13 People Who Got Things Under Control After Quitting Alcohol


Losing weight isna��t just to look good but to be at a healthy point in life as well. Not only are we forming this list in hopes that there will be a chance we get to make a part two but a chance to admire someone for all the effort they have put in their work or in this case themselves. The people mentioned in the list are the ones that decided to accept a healthier lifestyle. Being overweight is not the only reason to embark on a good diet and exercise, being excessively skinny is one as well. Having the right amount of fat and muscle on your body is what you should aim for.

13. Saraha��s Journey:

Being a mom and trying to lose weight? Sounds hectic but if Sarah can do it you can do it as well! Sarah had a few slip ups here and there but did she beat herself up over it? No, because even in her busy work schedule Sarah stuck to her diet without completely falling off the wagon especially when we all know stress tempts us to do so. Not to mention a vigorous work out regime.

12. The ultimate transformation:

A� tycowboy / reddit

It took him a decade to get here. Was it worth it? Definitely. Not only did he lose 295 lb of fat that could have caused him all kinds of diseases ranging from blood pressure to the diabetes, he transformed himself into a confident young man who didna��t need anyonea��s validation but his own on how good he looked.

11. Katie did it!

Photo courtesy of Instagram @kati3_fit

Are you a big fan of swimming costumes? Katie was. Do you wish to look good in one? Katie did. When you want something it is up to you to either spread your wings and fly or in this case throw out your chocolates and hit the gym. Katie lost over 20 pounds through diet and exercise and she cana��t be happier with the way she looks and not to mention the way she feels.

10. The road of satisfaction:

A� EllaCOfficial / reddit

The road of satisfaction. Satisfaction is something one needs to work really hard to achieve. What is the best form of satisfaction? Wearing the same clothes to document your weight loss before trading into something more flattering when you are putting out the final results. There is nothing more satisfying than being on a road of self acceptance and becoming a health freak.

9. Reneea��s transformation:

Crash dieting is not the way to go, Renee recommends an entire lifestyle change to maintain the figure she had worked so hard to achieve. Renee followed the regime of losing weight slowly so that once it is off it stays that way. Isna��t that the best way to go about it? We think so as well!

8. One of the most boggling transformations:

A� Hurleyyy831 / imgur

It took this lady 2 years. 2 years to achieve a look in which she looks completely different and not to mention healthy. The ultimate weight of carrying your own is something one gets tired of doing, something this lady got tired of doing and that helped her achieve her ultimate goal

If this transformation wona��t inspire you, nothing will.

7. She is going to break a lot of hearts:

A� HeyDrunni / imgur

The transformation seems unreal but diet and exercise have always made everything seem that way. Her hard work finally paid off when she lost almost 20 lb’s in 3 years by diet and not to mention running in every weather. Now that is dedication!

6. Lindsey can pose:

Lindsay did not lose weight to impress someone or look good, but she lost weight to improve her fertility health becoming a great example for women out there whose weight is their only hindrance from having a child. Lindsay lost 30 pounds by not only tracking her calories but hitting the gym too. Hope her child realizes how hard his mother worked to bring it into the world.

5. Showing them who is the boss:

A� repostforupvotes / imgur

We have all lived in an environment where we have been bullied for being overweight or have bullied someone for being overweight. Take inspiration from this guy, whose obvious transformation had many heads turning. Now this is definitely a way to shut a bully up.

4. Christie knows:

Instagram, @christie_purviance

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We all know you cana��t just jump to the finish line. Christie couldna��t either but like a famous turtle said slow and steady wins the race. Our weight will go up and down tumultuous heights but our positivity to lose it should not.

3. Turning into the epitome of beauty:

A� champagnemademedoit / imgur

Going from a girl who went from being just a participant in Prom to becoming the Prom Queen, this woman has turned into the epitome of elegance by working hard to push the extra weight off her from diet and exercise. Her smile is still the same but without her insecurities it is extra bright now.

2. An Epic transformation:

A� honbag / imgur

Travelling a lot must definitely have their upsides. Turning fat into muscle this fella turned his life around by losing 92 lbs through diet and exercise. It obviously wasna��t easy but the results were clearly worth it.

1. Being skinny is not always healthy:

A� mrbenlanders / imgur

We have preached how losing fat can be life changing but if you think about it being skinny is not being healthy. This is exactly what nutella lady over there had in mind when she gained some healthy fat. Not only does she look wonderful after her transformation. She looks happy as well. Isna��t that our main goal in life? Achieving happiness.

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13 People Who Got Things Under Control After Quitting Alcohol

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