11 Life Hacks from People with No Money but Huge Brains

You have often heard the term hack for broke people or DIY for poor people but they are not what they promise. Trust me, I have watched a gazillion videos. But, this post is legit. And what I mean by legit is legit. Without further ado, leta��s get straight into the 11 genius hacks.

1. Kill 2 birds with a single stone


Made yourself some tea? Well, why not use the same pan to iron your clothes. Time efficient and energy efficient too. You will do your electricity bill and your pocket a favour.

2. Hack gets playful


Who needs a strainer when you got some rackets? Next time you have to drain the pasta, try this hack and thank me later. But make sure you dona��t drop it in the sink.

3. Mend each and everything

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I mean it. Why spend your money buying new things when you can fix old broken thinks. And ditch anyone who dares to tell you otherwise.

4. Dare to gear?


Now you can customize your choices. Of course, you can depend on your budget or choices.

5. A great engineera��s hack


Who needs a punch hole machine when you have a drill? Daa!!! No one. Just make sure, you are not trying it on your furniture.

6. Who needs a microwave?


Burst out your blow-dryer and never bother to fix your microwave again. I mean who has the extra money to spend on getting it fixed.

7. Reuse the Pizza Box


This comes in handy especially when you are doing the emergency cleaning.

8. Be smart


One thing which being broke does best is making you smarter. How cool are these? I am crushing on them. I bet nobody is going to have such slippers.

9. Totally broke people do shave


Try this tool-oriented shaving hack. Make sure you dona��t cut yourself.

10. When you debate who is more broke!!!


I mean, you can still sit in there and thata��s what all matters, right? It does the job and makes you feel a tad bit better than someone is more broke than you.

11. One of a kind experience


Try this and you will certainly feel like you in the spa. I mean youa��ll feel it anyway under hot water but try it. Ita��s fun, super fun in fact.

Guys, life is hard. There are problems and there are solutions to those problems. Life is short. So, we might as well try to make the best of it and instead of worrying about our situation, try these fun hacks. I mean they wona��t fix your problems but you can surely get a good laugh out of them and thata��s all that matters. Have you tried any of these hacks already or will try, let us know. We would love to know any crazy funny hacks from your side as well.

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11 Life Hacks from People with No Money but Huge Brains

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