19 False Health Myths Debunked by Science

In our lifestyle, many things are changing, and we are always adapting to new methods. Our life has changed drastically because of science, and the importance is something we cannot deny. Science is critical to our human evolution – both mental and physical. However, not all things related to science are correct. Science is more theory than actuality. Here, we take a look at top 10 things that science got totally wrong.

1: Red makes Bulls Angry


Anyone who is familiar with bull fighting would know that when a bull sees a red cape with the matador, it gets angry and really aggressive. Most of us have grown up thinking it is the very reason why the bull tackles and fights the matador with the red cape.

Science, on the other hand, disagrees, because bulls are actually colour blind. Technically a bull cannot be pushed towards aggressive behaviour with exposure to colour red.

So what makes the bull go crazy is the million dollars question? It is the movement of the red cape, and not the red colour that agitates the bull.

2: Hair and Nails Grow after Death


We have been led to believe that our nails and hair keeps on growing even after we are dead. Most people think that the follicles supposedly continue to create new cell even when a person has died.

It turns out this is not true!

When someone dies, the decomposition process initiates, which does not allow the body to regenerate new cells. The process of decomposition leads to dehydration which makes the skin stretch. Hence the nails and hair seem longer to us.

3: We Have Five Senses


We have grown up believing we have 5 senses i.e. hearing, touch, smell, sight, and taste. It’s the first science lesson in the 1st grade.

Well, this is not true, because we have much more than just these 5 senses. Science has now further categorized our senses such as temperature, pressure and more.

4: Light Never Strikes Twice


Lightning never strikes at the same point twice – is what most of us believe don’t we?

Thanks to meteorologists now, we know this is entirely false.

Lightning can not only strike at one point twice but multiple times. According to latest scientific updates, the possibility of the lightning bolt striking at the same spot is not certain. Based on statistics, it can hit the same spot within ten minutes of its first stroke.

5: Great Wall of China is visible from space


We can see the Great Wall of China from the moon and outer space – and it is one of the greatest achievements of mankind till date. No doubt about the later, but turns out it is not visible from outer space. Confirmed by astronauts and astrophysicists, the only thing visible from space is the lights in the area, not the structure.

6: Alcohol Kills Brain Cells


Alcohol causes our nerve cells in the brain to die and malfunction. We have been told and taught from a very young age to believe that drinking alcohol results in the death of brain cells.

Good news for drinkers is that this fact is false. The bad news is that drinking alcohol does cause brain damage. If you drink alcohol to warm yourself up, you’re countering the bodies process, and you may be heating your body up further instead of cooling it down which can cause brain damage.

7: Tongue has 4 senses of taste


We have often seen diagrams and studied that our tongue can only taste 4 types of senses. Sweet, salty, sour and bitter. We can only taste them at different positions on the tongue and this has been believed for a very long time. But with the progress of science, we have now been able to prove that the tongue can taste many other tastes too and possess a lot of other tastes too. Also, the location of where the senses are more effective is also proved to be false. The tongue tastes the same any place on the whole tongue so this proved to be false as well.

8: Pruning Fingers ensure better grip


Early days of science led us to believe that the Pruning of the fingers and toes took place for us to keep our grip even when our body has been hydrated for a very long time. However, this theory was tested on people with different skin types and wet and dry extremities. The wrinkling of the skin was then proved to be caused because of narrowing of the blood vessels. When our body has been hydrated for a long time, the blood vessels in the body narrow and hence the wrinkling.

9: It takes years 7 years to digest gum


Since a very early age, we have been told never to swallow gum since it will stick in the intestines and will probably stay there forever. This has been believed for a very long time but studies proved that this is wrong, our body can’t actually dissolve gum so it gets out of the digestive system as it is. It comes out the same way it goes in. Our body can’t digest it so we just basically excrete it out of our body.

10: We must drink 8 glasses of water per day


We have to drink 8 glasses of water per day to maintain a proper and healthy metabolism. We have been told to drink a lot of water from a very early age and we have been advised to increase our intake of water with age to maintain proper body function and healthy metabolic rate. But this is not true, scientists have proceeded to test this theory and it is proved that a person may need only a little bit of water per day to maintain proper body function. It actually depends on the overall diet of the person, a person does not only get water from what he directly intakes, many foods, sodas and other things contain water too which easily become a part of our body and the water is absorbed from it and used by our body.

11: Four Elements make up everything


A long time ago, science claimed that everything on this earth and every living organism was composed of 4 basic elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These 4 elements in different ratio combined to form each and everything. This theory was very widely accepted for a long time until it was found out that this is not true. When science and chemistry progressed, we found new elements and the composition and nature of each element was completely different from some and thus this theory was rejected.

12: Bad Air is the cause of widespread diseases


During the middle ages, it was widely believed that miasma (bad air) is responsible for disease. This was however rejected when germ theory was introduced in the late 1800’s. Prior to the germ theory, doctors would actually prescribe smelling rotten eggs and farts. Apparently, they believed bad air that caused any disease would also be cured by bad air.

13: Bats are blind


Bats are not blind. Yes it is true, and the saying ‘blind as a bat’ is simply in correct. All species of bats can not only see, their vision is extremely good. Bats have well defined visual centres and they use their sense of vision to navigate and capture their prey.

14: Dropping a penny from the Empire State Building will kill someone


Next time you walk by the Empire State Building, just relax. If someone drops a penny from up there, it will definitely not kill you or someone else. The penny will fall down at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour which is not fast enough to kill you.

15: Sugar makes children hyper


If your kid gets hyper every time he eats candies, it not the sugar. Several tests have found kids to be as hyper without sugar intake.

16: Cracking knuckles gives you arthritis


Cracking knuckles will definitely annoy the person next to you, but it will not give you arthritis. The major causes of arthritis, especially women are age, weight gain, genetics or injuries. Although cracking knuckles does not cause arthritis, but it may cause weakness in grip and swelling.

17: Dogs and cats see in shades of grey


Dogs and cats see in blue and greens, not in shades of grey. Also dogs have a much wider field of vision than we as humans do. Although dogs cannot see as far in front of them compared to humans.

18: Humans use 10% of their brain


It is nothing more than an urban myth. We don’t just use 10% of our brain. We use our entire brain for various functions at different times. If only 10% brain were used, damage to a certain part of the brain would not result in loss of abilities. Even the slightest damage to the brain has serious repercussions.

19: Microwave radiation causes cancer


Standing by the microwave while you wait for your popcorns to pop will not get you cancer. The radiations from the microwave will only heat up the food, not cause any serious illness. Only a certain types of radiations cause cancer, and that also depends on the amount and exposure.

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19 False Health Myths Debunked by Science

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