10 Everyday Things Only the Richest Can Buy

Have you ever been curious about everyday things, which only rich people can afford? We all do almost the same activities whether we are rich or poor. The only difference lies in the quality of products and types. A poor person cannot afford lavish products. However, a wealthy person can.

Here we have summed up ten ridiculously expensive versions of everyday items. Keep reading!

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World’s most expensive phone cover? That’s something new! iPhone became one of the most popular smart phones in the world when the first generation of iPhone was released in 2004. This smartphone holds the largest share of more than 43.6% in its market. After that, many new models were released, which were obviously better than the old ones.

There are various kinds of iPhone covers available like customized cases, flashy backgrounds, and funny texts and so on. Whatever you want can be found on the market for around 5-10 dollars.

Stuart Hughes, a UK based luxury designer, makes world’s unique and expensive iPhone 5 covers. The cover is made up of 24-karat gold and more than 600 white and black diamonds on it. Even a Chinese executive asked him to craft a black diamond of 26 karats for the home button. The cost of this uniqueness was 15.3 million dollars.

That’s crazy! Even wealthiest of celebrities are shocked after listening to such high prices. These rich people believe that costly material provides the best quality.

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We all want a doorstopper to disable our doors from closing to enjoy pleasant weather and a refreshing breeze coming inside the house. If electricity breaks down, we usually place any handiest and nearest thing to hold the door such as a chair, cinder block, a piece of rock, pots, etc. These doorstoppers don’t cost you more than 20-25 dollars. However, designers charge heavy amounts for these.

A Canadian artist, Tobias Wong, creates quite expensive and unique doorstoppers. The first doorstopper was made in 2003, and Wong claims that he is a master of customization and reinvention. It received huge recognition among rich people when it was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco in 2007.

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Music describes the soul of a person and helps in relaxing. However, what if the device you are using is not sufficient, affects your health, or doesn’t match your standard lifestyle. People love listening to different types of music through various devices like radio, computers, and MP3 players. Ear buds are essential when want to enjoy music alone. These are available in the market with wide ranging designs of varying colors and qualities.

We see fancy ear buds with catchy stones on it, but have you ever witnessed first gold or diamond ear buds, which also match with your personality? Belgian Jeweler Cassady felt that cheap, simple plastic ear buds don’t match lavish standards, so he designed ear buds of 18 karat gold and 118 diamonds on it. Believe me; it’s the world’s most expensive ear buds ever! They weigh 18 grams due to the heaviness of gold and diamonds and cost about $5,200. Celebrities and sportspersons are seen wearing them on Aston Martin show.

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Socks are the most important part of winters. When you are lying near a fireplace reading a book with a hot cocoa in your hands, warm socks are what you crave for. Most of the people degrade socks when they receive them as a Christmas gift. But are you aware of the German luxury knitwear brand which manufactures socks with ultra-fine hair of Peruvian vicuna? The socks made from this hair cost around $1,188 due to its rare availability. Moreover, Peruvian vicuna produces 1 lb. of wool after every three years. Due to the delicacy of yarn used, socks are available only in golden brown color and cannot be dyed.

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10 Everyday Things Only the Richest Can Buy

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