15 Pictures That Show Age Is Just a Number

How often have we heard the phrase a�?Oh grow up alreadya�?? Ita��s usually uttered when someone is not acting their age. Here are a few examples of people who decided to ignore this advice completely and proved that being young is just a matter of feeling young in your mind no matter how old you are!

1. This dad thought he was alone at home and decided to try on a dinosaur costume; his laughter led his kids to the scene and thus this picture.

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2. This grownup decided to get her hamster a bed so they could hangout more together and ita��s the cutest thing ever!

3. This girl got pranked by her boyfriend in the best way; he exchanged her tennis racket with a frying pan! And she found out when she got to the court!

4. This man took the perfect selfie with a pigeon! We should all take notes

5. This Canadian biker gets creative with his bike rides and draws pictures on the map using his GPS-tracker! Hea��s been nicknamed Bichelangelo!

6. This father told his son he was off to walk the dog and a while later the son got a picture of his father sitting at the pub with the dog!

7. This guy decided to dress like a duck and visit the local duck pond!

8. This girl decided to dress her dog in her old baby clothes that her mom had knitted for her!

9. This dog dressed up as a movie character by his owner is hilarious!

10. This dog had the time of his life posing in sunglasses that his owner got him, to be fair the guya��s photography skills cana��t be ignored!

11. This lady went all the way for her stuff toy when she bought it a plane ticket! And to top it off she even strapped the seatbelt on her toy!

12. This girl got the wrong idea when she was invited to a dress-up party, the result? This hilarious picture!

13. These adults goofing around with a couple of really long plastic pipes is the definition of being a�?young at hearta�?!


14. These strangers met when riding the same kind of bikes and both had baby-carrier bags on them except one had an actual baby in it and the other had a dog!

15. This teen got a message from her younger brother that said her grandma was wearing her old shirt; the shirt had anime cartoons on it! Way to go grandma!


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15 Pictures That Show Age Is Just a Number

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