15 Bizarre Things Found Underwater Nobody Can Explain!


The depth of our oceans is one of the most mysterious places on earth, you will be amazed to know that we haven’t really explored it all even though technology today can enable us to do so. There are loads of new underwater creatures being discovered everyday and others still to be found. Moreover, the quest to find several treasures has been witnessed in abundance and many such endeavors were successful in all decades.

But what if there are bizarre object unexpectedly found in the depth of these oceans by random divers looking for something else? These are some of the things which are very hard to explain because of their nature; a city underwater? A car found? Or skeletons? Well these sound interesting enough to read about. So let’s glide into 15 bizarre things found underwater.

15. The Mysterious Package


A diver from US was on an exploratory diving endeavor beneath the ocean when he found this mysterious package lying flat on the floor of the ocean. First, he thought it might be a package full of drugs being thrown sneakily by a dealer, afraid to be caught. The diver found someone’s name on the package but still couldn’t figure out what it could be.

After some time, he decided to open the package in order to check what could be packed inside. To his surprise, he found something similar to soil inside and it didn’t take him long to realize that the package had ashes of a human being; getting an idea from the name tag pasted on the package. Its surprising to know that humans were chose to rest on the floor of ocean, so tightly packed or was it a mistaken “slip” by his close, family member?

14. Stash


An explorer was having a good day at the beach with his metal detector in order to find something valuable in the sands. First he found some ordinary things like old mobile phones but decided to upgrade his search by going further, suddenly he stumbled upon this strange package lying on the edge of the shore getting washed with constant movement of waves.

What’s amazing here is that the camera (supposedly a GoPro) was still on at the time he found the package, so he got the chance to record his reaction when he would find what’s inside. To his surprise, the package was filled with money, evenly organized in the package which was packed with duck tape. Do you think it was all staged or did the explorer wake up from the right side of bed that morning?

13. Computer Table


How strange would it be for a diver to explore around in the ocean, searching for some rare species underwater when a random computer table pops up? What’s strange about this table is that the diver found it perfectly organized with its monitor, office stationary and other things but all covered with underwater vegetative growths.

What I think happened is that some prankster might have set it up down there to confuse the hell out of his fellow divers so they could actually know that there’s more to just rare species down in the blue waters.

12. Several Skeletons


These divers, exploring around in the depth of waters found not just one but several skeletons lying on the sea floor. What’s strange about these skeletons is that these were placed on chairs, giving an impression that they got here as a result of some air crash several decades ago.

Such incidents may be astonishing to know about from the front of your screen but I think the divers might have lost their appetite or couldn’t stop themselves to think about the ones who faced those tragedies.

11. Plane


A couple of polish divers once went deep in the ocean in hope of an exploratory diving time when they suddenly found a plane on the seabed, standing tall but wrecked on several sides. This still is not that amusing to know about since there are several plane crashes in so many years and anyone can expect them to be found deep inside. But guess what?

The divers found two dead pilots inside turned into skeletons and fixed on their seats with their helmets on. This is traumatizing as we can imagine what could’ve happened there. Even for the divers such experiences would help them tell a lot of stories to their peers.

10. Underwater Structures of Zakynthos

Ancient Origins

Doughnut shaped structures were found underwater by divers near Zakynthos Islands, Greece, these pipe-like structures were thought to be the ruins of a long-lost city, considerably a port which then submerged inside the water as a result of natural disasters. Despite all these, there were still no signs of humans living on it such as the lack of pottery, according to the researchers.

With extensive researches on the site of these structures at Zakynthos, it was later found that these disc-like structures were not ruins of any city but result of geological phenomenon which occurred nearly 5 million years ago.

9. Japan’s Underwater Monument

Science Rumors

Also known as the Yonaguni Monument, is the underwater rock-formation deep inside with Coast of Yonaguni, Ryukyu Islands, Japan. This structure was found by divers who were looking for a suitable place to observe hammerhead sharks in that spot. A team of scientist was directed by Professor Masaaki Kimura to observe the structure, in order to find out if these had significance to man-made structures lost in the sea.

According to the same professor, this structure is a man-made artifact and the claim is disputed by many sides throughout the years. This site still has been considered as a cultural artifact by the government and observed as a popular diving spot despite many challenges being faced while reaching it.

