Get Pregnant Fast with These 10 Easy Rules

If you have been trying to conceive for a while and nothing has been working, you need to read this. Following these steps to the letter will not only enhance your chances of getting pregnant but also ensure that you are also able to keep healthy during that time.

Tip 1: High temperatures and radiation affect your swimmers. Carrying cell phones in the front and back pockets, close to your genital area destroys your sperm quantity.

Tip 2: Hot baths and Jacuzzi’s also kills the sperm count.

Tip 3: The number of sperms that will reach the egg is considerably lower than the sperm count a man will produce or ejaculate. Eating Ginseng two to three times, every day will greatly benefit your sperm count.

Tip 4: Taking some kind of anti-oxidant supplement is also very helpful for increasing sperm production.

Tip 5: Using lubricants and friction also kills sperms and causes fast degeneration of the sperm count.

Tip 6: Keep all sorts of vibrating devices away from the genital area.

Tip 7: The female reproductive system is usually alkaline to protect and nourish the sperm. An acidic system causes the sperm to burn.

Tip 8: By eating more vegetables and skipping on limes, oranges or anything acidic, you can help maintain the alkaline nature of the reproductive system. This creates a favorable environment for the sperms and eggs to fertilize.

Tip 9: Taking vitamin A, B and C supplements will help maintain and keep a balance between your ovarian, thyroid and brain hormones.

Tip 10: De-stressing and getting good night’s sleep also helps to maintain hormone balance.

Tip 11: Alcohol, substance abuse and dehydration are major causes that impeded fertilization and sperm-egg count.

Tip 12: So keep healthy and do not sabotage your fertility by drinking lots of water.

Tip 13: To get pregnant, regularly visiting your gynecologist for weekly and monthly checkups is important. STD’s are a major cause for reducing sperm count and infertility.

Tip 14: Therefore, getting yourself checked for diseases and getting the proper treatment in time will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Tip 15: Do not wait and decide to have a baby until it’s too late. A woman’s body produces an egg count that reduces with each passing year.

Tip 16: Therefore, the intelligent thing to do is have a baby when the time is right instead of waiting around until it is too late.

Tip 17: In the present times, infertility and reproductive health issues are affecting many women.

Tip 18: Do not give up hope, sometimes it takes more time than necessary and that is all right.

Tip 19: Many women do not know anything about protecting their egg count. They keep their fertility under a wrap thereby increasing pain and stress for themselves.

Tip 20: It is important to become more aware about these things to see what options are there.