10 Weird Facts About Orgasms

The climax of sexual gratification, orgasm is normally a subject not much discussed openly but there is a definite interest. Since it is an integral part of a womena��s health and there are several things discovered about the sexual climax, we have compiled the following facts ranging from bizarre to downright comical.

1. Orgasms can relieve pain


If you are experiencing a migraine you should consider having an intercourse with your partner. Sounds strange but it actually work. A practicing nurse, Lisa Stern from Planned Parenthood, Los Angeles stated that even just thinking about sex can reduce pain greatly.

The reason why orgasm can impact as a painkiller is due to the release of certain hormones like oxytocin and dopamine which make the body more inclined towards relaxation and encouraging positive emotions. Although the pain would only be pushed back temporarily but in certain cases you might feel better for longer.

2. Type and use of condom does not affect orgasm


There is a popular marketing gimmick by condom manufacturers of promising a better orgasm for their partner. The reality is far from this claim as women are likely to experience an orgasm either with or without condom. The condom only aids in increasing the time of sexual intercourse as a man may not have to a�?pull outa�� if he is worried about ejaculation. Otherwise finding the big-O is not at all dependent on the quality of the condom being used.

3. Almost thirty percent women find it difficult to have an orgasm

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If you are having trouble in achieving sexual climax you do not have to fret as almost 1 in 3 women struggle with orgasm while having sex. The statistical figure jumps to 80% when we talk about finding this elusive big-O through vaginal penetration alone. That is why clitoral stimulation is encouraged to help achieve orgasm.

According to Lisa Stern of Planned Parenthood women who have trouble achieving sexual climax may be affected by a�?Female sexual dysfunctiona�? or FSD. This has been a subject of great interest lately and there is much debate and research into the topic. This inability to have an orgasm is as high as 43 percent in some surveys according to her.

4. Discovering your G-spot may actually aid in finding the elusive big-O


This is aptly named after the works of Ernest Grafenberg, MD, a German gynecologist who did the research on this subject. According to his findings there is a certain spot, mostly found in the front opening or the anterior wall of the vagina which has a lot of nerve endings accumulated there. Physical stimulation of this area will help in realizing better sexual pleasures and there is a higher chance of having an orgasm.

Although this is a controversial subject as some research work directly refutes it and some supports it. However it is often argued that the probability of having stronger and better orgasm is mostly dependent on stimulation of G-spot which is characterized by a rougher texture to the touch just like the roof of the mouth and it only reaches this state when women are aroused.

5. You will have easier time having orgasm as you age


This observation is based on several reasons. First of all you become more sexually experienced and know what will help you in getting that sexual euphoria. Secondly in a long term relationship you will become more and more comfortable with your partner and as those initial inhibitions go away you will have easier time achieving orgasms.

6. Women who opt for variety of sexual stimulation have more frequent orgasms


If you are always up for trying out new sex positions and looking for different kind of stimulations as opposed to similar kind of sex will increase the likelihood of having orgasm. For example only going for intercourse or vaginal penetration may not be enough so there should be some kind of foreplay and oral stimulation. This also makes sense since more sex acts means more time between the sheets which is a certain way to increase the probability of having an orgasm.

7. In some cases orgasm may happen without any genital stimulation


There are a certain instances when women may experience the sexual climax without any stimulation for example riding a train or a massage. There might be two main reasons which may explain how such women experience the orgasm without foreign stimulation.

First of all the increased blood flow to the genitals due to the activity, like some women experience orgasm while riding a bike or doing treadmill. Secondly a vibration or slight contact with the clitoris may also lead towards such surprise orgasms.

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10 Weird Facts About Orgasms

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