8. Baltic Sea Anomaly

Ancient Code

Baltic Sea Anomaly is a sonar image captured by a group of divers who were in an endeavor to find historic treasures under the ocean. The image result is a blurred structure but claimed to be a sunken UFO by the divers which can have significance in finding out if extraterrestrial life exists.

Despite these astonishing features of the image, the experts say that the image seems to be a result of natural geological formation deep down in the ocean and have no importance in considering it to be a sunken object.

7. Galilee Sea Mystery


Gigantic monuments along with other structures like a stone wheel and crescent shaped structure have recently been discovered near Galilee Sea, Israel and have astonished the scientist by their discovery. The structures are man-made and have been found to be built about 12,000 years ago.

Nothing can be said about the purpose of these structures but researchers say that they could most probably be sites for ceremonial occasions or sky burial sites for vultures to nosh on the dead bodies. There are several more structures found is even the disputed regions of Israel which are even older than Pyramid of Giza and scientists cannot figure out how or why they were built by the ancient inhabitants of that area.

6. Cuban Underwater City

Ancient Origins

Cuban Underwater city is a hypothetic ruin of considerably an urban city which is considered to be submerged in water a long time ago. These complex structures were discovered via Sonar images, making the scientists find man-made structures built on a complex level. Some researchers claim that it could be an urban centre but still it cannot be proven what it really was without any proof.

What’s astonishing about these structures is that researchers have found them to be sunken deep into the ocean over 50,000 years ago and none of any cultures at that time were able to build such structures. One of the specialists considers it to be out of time and out of place, by observing at the complexity of its structural complex as compared to when it was built.

5. Bimini Road

Ancient Origins

Imagine diving deep inside the ocean, hoping to find some small artifacts and finding this gigantic stone structure deep below the North Bimini Island, Bahamas? This structure was discovered by divers who thought it to be a road, wall or other man-made structure, standing tall underwater.

The structures seem to be a pavement when witnessed from the satellites above. What do you think it could be? A man made road which submerged deep in the ocean or just another naturally formed structure, confusing the hell out of scientists?

4. Google Earth Circular Anomalies

Satellite Discoveries

Google earth circular anomalies are strange circular structures which can be witnessed above the coast of Florida, North Carolina. There are similar structures being found in different parts of the world like stone structures in Saudi Arabia and the purpose of these are still unknown.

Dated back to 8000BC, these structures are considered to be burial grounds for the civilization living here in the past. These structures being similar in different parts of the world are another theory, making it a bizarre thing to ponder upon.

3. Lake Macdonald Structure

Ancient Code

A stone structure was found by a group divers on a submarine project beneath Lake Macdonald in Ontario Canada, which completely looked like naturally formed rock structures commonly known as “Perched Erratic” around the globe. This might lead you to think that the scientists would just ignore the structure after knowing the nature of it but here’s when it get interesting.

They noticed that the structure was actually made up of 7 rocks and if it was an ordinary Perched Erratic then 7 rocks would fall onto each other at the same time, forming a perfect rock structure but this is virtually impossible as a natural rock structure is made up of only 4 rocks. This led to a conclusion that there were civilizations before the last ice age which left signs for us to ponder upon the fact that humans were here more than we can imagine.

2. Lake Michigan’s Stonehenge

Mysterious Earth

Imagine you being an archeologist with a team directed to find some shipwrecks under Lake Michigan and suddenly you find a rock with a Mastodon carved on it? This is what happened with the group of archeologist on a different mission when they found this rock underneath this lake. Moreover, they found a series of tall rocks standing in a circular alignment, resembling the Stonehenge in Great Britain.

This led to several researches on the lake found that if the rock carving was real, then it would be more than 10,000 years old and can actually give evidence to the presence of human life and mastodon just at around the last ice age. Astonishing, isn’t it?

1. BMW Wreckage


Imagine diving deep inside the water, cherishing the sight of colorful fish and marine life when suddenly you find a white BMW X5 all shining (well not so much) parked like it doesn’t care? The car was found wrecked at one side but perfectly fine from the front with fresh underwater growth over it, which meant it didn’t spend much time down there.

Later, the investigators revealed that the car exploded before falling into the water but no such reports are being researched on how all of this initiated.

So these were fifteen such bizarre stuff found underwater. Personally, we believe that there are millions of weird stuff lying on the seabed and it might help us reflect on how strange our world can get, making us gasp at every discovery. If you liked this post, then make sure to give it an up-point and share it generously with your friends and family.

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15 Bizarre Things Found Underwater Nobody Can Explain!

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