10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Men and Women


Due to biology and the ever-evolving society, the roles and activities of men and women differ greatly. These differences can be seen from the ways in which they express their feelings or fall in love. Their preferences also differ greatly.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of these differences and highlighting them with some proven facts. This will be a proof as to how both genders go about things in an entirely different manner to each other.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

10. Social Media Presence.

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Men and women have different preferences when it comes to social media. Their presence on these platforms varies, too.

There are a few words men are more likely to use on social media than women. In fact, both genders use social media very differently from one another. For instance, a study conducted by Stoney Brook, The University of Pennsylvania, and The University of Melbourne, analyzed ten million Facebook posts from users aged 16-64.

The results of this study showed that men are more prone to expressing anger and using strong language than women on social media. The study also showed that the top words used by women were ‘thankful, baby, excited, happy, birthday, and love.’

For men, however, these words were ‘win, lose, battle, freedom, liberty, etcetera.’ The difference is alarming. Another fact is that women spend 60% more time on social media than men. They use it for connecting to their peers while men use it for business and dating-related activities.

However, both of them make up the 74% of adults who use social media on a daily basis.

9. Grooming.

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Grooming is a field where men and women might be coming somewhat close to each other.

If you ever scourged through a girl’s washroom, you would find all kinds of beauty products. For men, it has not been the same. They usually use a few chosen products as opposed to the plethora of products used by ladies. However, this has changed over the years as men have become more concerned about their skin.

Men now use unisex products for their grooming. Yet, female skincare products should be monitored by men before they purchase them as there is a biological difference between the skin of men and women. The skin of a man is 20% thicker than that of a woman. Also, they have 22% less collagen which makes them less prone to aging.

8. Breakups.

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Men and women deal with breakups differently. Most of the time, men get over the relationship quickly and continue their normal life. They party and have the time of their lives with their friends. However, it is not quite the same for women. They sit at home and battle through their emotions.

The perception about men dealing with breakups in a carefree way has gone on for way too long. The fact that they go out and have fun initially isn’t wrong. After a while, however, the fact that they are now single seeps in and they become depressed. It takes a man a long time to figure out his emotions and come to terms with them.

For a women, these feelings last for about two weeks. Men take longer and eventually fall victim to depression. This is another way in which both the sexes differ from each other.

7. Self Image.

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It is not a very common fact that men care about their image just as much as women do. They view each other completely differently but the two do care about how they are viewed by society.

These pressures from society shape the way in which men and women look at themselves. Due to unrealistic expectations, both men and women set unreally high standards for themselves when it comes to perception. Women strive for ‘acceptable’ physical features and men try hard to look as buff as possible.

However, it is not easy for the average person to achieve such levels of beauty. It becomes especially harder when these things do not come naturally. As a result, men and women both resort to gyms and plastic surgeries in order to reach the desired standards set by society. All this plays a huge part in depleting one’s image.

Men usually have a positive perception about themselves but let’s face it – until and unless these high standards stop being looked at, the way in which both sexes view themselves will not improve.

6. Friendships.

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Friendships are another way of differentiating between the two genders. If you hang out with male and female friends, there is a high chance that you will see some differences as to how they treat each other.

The reason for this is that men and women form and maintain friendships in their own separate ways. Men do not feel the need to have constant contact with each other – they are okay with staying out of touch for as much as a year. When they do get together, however, they go for outdoor activities. Men view their friendships as a collective: they work on most things together and often do each other favors.

Women have higher emotional connectivity with their peers. They remain in constant contact through meet-ups and schedules events and rely on each other for support. Because their friendships are based on deep feelings, women easily get hurt by their friends, making the bond rather fragile at times.

Men are also capable of housing emotions for their friends and this is a way in which the two genders are alike.

5. The Brain.


It is a well-known fact that men and women think very differently from each other. Does this imply their brains are wired differently?

You would be surprised to know that this isn’t the case. In fact, men and women share a lot of similarities when it comes to their brains. Let’s go into a little detail.

Men have larger brains than women. Scientists are still trying to figure out which part of a man’s brain makes it larger. However, this does not mean that they are smarter than women. Research has also found that men are better at math because of the way their brains are wired. They are also more prone to ADHD and autism.

Women, on the other hand, have been known to be good at languages. They are also bound to suffer from stress disorders like PTSD and related mood disorders. However, a female brain handles stress way better than a male can.

Having said that, no brain is superior over the other as they both have their advantages and drawbacks.

4. Falling in love!


Falling in love is different when it comes to people. Everyone falls in love in totally different ways. However, some of it does have to do with your gender.

When it comes to emotions, most men spend their whole lives suppressing them. If a certain event or incident occurs, it can lead to emotional outbursts. Additionally, it is difficult for a man to suppress his feelings once he has opened up to someone. Men also look at partners in a totally different way.

Women, on the other hand, take careful and thought-out steps when it comes to entering relationships. They question almost everything. Another thing is that men have a lot more ‘love at first sight’ moments than women and are more likely to have no one reciprocate their feelings.

3. Crying.

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Society has set yet another unrealistic standard that says that men are not allowed to cry or be emotional. Apparently, it makes them less manly than they already are.

However, it should be noted that men are humans too and it is normal for them to be sad and emotional. Another thing we see often is women crying more than men. Yet, if you have never seen a male cry, it does not mean that they do not at all. Men shed tears under different circumstances than women.

This notion is supported by the fact that women have smaller tear ducts than men, which means they are unable to hold a large amount of tears. Women also tend to be more empathetic, which makes them all the more emotional. Studies have found that women cry over five times each month, while men cry a little over once.

The reasons for both genders to weep vary. Men are also starting to become more and more expressive as societal standards gradually relax.

2. Expressing affection.

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Since men and women fall in love and build relationships differently, it is quite understood that the ways in which they show affection also differ.

Occasionally, these ways differ due to societal pressures and gender roles placed on them. While growing up, girls tend to accept love easier. They express their emotions very well unlike their male counterparts.

Boys, on the other hand, focus less on their emotions and more on being tough. Most of their focus is always on competing and being strong. Therefore, there are huge differences between men and women when it comes to vocalizing their feelings.

This can also cause tensions in relationships as both partners have different ways of communication. Men usually prefer spending time and taking part in activities with their loved ones. However, it should be noted that even if ways and methods of displaying feelings differ, the quantity of these emotions does not.

1. Expressing attraction.

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Men and women show both affection and attraction differently from each other. The ways in which they make known to each other their interest varies.

When it comes to women, they usually start playing with their hair when talking to the person they are attracted to. Their hips and feet point in the same direction and they are bound to touch that person more. They also tend to approach the person from the front.

Men lock their eyes on the woman’s face and tend to lean forward when talking to someone they like. They can also touch the knees and sweep a woman’s hair behind her ear. This is one of the sure signs that he is love-struck.

No matter how different both genders are from each other, it is imperative that both recognize their roles and be parts of a functioning society.

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Men and Women

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