10 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Important So Your Relationship Has a Chance

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Love isn’t always the fuel to keep your romantic life running, other components such as mutual understanding, compromising, indulging in small activities like going out for a walk, having dinner together or going out on a long drive play a huge part as well.

Here is a list of ways you can make your partner happy just by adding bits and pieces of something in your normal lifestyle:

10. ‘How was your day?’


Asking your partner about their day might seem like a trivial thing to do but sometimes these small things are what build your relationship. These small gestures could be enough to make your partner’s day better or give them a go ahead to unload all the stresses that were weighing them down. This small question can make your partner feel happier, lighter and cared for. It shows your partner you were thinking about them and that you care for them. This small question is something that can lead to bigger questions and a good riveting dinner conversation.

9. Compliments can make a lot of difference:


Notice the little things and changes in appearances your partner possesses. Be it a new scarf they are wearing or a colour they don’t normally wear. Noticing how they have lost weight or pointing out how you appreciate their new hairstyle can be enough to make them either laugh with bashfulness or bring a smile of gratitude to their face.This will help your partner realize that you were paying attention to them to even notice the change in the first place. This makes them feel flattered and special, which is exactly what we are hoping for.

8. Tell them you appreciate their existence:


Sometimes letting your partner know you are happy that they are a part of your life can brighten their day. This is important to do on a regular basis so there isn’t any scope for misunderstandings or misinterpretation about the lack of want or need by you for your partner.

After a hectic day at work kissing your partner on the cheek and telling them you love them or hugging them and telling them that you missed them can just be enough to make the stresses of their day disappear. Thank them for the little things that they do to make your lifestyle better or to make you happy by a simple smile or a hug and sometimes words. None of these will lose their value as long as they are from your heart.

7. Mutual vulnerability:


Being in a relationship usually requires a lot of giving and taking. It is not only your job to give and your partner’s job to take. Sometimes both of you need to have an equal amount of give and take to find the perfect balance so your relationship remains sturdy rather than teetering on the edge from both sides on account of the lack sharing. This includes opening up to each other and letting them see your vulnerable side and them letting you see their vulnerable side.

Opening up first might establish that level of love and trust they need to witness in order to do the same. Material things aren’t the only things that require being shared but emotions too. Showing your vulnerability to someone establishes a stronger bond between both of you, as they know what areas they have to be stronger in to support you and what areas you need to be strong in for them. To support them where they fall short.

6. Table for two:


Going out on a simple date or indulging in some exciting activities are good for your relationship. The former might make you happy or the latter might make your partner happy. Learn to alternate between the two. Do something in which both of you can be partners rather than acting on opposing teams.

This enables your loved one to see that you have their back in more ways than just romantically. Little things like going out for dinner in a quiet place and getting to know each other during more adventurous activities such as parasailing can help you indulge in the more intimate and the most wild recesses of each other’s mind. It adds to the exciting element of your relationship which could be exactly what makes your partner happy.

5. Listen to them vent:


Be the friend your partner needs in their life. A friend they can rely on. Help them unload whatever is bothering them by just being there for them and letting them know that you are there for them. A relationship in which the spouses have the ability to be more than just spouses are known to have the tendency to last longer than the ones in which spouses just act as spouses.

Give them your undivided attention and let them realize they are one of your priorities. It shows them that you care and are there for them. Don’t be troubled if you don’t have the words to make them feel better, just lending them an ear to vent too can be enough too. Offering solutions to their problems is just a bonus but letting them unload the stresses that haunted them is the priority.

4. The two C’s:


Learn to compromise and don’t criticize. At least not excessively. No one wants to become the epitome of the meme of a wife or a husband fighting about who came into the world first. Refrain from criticizing your partner about little things. Like how they eat, how they talk, how they sit or how they lie down. Reach a compromise in which you don’t complain about the little things instead save those critiques for things that might actually be affecting your life in a negative way and need to be pointed out to bring a positive change. The more the compromise, the more the peace the better the relationship. Try to understand your partner’s point of view as well because too much complaining and criticizing in a relationship can make the relationship harder to live in let alone be happy in. Compromises are essential. Not too many not too little.

3. Be supportive of their alone time:


We all need our private space. Getting too clingy or overbearing by spending too much time together limits both yours and your partners ‘me’ time which is essential for both of yours peace of mind and hinders your journey to achieve a level of self actualization you might be missing in your life. Growing together requires a simultaneous growth that takes place separately as well. Instead of complaining or misinterpreting your partner’s need for alone time as rejection, a mistake that is made very often, give them space with an understanding smile on your face. This is important if you want them to understand that when you need this in your own time as well. Show them you understand their needs and that you have those too. There is plenty of time you get to spend with each other but seldom do these times give you the same peace as being alone with yourself does. If you have busy schedules try to get some alone time when one of you is busy, not only will this help either of you not feel isolated but help you work around your busy schedules as well.

2. Be accepting:


You might prefer reading but your partner prefers watching movies, you might want dessert before dinner but your partner wants to go with the natural order of things and have dinner first, you might like tea but they want coffee, you might want to sit in the dark and cuddle and they might want to go for a walk, you might like beef but what if they like chicken. Wonder how that works out for people who are completely opposite to each other?

Well some might say it keeps their relationship interesting and unpredictable. Some might be quick to point it out that it could be a negative type of unpredictable but it depends on us to make it a not so negative type of unpredictable by being more accepting of these oppositions in interests and characters. Be accepting of the new things your partner introduces to you. Embrace the changes your partner introduces in your life and introduce your own changes in their life. Be accepting if you want them to be accepting as well.

1. Support their passions:


Supporting your partners passions include helping them rise as well as refraining from pushing them down to make yourself taller. If your partner is trying to achieve something new or big but keep falling, be the leverage that pushes them back up and wipes the dust off their backs, urging them to try again till they actually make it. Let them know they have your support no matter what.

Appreciate the small successes and the big ones that your partner achieves be it in a sports event, a promotion or a cooking contest or even getting out of a parking ticket because at the end of the day it is you who is going to be celebrating their success with them. This should spur you on to find an excuse to celebrate every moment of happiness possible. Seeing your eyes shining with pride, love and admiration over their gains will not only make them happier but work as a catalyst to achieve more.

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10 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Important So Your Relationship Has a Chance

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