10 Most Shocking On-Stage Moments

A stage is such a beautiful place where awe- inspiring and amazing things happen in the form of interesting and compelling drama plays as well as concerts which instantly set the floors on fire! It is a place where delightful emotions like happiness and love could be felt. Additionally, apart from enjoyable moments and happiness, awkward and highly embarrassing moments also do take place very often. Though it is not that surprising for any one at all, for everyone knows that when famous singers step on the stage, some worth remembering moments are bound to happen, whether they make one happy or shameful while thinking about it. Weird? Weird.

Well, the people always come to enjoy the concert with these amazing singers, but such awkward moments and unforgettable actions of the performers in the form of showing explicitly the intimate relationship they are having with someone, or even if they do not have a relationship with someone, they may still do some highly embarrassing thing on stage in front of the crowd in order to gain some media attention and fan following, which is a little weird to a certain extent for everyone out there.

The rant on these moments may never end and no one will possibly forget this, but anyways, every does want to know about it! Let us consider these ten most awkward moments that occurred on stage while various singers gave their performances and at the same time made history in their own weird ways. *coughs*

Madonna and Drake


At the 2015 Coachella Music Festival, drake was busy in setting the stage on fire and in-between in his performance he decided to surprise the audience instantly by welcoming a surprise guest performer on stage. Suddenly Madonna appeared on the stage and the crowd got crazy by seeing her there with them. On the contrary, it was not the appearance of Madonna that astonished everyone immensely, but it was the way she grabbed drake’s head passionately after her performance and kissed him in front of the audience surprisingly. However, drake surprised people as well by wiping away annoyingly Madonna’s lipstick from his face. Disgusting? Umm, well maybe.

Kanye West and Taylor Swift


Taylor swift was receiving her Moon Man for best video at VMA in 2009. She was looking gorgeous in her beautiful dress which was in a silver tone. After a while, while receiving her award happily, the audience saw Kanye West suddenly coming on the stage and interrupting the happenings of the award giving to the Taylor Swift. The rapper was in full mood to do this today as he took the mic from Taylor swift and started to stress on his opinion that according to him Beyoncé is the rightful candidate for this award which left the audience in awe and this action of his did not even astonish the audience but it surprised Beyoncé and Taylor equally!

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson


It is not possible that the performances at the stage will remain without being scandalous sometimes. At the 2004, Super Bowl Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were performing enthusiastically on a song. The crowd danced with them and were enjoying performance equally just like they were while performing on stage. Timberlake was ending his song ‘rock your body’ when he grabbed Jackson’s chest intimately and pulled off the cloth instantly. The performance ended with shock and amazement. Jackson did not expect this at all and was even astonishingly embarrassed while standing on the stage with him.

Beyoncé’s baby bump


Beyoncé is just so cool in her own skin and with her own ways of performing on stage. She is unique and full of life. Like, no one comes close to her beauty and affection. The singer performed amazingly on stage at the 2011 VMA’s and left the audience in a state of awe when she unbuttoned her cool purple jacket, dropped the mic enthusiastically and showed the world with pride and happiness that she is expecting this time! It was one of the coolest thing one could possibly do to surprise the audience and make the event worth remembering for a lifetime.

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly


Lady gaga is someone who would always surprise her audience in ways known to many, but pursued by few. *Coughs* While giving a remarkable performance with Kelly in 2011 at SNL, she made the performance too intimidating for the audience. Both the singers, start their performance by lying on the floor and performed in a way that apparently showed as if they were trying to make love and have sex, but they were just pretending! They did not even put an end to their performance there, they proceeded as Gaga jumped on Kelly and started to ride on him by showing that they were stimulating sex, which is a little too weird for the audience and for us as well! Lol.

Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey’s doomed performance of the Dick Clark’s rockin Eve accompanied with Ryan Seacrest is 2017 most astonishing initial moment of the year. Mariah entered the stage appearing like a goddess and abortively made her performance well by moving the audience dramatically with her magical voice. However, as the second song began, the show moved to the south direction. Carey was unable to hear clearly her song in the ear piece and so accordingly she decided to roam around the stage and communicate with audience over a track recorded previously. It was highly embarrassing and awkward for her and the audience as well.

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke


The performance of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke is not a praiseworthy and enjoyable moment that one would like to remember. The performance became way too scandalous when Miley Cyrus treated her lady bits by touching it intimately and both the singers tried to stimulate sex in a weird way in front of the audience. The performance was shocking and highly embarrassing for the audience as well. Robin, however, placed the entire blame of disgust on Miley which was later exposed by her as she told the media that he wanted her to be as naked as possible. Disgusting? Yes, it is!

Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor


While performing at 2015 a.m. a duet, the singers performed well throughout the concert and cheered up the crowd enthusiastically, however, as the concert was about to come to an end, Trainor signaled Puth to come close to her and that is when the audience went in the stage of amazement as most of them wanted them to be in a relationship. The engaged in a very long makeup session with quite an intimacy, but all the rumors were put down by them when they declared that they were just friends and nothing at all.

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber like many others have not disappointed the audience when it comes to surprises and even very astonishing moments. He was about to perform on the stage, when the audience stated to engage physically with him which made him frustrated and annoyed. He tried to make things a little manageable, but the misbehavior and misconduct of the audience left him with no choice, but to cancel the show instantly. He amazed and astonished them by leaving all of them alone as he deserted the stage after a while in anger. This happened when he was on a tour in 2015 for a televised concert and that was when someone spilled water on the stage. He went to clean it and that as was when some of the people annoyed him to a great extent due to which he left the show immediately.



The VMA’s are known for their magnanimous performances with full of surprises and enthusiasm. They did not disappoint the audience even this time as they performed well with the new comer Halsey, however things got a little bit too weird when both the performers came too close and touched each other as if they are making love appeared to be a little too intimate for the audience. Halsey did not respond to this in disgust or anger, but only rolled her eyes and continued with the performance enthusiastically. Shocking, isn’t it? It is, of course!

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10 Most Shocking On-Stage Moments

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