Genius Hacks that Should be made more mainstream

Although science and technology is making space travel a reality but there are still many everyday activities which if modified a little could be easily used to add more comfort in our lives. So as some great minds indulge in exploring the outer reaches of space there are some who have tried to come up with interesting designs and ideas which could assist us in our daily chores.

These ideas are simple yet effective and borderline genius to say the least.

1. Washing hands while reusing the water for flush


This is one innovative idea that should be made more widespread what with water shortage becoming a potential problem. So this is a nice idea of avoiding waste of water. Environmentalists would give this an up vote without any hesitation.

2. Free cup of coffee in exchange for rubbish


A cafA� near the beach put up a sign that offered free coffee to anyone who would voluntarily go to the beach and clear one bucket of trash off the beach. This is a really nice idea to motivate individuals to keep the area clean.

3. Creative traffic lights


These traffic lights would become visible even if one is far away and the arc of light also looks beautiful to the observer. Such traffic lights could be easily seen from far away.

4. Water fountain which also collects water for birds and dogs


This water fountain does not allow the excess water to go to waste by collecting it in a trough at the bottom. This is very ingenious and considerate and kudos to the designer of thinking of this simple yet effective way of quenching thirst of animals and humans alike.

5. This sign is improvised yet necessary


This sign is absolutely necessary for warning the motorists although this situation requires proper sign boards or other warning signals. Still in the presence of no other safety signs this is the best improvised attempt to avoid any catastrophe.

6. Accessibility mat for strollers and wheelchairs


Every beach should have such accessibility matt for people who want to enjoy the views and at the same time navigate the sands. This is truly a very sensible solution without much investment required.

7. Toothpaste describing ingredients along with their purpose

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More and more products should have this kind of information available on them. This not only makes the consumer aware of the different ingredients used but is also a great way of product placement.

8. Elevator buttons 30 feet away from the door


This is a clever way of making people press the elevator call button and by the time they reach the doors they will be open. It is particularly useful in hotel lobbies where the guest have to walk all the way from their room to the elevator and then press the call button. In this manner they could do it before making it to the doors.

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Genius Hacks that Should be made more mainstream

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