Pictures That Will Instantly Make Your Day Better

Ita��s sometimes difficult to get on with your day when you come across unfortunate news; the world it seems is a horrible place when you get to hear such news. Though this does not mean that you sulk around and get caught up in the negative aspects of the news. It does not mean that you ignore the little positive things that restore hope and make you feel better about things. For isna��t a little girl trying to pay for her familya��s meal with a fake credit card cute? What about a baby and his grandpa wearing matching clothes? Here are a few pictures that will make you forget the negativity in the world and make your day better!

1. They say a pet is just like a friend, and it seems it is the case here in this picture of a baby sleeping next to his cat! What makes this picture even more cute is that they are both roughly the same size, adorable!


2. This picture of an elderly grandmother taken by her grandkid while celebrating her 101st birthday by having nuggets and fries is so cute!


3. This dog is 15 years old but looks like a puppy after a haircut!


4. This grandfather and his grandson got to wear matching coveralls thanks to the grandmother who stitched one for the little one!


4. A girl who lost her grandmother when she just 4 years old got to open a letter handwritten by her grandmother for her graduation fourteen years after her grandma passed away! Her grandma had even put a present in there!

5. This picture of a four year old girl celebrating the end of her chemotherapy sessions after two and a half years of treatment will make your heart melt.


6. These pictures of a Male corgi dog being followed by two ducks who think he is their father will make you laugh at just how crazy it is!

7. When a little girl gave this waiter her Barbie credit card to pay for her familya��s meal he took it and made a receipt for her as well! She gave him three dollars as a tip!

8. This girl took a picture with her father on her thirteenth birthday that she matched with a picture from her childhood days she posed on the same bike she had rode as a child and her father wore the same t-shirt he had worn when she had been a little girl and he was teaching her bike riding!


9. This 94 year old great grandfather meeting his 2 month old grandson will give you all the feels.

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Pictures That Will Instantly Make Your Day Better

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