12 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Losing sleep constantly over a period of time leads to us feeling exhaustion as soon as you wake up in the morning. It’s also a high contender for the reason we gain weight.

Here are some tips that could help you with gaining those much required hours of sleep:

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If you’re someone who likes to be wrapped in warmth when going to sleep then you’re going to be disappointed by this one since the optimal temperature to fall asleep in is 60-75°F.

Solution: Use a light blanket when napping and switch to a warmer one at night.

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Working out is great to stimulate the nervous system, hence falling asleep after exercising at the gym may not get you the sleep you need.

Solution: 3 hours before going to bed stop any physical exercise you may be doing.

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Your body requires some time for it to rest fully. Moreover, you can’t ‘catch up’ on sleep over the weekend or sleep in advance so..

Solution: plan to sleep at the same time every night and aim for it to be between 10pm and 1am.

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12 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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