7 Photos show people go about their business despite everything going against them

Ever seen people who might be failing really hard at what they are doing but they will keep their calm and cool through the ordeal. It would seem as though they expected all that all along hence they remain nonchalant. Or perhaps they have learnt how to have a nothing to lose attitude and face whatever the life throws at them with a pinch of salt. In fact these are the very same people who make lemonade when life gives them lemons. Staying optimistic and enjoying the moment is all about having a positive frame of mind all the time.

Following are a few photos which capture people making the most of their situation in a cool collected manner.

@Spoopykitty/ reddit

From the water up to his ankles suggests continuously rainy weather but it did not deter this guy to enjoy the great outdoors with his dog and a can of beer. After all there is a limit to rain lashing at your area for the last few days and confining you to your home. This guy has had enough and showed the weather who is the boss.

@bigmanbeats/ reddit

You can ride the cart even if you are an adult as can be seen from this photo. Although upon closer inspection you can see the girla��s crutches resting below the cart so she just wanted to hang out in the super market with her mother. A good way to kill some time.

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This guy personifies interactive entertainment which is fast becoming a reality. Enjoying with the controls in his hand and his display device being hoisted up on some improvised mechanical arm. It is just what you need to sleep off to your favorite game title.

@pixelated_vision/ reddit

That is one creative way to beat the summer heat while staying cool and to hell with people who find it amusing. We feel it may not be aesthetically appealing but it may well get the job done of keeping your cool in that heat.

@unknown author/ reddit

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@BeforeSleepGenius/ reddit

When you miss your yoga lessons too much and find the first opportunity to stretch yourself in a challenging manner. That cold steel might also feel good on aching feet but still it requires courage to make yourself look this crazy. The only other explanation is that someone has told her the floor is made of lava and she should avoid it at all costs.

@unknown author/ imgur

We did hear athletes training underwater to enhance their stamina but this fellow is probably trying to drown himself in studies, quite literally.

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7 Photos show people go about their business despite everything going against them

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