Illustrator Depicts the Unfair Double Standards Placed on Women Every Day

Women are often given contradictory advice, sometimes they are said to be themselves and express their original ideas. Other times they are told to know their role and conform to certain standards. Sometimes they are told to think outside of the box and act like a man and when they do they are labeled as being bossy and authoritative.

People are always going to come up with either one or other opinion about you ranging from the way you do your work, to your appearance and the way you deal with your relationships.

Illustrator Daisy Bernard captured these double standards and hypocrisy faced by women on varying degrees in several facets of their life. Her work really is a food for thought as to the countless times women are scrutinized and judged unfairly. The drawings are so simple yet thought inspiring and very close to being accurate.

The illustrations split up a woman with both halves depicting the contradictions they are faced with. For example at work if she is trying to be a professional and excel at her job there will also be someone referring to her growth as a�?sleeping her way to the topa��.

There are qualities which are poles apart and this is where the unfairness of this labeling woman is depicted nicely. Similarly in a relationship context a woman is told to stand up for her rights and fight for them. On the other hand if she does speak out for her rights she is labeled a psycho.

The idea about creating these series of illustrations came to Bernard when France imposed a ban on burkinis: a full body swimsuit for women. The reaction of people on this provided the impetus for her to think of other areas women are expected to carry themselves in a certain manner. This made her ponder about other double standards women face in their lives and thus this series of illustration was produced.

According to her interview to A Plus she told how everything which she has drawn has happened to her or some other women she knew. This is something often ignored or brushed aside and never given much attention to. This was something which greatly perturbed the artist and she really wanted to call out the wrong in this.

The fact that even if a woman covers herself completely in a burkini or if she is only dressed in a scantily clad bikini she will still be met with criticism no matter what. These hypocritical double standards must be addressed and should be discussed to bring an end to these unfair set of expectations imposed on women.

The different spheres of life the artist highlighted very accurately sum up these conflicting expectations associated with women. If women are initiative in sex they are labeled as a slut and disregarded as someone sincere for a long-term relationship. On the other extreme they might be labeled as rigid and too conservative if they do not open up too much on the subject.

According to the artist these things should never be acceptable and must be protested at each and every level by all women who are subjected to such judgments. baclofen online, purchase zithromax.

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Illustrator Depicts the Unfair Double Standards Placed on Women Every Day

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