hardships of the occupation. Trade is essential in groups like Maule’s town of Sadhi to buy supplies such as salt and cooking oil, sending your youngsters to class, and to supplement sustenance stocks or help climate in an awful harvest year.

3. A Doctor Performs Surgeries on a Wheel Chair

A Missouri specialist, Dr. Ted Rummel, lost his capacity to walk or stand when a blood vein in his spine got damaged in 2010. After some time of serious recovery, he made a comeback in the hospital. Rummel not only performs surgeries sitting in a wheelchair but also conquered this state beyond your imaginations. He started conducting his favorite shoulder-related surgeries by using a smart stand-up wheel chair. Presently, he’s known as an orthopedic specialist who can do almost everything on a wheelchair and keeps up his physical health by everyday exercise.

4. An Indian Man Made A Way By Cutting a Mountain


This Indian man invested 22 years of his life in making a huge way between the mountains after his wife died due to severe health conditions. Dashrath Manjhi attempted to make a way between two villages through which people can travel easily from one place to another. The journey to the closest town included a 34-mile trek around the mountain, and Manjhi made sure that different villagers wouldn’t have to face difficulties similar to his wife’s. He spent days and nights in tearing apart the mountain only by the use of a mallet and etch. Eventually, he reduced the distance to just 15 kilometers by making a way between the stones.

5. A Poor Child Studying Under Street Light


This picture of Daniel Cabrera has inspired thousands on social media. Being a homeless student, he still manages to complete his homework under the light coming from McDonald’s. Daniel Cabrera is a grade-3 student in Mandue City who wants to become either a specialist or police.

A medical undergrad, Joyce Torrefranca, saw this kid while strolling home late during the evening. She felt so pity for him and took a photograph to share it on her social media. This picture got viral and inspired so many students who take their facilities for granted. Daniel is studying in a Grade 3 primary school in Mandaue City.

6. A 100 Years Old Marathon Winner

An Indian 100-year-old took part in a marathon and ended up acing it! He started from Ilford, east London, and finished in Toronto over six hours. His aggregate time of 8.25.18 should make his name in the Guinness World Record once all the documentation is checked. He used to be a farmer when he developed his passion for running and did his first marathon at 89. After that, he has completed seven more marathons.

7. Doctors Resting After a 32-Hour Long Surgery


Historical events of doctors have shown some excellent specialists. One prominent example is of James Barry, a British lady who camouflaged herself as a man and changed the substance of solution in the nineteenth century. Today, there are endless gifted specialists around the globe working day and night to save different lives. This picture depicts hard-working surgeons from a hospital situated in the Chinese region of Fujian. This photo, which has turned into a web sensation, demonstrates exhausted doctors lying on the floor after they accomplished a 32-hour surgery.

8. A Skateboarder on Wheelchair

A 23-year-old Aaron Fotheringham is known for making stunning skateboard-and BMX-style moves. This fantastic athlete has broken records and amazed people all over the world with his gravity-resisting stunts. The most incredible thing about him is to succeed in becoming a skateboarder on a wheelchair. The amazing thing about him is that he does everything from a wheelchair. Fotheringham, called as “Wheelz,” was attacked with spina bifida, which left him bound to a wheelchair. Regardless of him being handicapped, he got famous for his outrageous moves.

9. Hugh Jackman Defeated His Cancer For The 5th Time

Our dearest superhero of ‘Wolverine,’ Hugh Jackman, uploaded a photo on his social media about him experiencing cancer treatment yet another time. Basal Cell Carcinoma is a typical type of skin tumor that he has been fighting for a couple of years by then. In 2017, he went through another cancer-treatment process, and this was the fifth time. With a swathe over his nose, he posted about his visit to the hospital and informed his fans about the significance regarding the treatment.

10. A Philippine Teacher Crosses Rivers to Reach School Daily

This is teacher Elizabeth Miranda who is more known as Maestra Salbabida. She was featured in Front Row last September 7, 2015. She endures two-hour walk and crosses five rivers just to go to school and teach the children from Iraya Tribe. Her heart to serve is so heartwarming and inspiring! 🙂 She's really a hero and we're so glad to finally meet her and partner with her in reaching out to the Iraya tribe in Occidental Mindoro. Salute to you, teacher Elizabeth! 🙂 Please watch the video and read the article to know more about her and the place. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1SNG9GSBPc http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/535759/publicaffairs/frontrow/maestra-salbabida-tampok-sa-front-row-ngayong-lunes #MaestraSalbabida #Frontrow #IndigentPeople #IrayaTribe #Tribo #MedicalMission #TeamJesus

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A teacher who lives in Philippine has to cover five rivers to make school on time just to teach students. It takes 2 hours of constant walking and river-crossing to be able to attend school. It is her ultimate passion for teaching that motivates her to go through this struggle every day. She stated that she gets delighted by teaching students and will never lose hope from her profession. We must be thankful!

11. Training Session of Ballet Dancers


As appealing as it may seem, one never imagines the painful struggle every ballet dancer goes through. This picture displays a training session of ballet dancers. Just have a look at how painfully they are prepared for this during rehearsals. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea!

12. A Man Owns a Forest

An ordinary man from Assam has accomplished what most of us can only talk about—he planted his forest! Since 1979, he has been planting trees in an island called Majuli. His goal was to save that island, and thus he has been planting trees over there for 37 years. Sowing seeds was surely a battle for him, which has now become fruitful. The forest spreads over an area of 550 hectares, which is greater than New York City’s Central Park covering 341 hectares. In addition to shelter, it provides a home to a wide range of elephants, rhinos, tigers, and deer.

13. A Monk Shared His Meal With A Tiger


Thailand’s Buddhist has discovered an exceptional approach for not wasting a leftover meal. He was found sharing his food with a tiger without wasting it. This monk has been living with wild tigers ever since he received an abandoned tiger’s cub in 1999. Today, the number of tigers living on sanctuary grounds has reached more than 100.

14. A 23-Hour Long Heart Surgery


Zbigniew Religa was the first surgeon who succeeded in carrying out a heart transplantation in Poland. He specialized in implanting an artificial valve made up of extracts from dead human bodies in 1995. Apart from being a successful surgeon, he also had a successful political career. However, outside of Poland, he is still famous for his political accomplishments.

15. 100,000 Monks Praying

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You may have seen this photograph going viral all over social media. This cool photo depicts how thousands of monks are praising God to seek world peace. In addition to that, this picture also portrays a classic symbol of peace and unity.

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18 Photos about the strength of Human Spirit

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