If You Have These 12 Traits You Belong to the Rarest Personality Type in the World!


There are hundreds of personality tests online which are curing our curiosities about the personality type we have, some of them are bogus and made just for fun but most of them are made especially for institutes and companies so they can really find out what a person really is on the inside. Personality types basically have traits from mainstreams ones to the rarest. What we are going to find out is the rarest personality type: INFJ Personality Type.

Carl Jung says that personality types are determined by certain attitudes: Extraverted vs Introverted, Sensing vs. intuition, Thinking vs Feeling, Judging vs. Perceiving.

A thorough observation determines your type through codes like ESFP which is Extraverted-Sensing-Feeling-Perceiving. But what exactly is INFJ Personality Type? Let’s find out!

INFJ Personality Type


Do you ever notice that one kid in your classroom who sits quiet in a corner and stares at you? Or observes the teachers and students, but never bothers to interact with them? These are the INFJ personality types.

They are right around us but we never notice their special abilities. If you want to find out if your personality type is INFJ, then here are 12 traits which can help you find out what super powers make them a rare personality type.

The Right Focus


These type of personalities are extremely focused in their life goals. Whether it’s an A* or a successful company, they will be focused on working hard to achieve it. What makes them so focused in their goals is their habit of valuing time; they actually consider utilizing their time in learning and preparing for the big day, instead of sitting idle or arguing with the people around them.

Dedication at Work


When at work, these types are highly dedicated and hard working. They don’t work just for money, but they work to reach the excellence of their work which can benefit them in the long run of their lives. Moreover, they kind of inspire their co-workers to work with dedication by expressing that quality always prevails quantity in all modes of life.

Hard Working


Ever wonder why that quiet guy is always appreciated by the boss? Well it’s because they talk less and work hard. INFJ personalities are very competitive in terms of work and can reach excellence in what they love to do. Be it their talent in painting or writing a short story OR a project in the company, they will be impressive with their submitted work.

Plus, no one really envies them because they’re the most helpful souls around, assisting everyone and making sure that everything is perfect.



INJF personality types have this superpower of receiving vibes; good or bad. They always claim to feel before something happens. This is called Intuition and usually a reason for them to trust their gut feelings before making decisions or to help someone with finding out the answers to their questions about life.

By seeing an effective gut feeling, their friends usually believe what they claim beforehand; whether it’s a good gut feeling or bad, they always go for what this superman has to say.

Deep Truth Seekers


They always prefer finding deeper answers to their questions about life or a certain aspect of life. They do not usually digest what elders preach them about certain things, but they prefer to find their answers themselves through exploring. This exploratory behavior also is a reason behind their wanderlust, they love to go on trips to feel the vibes of nature.

Moreover, you might find them under the starry sky on night, in deep thoughts about Universe and might come up with some philosophies in front of you. It’s always a delight listening to what they have to say.

Selective Friends


They are extremely selective in choosing their friends. You will find them with only one best friend and even with them they aren’t so cheerful when people are around. Awkward, isn’t it?

Well, they actually know what they’re doing, Being deep thinkers, they usually are much mature than the people around them and being selective in choosing people to interact with has a reason; they actually figure out who’d be a loyal friend to them and won’t waste their time. That’s probably the reason why they grow old with their best friends.

They know how to empathize


They are very emotional and sensitive in terms of feeling what others feel, be it a calamity footage on TV or a friend suffering from a loss, they’d know how the other person feels. This makes them great Empaths and enables them to be there for their loved ones even when no one is there.

Moreover, this trait of empathy makes them great lovers. Comforting the spouse is an art and they know how to it right, the secret behind it is that they prefer answering Emotions with Emotions instead of Logics. So next time you lose $100, they will try to comfort you in the strangest ways.

Mind Readers


You’d be amazed to find out that they can read your thoughts no matter how much you try to hide them. They have yet another rare trait of mind reading the people around them and they have tested it so much that it makes them very confident when they claim something they read from your face.

Moreover, they can see the sadness behind your smile or tell you that you had cried before coming to school. It’s all an astonishing experience when you’re in their company. Well, all you will ask is “How did you know?”

Lone Survivors


Strange but true. INFJ types are one of the few people around us who can survive living alone for the rest of their lives. They know how to comfort themselves but would appreciate others comforting them, this independent nature usually can end them up abandoned in their old age but they really don’t get affected from the silence haunting them every day, it’s just their way to enjoy life, connected with nature and away from drama.

Moreover, if they do choose to live their lives mutually with someone, then they actually try their best to make life a bliss for the both of them.



This is the most common trait of INFJ personalities, they are exceptional problem solvers. Well, the strangest part about them is that you will never even think of them as troubleshooters until they really volunteer in finding the solution. It’s an amazing thing about them to find the simplest of solutions for your problems, which makes everyone around them gasp with awe.

Moreover, the easiest way to find such people is to look for the most observant one when there’s a problem. They usually volunteer the last in the group after observing everyone’s methods.

Exceptional Writers


Introverts are the best writers! Well that might be a fact but INFJs are the silent hunters. They write exceptionally good and usually are misjudged to not have such a talent, until they get published of course. Having a complex mind, they are really good with suspense and fantasy novels. Well you might be wondering what your favorite author is but have a look at their personal lives, they are mostly through tough times and reached here through hard work.

So its time to find the future #1s around you by observing who writes exceptionally but usually is shy to show their work, that’s the INFJ guy.

You Really Can’t Understand Them


No matter how much you read about them or try to spend time, by the end of the day you won’t figure out what they really are. Even though they’re extremely friendly, they do have flaws and shortcomings, which is why they’re misjudged to be perfect at first but a disappointing revelation can change d be as observant as them to know them deeply and they will tell you what they are or what they really are looking for in life.

Moreover, their complex personality is always a positive influence on the people close to them, since they get to learn new things about them and discover more about their goals.

Well these were the 12 traits about INFJ Personality types, now you know what makes them so rare in their traits but they actually are here around us mostly. If these signs were relatable to you, you might want to consider telling your friends about it or might start seeing yourself in a different way, positively.

If you know someone in your friend circle who’s as awesome like the INFJ types or you really have found one around you, then you might want to share this post with them!

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If You Have These 12 Traits You Belong to the Rarest Personality Type in the World!

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